welcome back!! college and career. let’s make this the best year yet!!

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  • Welcome Back!! College and Career
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  • Lets Make This The Best Year Yet!!
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  • Seniors Have Spoken! Our seniors have committed that students will work hard and our staff is committed to try to do everything that seniors have chosen to do (within reason ) to make this year fun. We will finalize this list with all seniors voting during lunch one day soon Underclassmen: This tradition will continue and be your turn when you are seniors as long as everyone acts responsibly!! Things they want to do this year:
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  • Movie Night Hold an all school movie night with a theme. For example, watch a football movie on the football field on a Thursday night before a game. Bring chairs, blankets, etc.
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  • CAR SMASH This could be a fundraiser. Raise money by getting an old car and charge people to hit it with a bat.
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  • Dance, Dance, Dance Have more casual dances!!
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  • Country Line/ Square Dancing Night Have a hoe down dance and hire country line dancers to show your school how to do it. Reduce admission price for people that dress western. Sadie?
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  • ROWAN COUNTY LIVE If you missed this last year, you really missed out!! Hold a variety/talent/comedy show and invite any students to audition. Model the show after Saturday night live.
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  • After School Hours BEACH PARTY Cave Run Lake Play games Hire a DJ Note: Dont forget the food!! We are having to jump through hoops for insurance and we may not be able to do this.
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  • Bonfire Thursday Night Before Homecoming Promote school spirit with a bonfire. Roast marshmallows, have corn hole, and cheer the team. Can we get a DJ?
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  • Pep Rallies Come up with ideas for our pep rallies like: What Would You Do For A Klondike bar? For this event, have a students and a teacher do embarrassing things and reward them with a Klondike bar.
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  • Senior Autographs Senior Sign the banner with the important values they chose and that we will support These Values are: Respect Responsibility Kindness Honesty Self-Discipline
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  • Schoolhouse Rock We have some seriously good talent here at Rowan County Senior High, so Invite student bands to play before sporting events and other fun outdoor activities.
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  • Kiss a pig Have jars for some teachers (employees)in your school. Students are allowed to put as much money as they choose in each jar and the teacher with the most money after the set amount of time has to kiss a pig
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  • Spirit Chairs Students who bring registration in on time will qualify to be entered in a drawing to sit down front for a sporting event with 3 friends and get free pizza and a drink.
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  • Shirt Drive Seniors lead the student body to donate clothes to help the less fortunate students in a foreign country. Rowan County Shirts or MSU shirts only
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  • Let's Make A Difference Week" A new community service activity takes place every day for one week.
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  • Valentines for Elders Get together and make Valentines for the elderly. Then go deliver them to our local rest homes.
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  • Lastly - Staff Appreciation ideas Students write notes to their teachers to thank them. Just put them into the teachers' mailboxes Students volunteer to help a teacher out for a day or class period. This works great for Teacher Appreciation Week!
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  • Now, lets get to work.
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  • Formative and Summative Assessment Formative assessment homework, quizzes, etc. are worth 20% of your final grade and may be retaken after relearning Summative assessment unit tests are worth 60% of your final grade and MAY NOT be retaken Finals are worth 20% of your final grade and may not be retaken. AP and Dual Credit classes may not participate in retakes
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  • Dress Code Written by SGA 1. Any style of clothing or lack of clothing that would be disruptive to the educational process or of the safety of the students as determined by school administration is not permitted. 2. Any attire that brings undue attention to the student is considered inappropriate. 3. No clothing or accessory with language, statements, pictures, or graphics that are obscene, inappropriate, racially or ethnically offensive, or pertain to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or sex is permitted.
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  • SGA Dress Code - continued The following dress code guidelines apply specifically to the academic school hours and to school related field trips or events which are academically related. (Students participating in athletic events or social events shall follow dress code expectations related to those events.) 4. No spaghetti straps, tube tops, or halter tops. Tank top straps should be at least 2 wide at the shoulder. Dropped arm hole clothing is not permitted. Tank tops or blouses must be worn beneath mesh, lace or other sheer fabric shirts/blouses/dresses, etc. 5. Blouses and shirts must meet the beltline of skirts, slacks/pants, or shorts. Stomachs and backs must be covered at all times.
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  • 6. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than 1 below the fingertips of the wearer when held at the sides of the thighs. Holes in jeans and clothing worn with leggings (or legging look-a-likes) should also follow these guidelines. 7. Unless approved by the principal, head coverings are not to be worn in the building. Students must cover or replace inappropriate clothing. Parents will be notified, if necessary, to bring proper clothing. Students may be assigned to ISS until inappropriate clothing is replaced. All violations will be at the discretion of the principal/designee. Students are not sent home for dress code violations. Leaving school to go home and change is not a school related absence. SGA Dress Code - continued
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  • Only juniors and seniors may apply for a parking permit. Parking permits are non-transferable to other students Sitting in vehicles before and during school hours is not permitted. Students must park within the available space designated for student use. Students can not park in visitor parking, at McBrayer, Rowan County Middle School, or Maysville Community and Technical College at any time STUDENT PARKING
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  • Citations will be issued $3 up to $10 and a $5 late payment fee REMEMBER BUSES ALWAYS HAVE PRIORITY!!! -AND- Running a school bus stop sign could land you in jail STUDENT PARKING CONT.
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  • Beginning on the first day of school and ending November 1, 2014, all vehicles are to be moved off the student parking lot by 3:30 p.m., every day, so that the RCSHS band may rehearse. Vehicles must be moved to the edge of the lot or to the teachers lot. STUDENT PARKING CONT.
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  • Students who are sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old who become deficient in academics or attendance shall be reported to the Transportation Cabinet for drivers license, permit, or driving privilege revocation. Students must pass 3 out of 5 classes each trimester. Students must not accumulate 6 or more unexcused absences in a trimester. NO PASS/NO DRIVE (KRS 159.051) Not a school rule - Its the LAW
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  • Student Drop Off In front of school in the drop-off circle Do not use Viking Drive as a drop-off area Student drivers being dropped off if you drive and must exchange with a parent, please use the student parking lot so it does not hold other parents up and slow traffic. Do not use the teacher parking lot or the bus lane to drop students
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  • We only have 1 formal dance, Prom, all others are casual. Specific apparel will be announced prior to the dance if necessary. DANCES
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  • Academics: Students must be passing 4 out of 5 classes in the current trimester Attendance: Students may not have 2 or more unexcused absences or unexcused tardies per trimester. Discipline: Students may not have committed 1 (one) level III violation or 2 (two) level II violations Start Here Dance Requirements
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  • Fees: Students who have an outstanding balance of $15 or more on their cafeteria account SHALL NOT be eligible to attend dances until the account is paid in full. Guests: If RCSHS students wish to bring a guest, they must fill out a permission form and return it by the required date. Guests must be currently enrolled in a high school, or have successfully completed high school or its equivalent and be 20 years or under in age.
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  • Twitter @RCSHSOffices to get updates Go to Rowan County Schools www.rowan.kyschools.us and find the high school web page. There you will find news, many forms (that seem to get lost) and even teacher web pages, Also search the App store for the Rowan County App. Guidance Office SENIOR REMIND 101. To join, @srguid to (606) 620-9565 Get Connected
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  • Tardies to Class Being where you are supposed to be, ON TIME, is a sign of respect to your teacher and your classmates. Having the self-discipline and sense of responsibility to be prompt will help you throughout yo


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