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Welcome, Team USA Families!. Open House Night Grade 6, Skyview Upper Elementary. -Team USA-. Sean McCracken- Science/Geography Cynthia Kim- English/Geography Jodi Matriccino- Math/Geography Tracy Sparango- Reading/Geography. About the Science Teacher: Mr. Sean McCracken. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome, Team USA Families!

Welcome, Team USA Families!Open House NightGrade 6, Skyview Upper Elementary

-Team USA-Sean McCracken- Science/GeographyCynthia Kim- English/GeographyJodi Matriccino- Math/GeographyTracy Sparango- Reading/GeographyAbout the Science Teacher: Mr. Sean McCrackenGraduate of Methacton School DistrictGraduate of Millersville University with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in PsychologyMasters in Teacher Leadership9th year teaching 6th Grade Science8th Grade Basketball Coach at Arcola

Jackpot!!!11-month-old Rottweiler!Got married this summer! My wife is a high school history teacher at PW!We love to run!!Indianapolis Marathon to come this year!!Subject CurriculumScientific MethodMetric MeasurementChemical Building BlocksAstronomyEnvironment and Ecology6th Grade Science Night

GradingGrades are calculated using total points.Students will receive points for the following items: Homework/Responsibility (100 points), Tests, Quizzes, Classwork, Labs, and Projects.Refer to my website for handouts, homework, and notifications.Students may complete current events for extra credit (refer to class syllabus).

Geography CurriculumIntroduction to Geography Africa Map Skills, History, Physical Features, People

Contact InformationEmail: smccracken@methacton.org

Telephone: 610-489-5000 Ext. 36701About the English Teacher: Mrs. Cynthia Kim Education and ExperienceTemple University graduateSchool District of Philadelphia, School District of Springfield Township, Methacton School District16 years teaching experience

I understand that your children are precious. I am a parent too!NoahAge 7Gr. 2

NaomiAge 9Gr. 4

English CurriculumGrammar Study- Holt, Elements of Language Capitalization PunctuationParts of a Sentence Parts of SpeechPrepositions ConjunctionsInterjections Direct Objects Subject-Verb Agreement

English Curriculum -Writing-Narrative ArgumentInformative PoetryAll major writing projects are completed at school.

Grading System for English Class35%- Writing Projects30%- Unit Tests25%- Quizzes/Classwork 10%- Homework

Geography Curriculum South America -Atlantic -Pacific -Caribbean

Contact InformationEmail: ckim@methacton.org

Telephone: 610-489-5000 Ext. 36703

About the Math Teacher: Mrs. Jodi Matriccino I graduated from the University of Scranton with a BA in Communication.Several years ago, I attended West Chester University and obtained my certification in Elementary Education. I am currently pursuing my Masters degree from Gratz College.Before teaching at Skyview I taught at Worcester Elementary and Arcola.I am a wife and mother, and understand the challenges of managing school age children.

Mia is 8 (3rd grade) and Leo is 3

Glencoe Math SeriesThe Course 1 Math book can be accessed online. With ConnectED, students have instant access to all of their study materials. Students have a workbook for class, and can also view the same material online. The online book is interactive and provides an explanation of material, self check problems, and extra practice.Visit my website and click on the Glencoe Math tab to learn more about the program.

Concepts Covered in Grade 6:

-Ratios and Proportional Reasoning -Fractions, Decimals, and Percents-Computing with Multi-Digit Numbers-Multiply and Divide Fractions-Integers and the Coordinate Plane

Concepts Covered in Grade 6:

Expressions-Equations-Functions and Inequalities-Area-Volume and Surface Area-Statistical Measures-Statistical Displays

Grading System for MathMath grades are made up of the following percentages:20% Classwork45% Tests10% Homework/Responsibility points25% Quizzes

Geography Curriculum

Introduction to Geography

North America:Map SkillsPhysical FeaturesHistory/CultureCountries today

Contact InformationEmail: jmatriccino@methacton.org

Telephone: 610-489-5000 Ext. 36700Mrs. Sparangos Homeroom Class2014-2015 School year!

About the Reading Teacher: Mrs. Tracy SparangoBloomsburg UniversityMasters in Reading at West ChesterReading SpecialistDevoted to teaching and students becoming successful, life long readers/learnersMother and a wife

My husband Dave and I enjoy the outdoors. We enjoy taking our children Isabella (10) and Mia (8) on hikes and bike rides. We include our two dogs Kelsey (top) and Molly (bottom). Our cat ( Sunny) stays home.(My Family)

Reading through Harcourt as well as literature.Harcourt Series.. StorytownNovels throughout the year. Fiction and nonfictionSkills Vocabulary (journals)ZPD ScoresTest taking StrategiesIRP independent reading programstarts the 2nd MP

Team USA Students

GradesScoring system :

All tests will be broken up into 3 parts:

Comprehension: 35% of their overall gradeSkills: 25%Vocabulary 20%Homework / Projects and preparation 20%

Total =100%

Geography Curriculum Students will be able to access their books on line. They are also able to take home a book as well. My particular area of study is EUROPE.

Holt McDougalContact InformationEmail: tsparango@methacton.org

Telephone: 610-489-5000 Ext. 36705Questions?

We are looking forward to a fantastic school year, and thank you for your support!