welcome diman class of 2018 !! freshmen orientation august 2014

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Welcome Diman Class of 2012 !!

Welcome Diman Class of 2018 !!Freshmen Orientation August 2014

1Todays AgendaWelcome and IntroductionsWhat to Expect the first Days of SchoolReview of Academic SchedulesReview of Exploratory Program and Shop PlacementGrading and PromotionStudent Handbook HighlightsImportant People and Places to KnowSports and ActivitiesImportant RemindersID Pictures and T-Shirt Distribution 2The First Days of SchoolAugust 27th (A Week) and 28th (B Week)All Freshmen will report to the GymNew SchedulesEscorted to class/shop by your teacherEarly dismissal both days at 12:00Academic Schedule8 PeriodsRotates A through D dayA and B weeksDouble Period ClassesTrimester Classes Lunch Period

There are eight 43 minute periods per dayThe schedule rotates day to day (A D)There are two academic weeks A and BMath, English and Biology are double period classesYour lunch period will be determined by your 5th period classYou will eat with your shop mates during your shop cycle4

Bell Schedule 7:45 am to 2:28 pm

3 minutes for passing

25 minutes for lunch

The last warning bell of the morning is 7:43, you must be in class or shop by 7:45The school day begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:28Passing time between classes is 3 minutes.Lunch is 25 minutes long

6Exploratory Schedule12 shops

Shop Placement in January

Determination of placement

You will explore 12 shops from August through December, all day for 3-4 days each (sometimes less if holiday)The 3 shops you listed on your application should be listed on your schedule along with 9 othersYou will follow the schedule dates listed for each of your shopsShop placement will take place in January and is based on performance in exploratoryYou are evaluated in the following areas: quality of work, effort, potential, conduct/attitude, and amount of work completed.Your lunch during exploratory will be either 4th or 5th depending on shop assignment


CourseCourse NameTermScheduleRoomTeacher8241-1A Culinary Arts-Exploratory 1-- 1------- CA Mr. McGovern 8341-2A Plumbing-Exploratory 1-- 2------- PL Mr. Rodgers 8271-3A Electronics-Exploratory 1-- 3------- ET Mr. Picard 8301-4A Carpentry-Cabinetmaking-Exploratory 1-- 4------- CC Mr. Araujo 8281-5A Graphic Comm. Exploratory 1-- 5------- GC Ms. Gaudencio 8321-6A Machine Tool Tech. Exploratory 1-- 6------- MT Mr. Rocha 8231-7A Facilities Management - EXPL 1-- 7------- FM Mr. CamaraMr. Lima 8221-8A Automotive Tech.-Exploratory 1-- 8------- AT Mr. N. Arruda 8251-9A Drafting-Exploratory 1-- 9------- DR Mr. Belliveau 8361-10A Office Technology - Exploratory 2- 10------- OFFICE Mr Cabucio 8351-11A Health Assisting-Exploratory 2- 11------- GC Mrs. C. Berube 8311-12A Metal Fab.& Joining Tech Exploratory 2- 12------- MF Mr. Zalewski Name Id: 00000YOG: 2018 Grade: 08 Full Year Homeroom: EX/A Counselor: Mrs. Mancini Grading Policy and Report CardsTrimesters/Midterms

Attendance impact on grades

Minimum passing grade 65

35 credits to be promoted ( Must Pass Shop, Related, English, Math, Grade 9&10 Science, 2 years of History)

Classroom Rules

Students will receive 3 report cards during the school year65 (D) is the minimum passing gradeGrades are based on class participation, assignments, tests and homeworkPoor attendance will have a negative impact on student gradesEach year you are required to pass English, Math, Shop, Shop Related and earn a minimum of 35 credits to be promoted. Every teacher will give you his/her classroom shop rules and regulations

10Extra HelpTeacher extra help daysRISE (morning homework help beginning at 6:30 am)EXTENDS (Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45-3:45)

Each teacher has an assigned day to stay after school for extra help or makeup workThe EXTENDS program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:45-3:45 for homework help and transportation home is available

11Make-up Policy for Absent StudentsContact Instructors within 2 days of return EVEN IF YOU SWITCH WEEKS & GO BACK TO SHOP

Students must contact their instructors within 2 school days upon returning to school to arrange for make-up work, even if you change weeks and go to shop. If you do not see your instructor within the time period you will receive a failing grade for the missed work.

