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  • Welcome Linton High School Freshmen Students and Parents

  • High School Office StaffMr. Nathan Moore, PrincipalMr. Charlie Karazsia, Athletic Director, DisciplinarianMr. Mike Perigo, Guidance CounselorMrs. Dayna Firestone, SecretaryMrs. Lou Baker, ECA TreasurerMrs. Bette Meng, Guidance and Athletic Secretary

  • Start Now! -- Scholarships and community service are important.Balance is key!Take action and get involved.

  • Student VoiceStudent Assistant Team Application process. Meetings are scheduled for the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:15 am in the high school conference room. The first meeting is September 14. Student Council All high school students are eligible. See Mrs. Hughbanks for additional information.

  • Class OfficersClass Officer Elections Held in the springPresident, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

    REQUIREMENTS TO HOLD OFFICESStudents running for a Student Council or a Class Office must have and maintain a 2.5 grade point average or better for the previous academic semester. If this average is not maintained during the year, the officer will be declared ineligible. Students will not be allowed to run for office and may be removed from office should they be suspended from school or have substantial disciplinary incidents.

  • High School ClubsArtMrs. Erin HendersonBusinessMrs. Kim HaldemanGermanMrs. Britney LynnSpanishMrs. Bianca TolbertLetterwomenMrs. Chantel CarpenterLettermenMrs. Chantel CarpenterNational Honor SocietyMrs. Krystal Kirschner Mr. Mike Riggleman

  • High School ClubsF.C.C.L.A.Mrs. Debbie HardingF.F.A.Mrs. Kim HillF.C.A.Mr. RigglemanS.A.D.D.Mrs. Kathy RayIndustrial ArtsMr. Brian OliverHistoryMr. Ford BondJunior CivitanMrs. Becky Miller

  • AthleticsSix Period DayIHSAA Rule 18-1 To be eligible scholastically, students must have received passing grades and earned credit at the end of their last grading period in school in at least (70%) of the maximum number of full credit subjectsNote You have a clean slate when you begin high school.On a six period day you must pass 5 of your 6 classes.Take responsibilitySame requirements for work permit until you are 18

  • Upcoming EventsOpen Forum Meetings First Tuesday of each month 7:00 PM Media Center (September 7) Description


    7:50 A.M. - Students may enter the buildingPeriod 1 8:00 AM 8:58 AMPeriod 2 9:02 AM 10:00 AMPeriod 3 10:04 AM 11:02 AMLunch A 11:02 AM 11:32 AMPeriod 4A 11:36 AM 12:34 PMPeriod 4B 11:06 AM 12:04 PMLunch B 12:04 AM 12:34 PMPeriod 5 12:38 PM 1:36 PMPeriod 6 1:40 PM 2:38 PMHomeroom 2:42 PM 3:03 PM

  • Lunch ScheduleIf you have the following teachers for period 4 then you have A LunchMrs. BondMrs. CoxMrs Tolbert

  • Diploma Types for the Class of 2014

  • Regular Diploma(CORE 40 Waiver)

    CORE 40 Diploma

    CORE 40 Diploma with Technical Honors

    CORE 40 Diploma with Academic Honors

  • Regular Diploma(CORE 40 Waiver)4 years of English 8 credits2 years of Social Studies 4 credits2 years of Science 4 credits2 years of Math 4 credits1 semester of Health 1 credit1 year of Physical Education 2 creditsPlus 19 credits of elective courses to total 42 credits

  • Mathematics CORE 40 WaiverPre-AlgebraAlgebra IGeometryInvestigative Geometry

    Choose two years from the above list.

    Note: All students must pass at least one year of Algebra.

  • CORE 40 Diploma4 years of English 8 credits3 years of Social Studies 6 credits3 years of Science 6 credits3 years of Math 6 credits1 semester of Health 1 credits1 year of Physical Education 2 creditsDirected Electives 5 credits8 additional credits to total 42

  • Social StudiesCORE 40 DiplomaWorld History or World GeographyUS HistoryGovernment/Economics

  • MathematicsCORE 40 DiplomaAlgebra IGeometryAlgebra II

    Note: If a student starts with Pre-Algebra, he/she can still graduate with a CORE 40 Diploma.

  • Science CORE 40 DiplomaBiologyIntegrated Chemistry/Physics, Chemistry or PhysicsAny other CORE 40 science courseEarth SciencePhysicsChemistry IAP ChemistryBiology II

  • CORE 40 Diplomawith Academic HonorsComplete all requirements for CORE 402 additional credits in math Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry6 credits in Spanish or German2 credits in Fine Arts Art, Band, ChoirEarn a C or better in all courses required for the AHD 47 credits are requiredGraduate with a 3.000 GPA or higher

  • Additional Requirements for the Academic Honors DiplomaComplete one of the following:Earn a combined score of 1200+ on the critical reading & math sections of the SAT Earn a composite score of 26+ on the ACT2 Advanced Placement Courses2 Dual-Credit Courses1 Advanced Placement Course and 1 Dual Credit Course

  • CORE 40 Diploma with Technical HonorsComplete all requirements for CORE 40Complete a career-technical program 8 or more creditsEarn a grade of C or better in all courses that count toward the diplomaGraduate with a 3.000 GPA or higher Recommended: Earn 2 additional credits in math and at least 4 credits in for lang

  • Additional Requirements for the CORE 40 with Technical HonorsComplete two of the following, one must be 1 or 2:Score at or above the following levels on the WorkKeys: Reading for Information Level 6, Applied Math Level 6, Locating Information Level 5Complete dual high school/college credit courses in a technical area (6 college credits)Complete a Professional Careers Internship

  • All diplomas require 42 credits to graduate except the Academic Honors Diploma which requires 47.

    Keep all final semester report cards for your records!

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