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  • Priit 11.a
    • 100 documented cases in U.S.A.
    • It is caused by a mutation in a gene
    • normal act w h ich would cause pain (as to nail a needle) it does not cause them any painful sensation
    • They must be under supervision in early ages so that they cant injure themselves.
    • A round 300 kids appear with this syndrome each year.
    • Nobody knows , if those that are affected in the origin of the dise a s e are nerves, brain stem or muscles .
    • They cannot smile, frown, move the eyes laterally or control the blinking.
    • They are often found sleeping with the open eyes.
    • Around 500 documented cases in the world.
    • It is caused by the fusion of two zygotes of different sex.
    • The zygotes that would be formed and that were destined to being twins, end up fusing and becoming an only individual .
    • That is woman and man at the same time.
    • These two can be mixed, on the one hand a testicle and on the other an ovary.
    • 200-300 documented cases around the world.
    • I t is estimated that one case appears in two million births.
    • The growths cannot be removed with surgery because such removal causes the body to repair the area of surgery with more bone.
    • 200 documented cases all around the world.
    • C aused by a recombination in the embryo .
    • Around 100 documented cases.
    • It is caused by LMNA gene.
    • A ge very quickly from the childhood.
    • Grow faster than the other children.
    • Around 100 documented cases around the world.
    • Two twins dont get to separate completely .
    • 40-50 documented cases around the world
    • T he mutation occurs spontaneously.
    • C overed with hair.