12Student HandbookHandbook

Hallway Pass


You should carry your handbook with you at all times It serves as an agenda book and hallway passYou are expected to know the information in the handbook, be sure to review it! 13Attendance

Students may not accumulate more than 9 absences per school year.Students may not accumulate more than 4 unexcused absences per trimesterCredit Recovery will be assigned to students who exceed the maximum allowed unexcused absences for a trimester or for the year.

A student exceeding 4 unexcused absences in shop or academic class during a trimester will receive a grade of no greater than 60 for that trimester4 unexcused tardies or dismissals will equal 1 unexcused absence

14School Approved AbsencesDoctors NoteDisciplinary Suspension (unless due to a missed Saturday School)Death of a relative/funeral leaveCourt (must be verified by court papers, summons or subponea)Religious ObservanceLicense/Permit appointmentAdministrative approval15DismissalsParent/guardian calls or notes to excuse dismissals shall not exceed 4 during the school yearDismissal from school shall result in the following discipline:Exceeding 4 dismissals shall result in detentionExceeding 10 dismissals shall result in Saturday DetentionTardinessParent/guardian calls or notes to excuse tardiness shall not exceed 4 in any school year.Tardiness to school shall result in the following discipline:Exceeding 4 times tardy:1 detention if arriving before 7:50 am2 detentions if arriving after 7:50 am but before 8:15 am3 detentions if arriving after 8:15Exceeding 10 times tardy will result in Saturday Detentions for each tardy beyond 10Habitual tardiness shall result in a disciplinary hearing

17Absence Due to Family VacationNOT considered excused absencesStudents/Parents should make the Deans office aware of the planned absences prior to the vacationStudents should avoid taking any vacations during school days.Students who are out due to vacation are responsible for making up all missed work.

It is not to exceed 5 school daysParent notification must be received in writing at least 2 weeks in advanceStudents must obtain a vacation assignment form from the Dean of Students officeStudents must complete all assignments within 2 weeks of returning to school

18Reporting an AbsenceCall or note to Deans Office Parent must call morning of absenceIf parents do not call, the Deans office will call home reporting you are absent.5 or more days absent- must have dr. note to return

If you are absent from school your parent must call the Deans Office by 11:00 AM on the day of the absence or provide a parent note when returning to school.A call or note is REQURIED for ALL ABSENCES!!If you are absent 5 or more consecutive days you must provide a doctors note to be readmitted to school.

19AttendanceA parent note or phone call is required but it is not considered an excused absence!!20CafeteriaTrays



ALL FOOD AND DRINKS MUST BE ON TRAYSNO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE TO LEAVE THE CAFETERIAStudent are allowed in the courtyard when weather permitsStudents may not leave the courtyard or cafeteria during lunch with out approvalMust arrive within 5 minutes of the bell, quiet socializing is permitted- no table to table visiting

21Cell phones/Music PlayersCell phones and music players are not allowed during the school day.

They should be turned off and placed in your locker.

Corridor CourtesyNO PDA/HorseplayAppropriate LanguageStay to the rightQuiet

Keep to the right of the corridorDo not block traffic by standing in groupsInappropriate language or behavior, public displays of affection (PDA) will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary actionPass through halls quietly and be considerate of others in halls and classrooms

23Student IDsYour Student ID must be worn at all timesIf you need a new ID the cost is $1 in the Deans office

Bullying and Sexual HarassmentIf you or someone else is being bullied, file a report with guidance.The incident will be investigated through the Dean of Students Bullying, Cyber bullying and Harassment have a ZERO tolerance policy at DimanPlease see Dimans Website under the About Us tab, then Plans to see the anti-bullying plan. School Conduct and RegulationsThe Following are Subject to a minimum penalty of a verbal warning to a maximum of 5 days suspensionBehavior which interferes with the learning processFailure to report to teachers detentionMisuse of school documents/equipmentPossession or use of cell phones, cameras or ipods during the school day Defiance/insubordination or lack of respect to a school employeeUnauthorized area during lunchFood or drink outside the cafeteria during lunchMisbehavior in the cafeteria, corridor or school groundsFailure to observe student use of automobile regulationsPublic displays of affectionFailure to have student ID in his/her possession

26The following are subject to a minimum penalty of 1 Saturday school to a maximum penalty of exclusionKnowingly being present where drugs/alcohol are being kept or usedFightingAssault or threatsExtortion or intimidationFalse alarm or bomb threatDeliberately disrupting the school dayAny form of harassment/bullyingVerbal abuseTheftForgery/plagiarismRefusal to identify oneself to school personnelFailure to repeatedly have an ID in possessionPossession of weapon other than a firearm27The Following are subject to a minimum penalty of 5 days