welcome to ib 201 ib coordinator : ms. nelms ib counselor : ms. simmons

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  • Welcome to IB 201 IB Coordinator : Ms. Nelms IB Counselor : Ms. Simmons
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  • Overview of IB 201 Presentation: 1.Course Registration 2.IB requirements: Courses, CAS, TOK, EE, HL/SL 3.6 th subject options & course progression 4.How to achieve the IB Diploma: -Points, Internal Assessments 5.Standards to remain in IB 6.College/University
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  • The Core Curriculum Group 3: History Group 1: English Group 4: Biology Chemistry Physics Group 6: Arts/ Elective Group 5: Math Group 2: Foreign Language
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  • TYPICAL SCHEDULE 9 th Grade -English 1 pre-IB -French or Spanish 1 pre-IB -AP Human Geography -Biology 1 pre-IB -Geometry Honors -Two electives 10 th Grade -AP Language &Composition -French 2 pre-IB /Spanish 2 pre-IB -AP European History -Chemistry 1 pre-IB -Algebra 2 Honors / Algebra 2 -2 electives
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  • Electives Visit IB website: www.phsibsupport.org Students & Parents < Course Registration Informational Sheet Popular Electives: AP Psychology AP Environmental Science AP US Government (1 sem) AP Macroecomonics (1 sem) AP Human Geography Physics Honors Marine Science 2 Honors_____ Ceramics and Pottery 2D Art Studio 2 Debate Band, Guitar, Jazz Ensemble Acting Art Journalism (yearbook) Humanities 1 Honors (Academic Team)
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  • 11 th Grade -AP Literature and Composition -IB French 3 or IB Spanish 3 -AP U.S. History -IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB Physics -IB Precalculus or IB Math Studies -IB 6 th Subject: IB Geo 2, Art, Theatre, Music or 2 nd Science -TOK 1 12 th Grade -IB English 4 -IB French 4 or IB Spanish 4 -IB History of the Americas -IB Biology 3 / IB Chemistry 3 / IB Physics -IB Adv Calculus,IB Calculus or IB Statistics -IB Art 2, IB Theatre 2 -TOK 2 -Elective
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  • Junior TOK 1 Course IB visit on December 9, 2013 TOK class for junior year required Students with needed class such as Band, ROTC, SGA, etc. will be given an alternative way to meet the requirement 2/3 days lunch or before school Class will include EE, CAS and a study hall
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  • Sixth Subject Options IB Geography 1 year SL course Typically completed in junior year IB Theatre 11 th & 12 th grade (SL or HL) IB Art - 11th & 12th grade (SL or HL) 2 nd IB Science- 11 th & 12 th grade Bio/Chem Chem/Physics Physics/Bio 2nd Foreign Language All 4 years Course registration is Feb 13 th Possibly implementing IB Music
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  • SCIENCE OPTIONS -Student selects a Science Track by 11 th grade year Biology 9 th : Biology 1- Pre IB (Every IB student takes) 11 th : IB Biology (1 st year of HL) or IB Biology 2 (SL) 12 th : IB Biology 3 (HL) Chemistry 10 th : Chemistry 1-Pre IB (Every IB student takes) 11 th : IB Chemistry (1 st year of HL) or IB Chemistry 2 (SL) 12 th : IB Chemistry 3 (HL) Physics 10 th : Physics Honors 11 th : IB Physics 1/2 (SL or 1 st year HL) or Physics Honors 12 th : IB Physics 3 optional (HL) or IB Physics 2
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  • SCIENCE TRACKS Biology Pre-IB Chemistry Pre-IB IB Chemistry 1 IB Chemistry 2 IB Chemistry 1 IB Chemistry 2 IB Biology 1 IB Biology 2 IB Biology 1 IB Biology 2 IB Chemistry 3 (HL) IB Biology 3 (HL) Physics H IB Physics 2 (SL) 9th 10th 11th 12th Traditional 2 Sciences Physics Physics H IB Physics 1 IB Physics 2 IB Physics 1 IB Physics 2 IB Physics 3 (HL) Biology-Pre IB In addition to
