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Statistics show that welcome emails enjoy much higher open and click-through rates than other types of emails. How do you make best use of this compelling opportunity to promote your brand? Learn essential welcome email best practices and see award-winning examples from varied industries.


  • 1. WELCOME EMAIL REVIEW Ideas to Make Your Business FlourishConnie Harrington, Strategist Accende Consulting

2. 2Benefits of Effective Email Welcome Program Gets customers engaged fromthe start which reduces future list churn and spam complaints Introduces customers to entire email program Encourages customers to perform key functions, such as:Companies Sending Welcome Message32% 68%Yes No Confirm preference profile Provide additional contact details Take advantage of an incentiveOpportunity Companies are using timed series of welcome e-mail series to: Provide greater brand insight Highlight offerings Collect additional customer data via surveys or pollsSource: Silverpop (2011) 3. 3Welcome Email Best Practices Merge confirmation and/or transaction into true welcome email Send welcome ASAP the ideal: within 10 minutes of sign-up Include thank you in the message to show appreciation Remind new subscribers to add you to their whitelist Include a link to online preference center Tell subscribers how often to expect emails Link to privacy policy and unsubscribe page Consider expanding welcome email into a welcome seriesSource: Email Institute (2010) 4. 4B2C Welcome Email Metrics 77% send welcome emails within the first 24 hours 76% explain the benefits of being a subscriber 87% include a home page link 24% include progressive profiling (asking subscribers for more information about themselves to boost relevancy in future emails) 9% use a welcome series of two or more emails 89% send HTML emails 68% ask for address book add 71% are fully CAN-SPAM compliant 15% include forward to a friend linkSource: Responsys and SmithHarmon (2009) 5. 5Key Welcome Email Elements Content Use white space and clear, simple writing to enhance readability Use the same from address that will be used in other communications Set expectations of future email deliveries Tone Personalize with customers first name Extend appreciation for choice to sign-up Reflect brand voice to establish consistent interactions with customers Rewards Reinforce benefits of sign-up Surprise new contacts with an immediate reward for sign-up Offer incentive within first 30 days 6. 6Key Welcome Email Elements (continued) Segmentation Send distinct email stream to new customers Differentiate welcome emails based on sign-up location and/or product selected Solicit data via preference center and respond with targeted content Design Use HTML and mirror corporate website Reflect brand visual identity, but ensure primary content is accessible in imagesoff environment Convey email purpose via a pre-header Optimize for mobile viewers; include phone number near top for on-the-go interactionOpportunity Welcome emails enjoy high open and click rates* 57.8% total open rate (14.7% for all other messages) 14.4% total click rate (vs. 2.7% for all other messages)*Source: Experian Marketing (2010) 7. 7Key Elements of Email Engagement Primary drivers in successful email engagement include: Time delivering short, easy sign-up process and timely communications delivered when expected Trust making customers comfortable so that they are willing to hand over personal information and conduct transactions Interest providing engaging content that is relevant to customers Value answering the question: whats in it for me?Source: Email Institute (2010) 8. 8WELCOME EMAIL EXAMPLES 9. 9Example #1 Features Employs clean design and layout style that reflects brand Reinforces benefits of sign-up Links to shopping site Asks for address book add Supports key message delivery in images-off environment 10. 10Example #2 Features Uses content blocks to differentiate key message focus areas Thanks subscriber for sign-up Sets email content types and frequency expectations Promotes complementary offerings Encourages contact list add Provides free offer to reward sign-up 11. 11Example #3 Features Includes letter from key individual to facilitate feeling of personal connection Identifies benefits of sign-up Provides clear action links Encourages participation in social communities Highlights mobile communications opportunities 12. 12Example #4 Features Provides navigation that mirrors web site on top and bottom Highlights relevant new member gift to encourage using site Includes call-out that details how to get started using site functionality 13. 13Example #5 Features Provides physical store addresses based on contacts location Includes brief poll to solicit preferences Outlines sign-up benefits Links to reference information on site to address key questions 14. 14WELCOME EMAIL SERIES OPPORTUNITIES 15. 15Benefits of a Welcome Email Series Capitalizes on contacts high initial Email # 1attention Facilitates education on offerings Drives contacts to next-level relationship Allows sustained brand reinforcement Supports phased data collection to foster targeted messaging Opportunity A welcome series typically sees 2x the lift in terms of welcome program response. Source: EpsilonEmail # 2Email # 3 16. 16Example #1: Basic Welcome Series (1 of 2) 1Message #1 Features Simple, conversational message that welcomes subscriber to community Includes links to key web sections 17. 17Example #1: Basic Welcome Series (2 of 2) 2Message #2 Features Provides step-by-step instructions on site functionality Links to web store and blog for additional resources 18. 18Example #2: Extended Welcome Series (1 of 5) 1Member Mail #1: WelcomeFeatures Sustains member engagement focus for full year Mixes education, brand awareness and revenue generation opportunities Features member-submitted photos to build sense of community Aims to foster member dialog and collect preference data to target content 19. 19Example #2: Extended Welcome Series (2 of 5) 2 Member Mail #2: Email Preferences Member Mail #3: The Co-op Member Mail #4: The Dividend 3 4 20. 20Example #2: Extended Welcome Series (3 of 5) 5 Member Mail #5: Visa Member Mail #6: Stewardship Member Mail #7: More Benefits 6 7 21. 21Example #2: Extended Welcome Series (4 of 5) 8 Member Mail #8: Educational Opportunities Member Mail #9: Online Adventures Member Mail #10: See the World 910 22. 22Example #2: Extended Welcome Series (5 of 5) 11Member Mail #11: Outlet ShoppingAward-winning, yearlong engagement campaign culminates with a one-year anniversary message (not shown) 23. 23Keys to Optimized Welcome Series Create distinct email stream for new contacts Migrate new contacts to regular communications at welcome campaign end Consider cadence capture interest without creating overwhelm Use subject line to differentiate welcome emails from transactional emails Focus on one concept per email Preview next welcome series email in the current one Take a phased implementation approach by improving current welcome messages while designing series Test quantity of messages, subject lines, designs, timing, incentives, etc. Monitor performance and, if possible, compare to prior approaches to demonstrate ROIOpportunity In 2009, just 9% of brands used a welcome email series. Source: Responsys & Smith-Harmon 24. 24SUMMARY & RESOURCES 25. 25Recap of Key Opportunities Capitalize on new contacts highattention level with well-constructed welcome messages Target goals to achieve with introductory message(s), such as: Reinforce brand Confirm transaction Collect contact data Maintain top-of-mind visibility with anwelcome series Build trust-based relationship through meetingdelivery expectations and phased information collection Test parameters to ensure right fit for audience needsOpportunity New subscriber email activity nearly doubles activity by all other subscribers (34% vs. 18%) Source: Epsilon, June/July 2011 26. 26Useful Online Resources Online Research Reports Retail Welcome Email Benchmark: Results of survey of 112 of the largest online retailers published by SmithHarmon (March 2009) >> View ReportHow U.S. Marketers Use Email: Survey of 252 interactive marketers on email trends and tactics published by Forrester (May 2011) >> View Report 27. 27Useful Online Resources (Continued) Online Welcome Email Galleries Email Institute Email Gallery: Many welcome messages (and other email samples), searchable by industry and other parameters >> View GalleryEmail Sign-Up and Welcome Messages: User-compiled welcome and sign-up messages for both mobile and desktop readers >> View Gallery 28. 28THANK YOU