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  • 9th Grade : (Algebra1 H) or Geometry H for selected students, Geometry H & Algebra 2 H Students in Algebra 1 Honors only as a freshman need to make up Geometry over the summer online 10th Grade Algebra 2 or Algebra 2H for selected students, IB Precalculus 11th Grade : IB Math Studies or IB Precalculus for selected students, AP Calculus BC 12th Grade : IB Statistics (if student took Math Studies) or IB Calculus (if student took Precalculus) or IB Adv Calculus (Math HL) for qualified students, IB Mathematics HL MATH TRACKS
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  • Geometry H Algebra 2 H Algebra 2 IB Pre-Calculus IB Math Studies AP AB Calculus/ AP BC Calculus AP AB Calculus/ AP BC Calculus IB Statistics Algebra 2 H IB Pre-Cal AP Calculus / AP BC Calculus AP Calculus / AP BC Calculus AP BC Cal/ IB Adv Cal (HL) AP BC Cal/ IB Adv Cal (HL) 9th 10th 11th 12th
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  • WHICH MATH? Math Studies - designed for students who will be taking college algebra and statistics in college Math SL - designed for college majors that may require a semester or two of calculus Math HL - designed for math intensive majors with multiple calculus and above courses expected
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  • 6 Subject Areas and the Core Group 3: History Group 1: English Group 4: Biology Chemistry Physics Group 6: Arts/ Elective Group 5: Math Group 2: Foreign Language
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  • Pre-IB English: English Pre-IB AP Language and Composition IB English: AP Literature and Composition (IB English year 1) IB English 4 (HL) Pre-IB History: AP Human Geography AP European History IB History: AP US History (IB History 1) IB Contemp. History 2 (HL) Pre-IB Math: Geometry Hon Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 H IB Math: IB Math Studies IB Statistics (SL) IB Pre-Calculus IB Calculus/ (SL) IB Adv Cal (Math HL) Pre-IB Electives : 2D Studio Art 2 Tech Theater,Acting IB Art/Theater Electives: IB Art 1 IB Theater 1 IB Art 2 IB Theater 2 Pre-IB Science: Biology pre-IB Chemistry pre-IB Physics Hon (optional) IB Science: IB Biology 2 (SL) IB Biology 3 (HL) IB Chemistry 2 (SL) IB Chemistry 3 (HL) IB Physics 2 (SL) IB Physics 3 (HL) Pre-IB Foreign Language: French 1 pre-IB Spanish 1 pre-IB French 2 pre-IB Spanish 2 pre-IB IB Foreign Language: IB French 4 IB Spanish 4 IB French 5 IB Spanish 5 IB Spanish 6 (HL)
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  • What is the difference? It is NOT a difference in quality of instruction, only quantity of instructional time -HL = 240 hours (2 years) -SL = 150 hours (1 or 2 year depending) Difference also is number of assessments 3 IB courses Higher Level 3 IB courses SLStandard Level Some students do 4HL/2SL Higher Level (HL) vs. Standard Level (SL)
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  • Higher Level Options English-all students take History-most students take Biology, Chemistry, Physics Visual Arts Theatre -French/Spanish-Spanish/French 2 in 9 th -Math (Algebra II required in 9th)
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  • Standard Level Options Spanish/French Math Studies Math SL (Calculus) Geography Visual Arts Theatre Additional Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Possible Music
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  • CENTER of the CIRCLE Theory of Knowledge Creativity, Action, Service Extended Essay
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  • CAS DEADLINES 9 th & 10 th Grade CAS: Log experiences balancing C/A/S spread over two years equaling 50 hours and engage in reflection by August 1 before 11 th grade. IB CAS: 100 additional hours, including one sustained, collaborative project integrating at least two categories of C/A/S. -Evidence of 8 learning outcomes due in February before graduation. www.phsibsupport.org -Students & Parents

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