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Rules & regulations of Kaplan College


  • 1. In this presentation, you will learn:Dress codeRulesPolicies

2. UNIFORMS While in college,students will berequired to wear thedesignated uniformwith the emblem onthe chest. Only short or longsleeved white teeshirts can be wornunder the uniform. 3. UNIFORMSThe uniform must be freshly washed & pressed for each day of class. 4. UNIFORMSUnderwearmust bewornunder thescrubs. 5. Onlywhitesocksmay bewornwith theuniform. No colorful socks. 6. Athletic shoes& tennis shoesare notpermissibleunless they areall whiteleather withoutdesigns oremblems.Laces & shoesmust be keptclean & white.SHOES 7. MAKEUPMakeupis to belightly &tastefullyapplied. 8. Hair must be clean, styled neatly, & of a natural color acceptable in a professional office.Hair 9. HairHair must beworn so that itdoes not fallbelow the collarof the uniform.Long hair mustbe pulled back& pinned up.No ornamentsor beads shouldbe worn in thehair. 10. fingernailsFingernailsshould be clean & kept at a length that does not extend beyond the finger. Nailpolish is to beclear or white.Acrylic &/or fake nails arenot allowed. 11. The onlyvisiblejewelry iswedding&/orengagementrings & asimplewristwatchwith asecondhand. 12. NECKLACES Necklaces mustbe hidden by thescrub top or teeshirt. 13. TATTOOSVisibletattoos arenotacceptable. 14. Earrings canonly be studearrings &only onepair may beworn at atime. 15. Facial piercingjewelry otherthan the earlobes is notacceptable.Tonguepiercing jewelryis notacceptable.FACIAL & TONGUE PIERCING 16. Schoolissuedpicture ID isto be wornwith a KClanyard.If your id is lost or stolen, see If you have not gotten your picturestudent services as soon as taken, see student services.possible. 17. Food & drinks There is no foodor drinks allowedin the classroomat anytime. All food/drinksmust be kept inyour purses orbook bags untilbreak. 18. Cell phone useis notpermissible intheclassroom, even on break.Cell phonesare to beplaced in yourpurse or bookbag untilbreak.Also, make surethat they areoff or onvibrate. 19. No gum allowed in class. 20. Medical assistant will be expected toparticipate in the role of patient as well ascaregiver/assistant.venipunctures Upon entry to the program, you should havesigned a form stating that you understand thatyou will be participating in invasive procedures. Failure to comply with this policy will result infailure of clinical course.injections 21. ATTENDANCEAttendance is mandatory &missed class time can not bemade up. If you miss a class, please call yourinstructor before the start of class & lethim/her know the reason for the absence& when you expect to return. You also need to do this if you will be tardy toclass. Failure to do so, will result in the loss ofprofessionalism points. 22. Students are not allowed to miss more than 25% of theAttendance program. This does not If a student misses more mean that you get than 25% in anyto miss 25%, thismeans that if you course, they will be do miss more than required to repeat thatthis (for example25.01%) you will be course. In the day required to repeat programs, this is 5 days. At the course. Yourinstructor will not night, it is 4 nights. It does inform you when not have to be consecutive you have passed & tardiness counts toward25%, so keep track. your 25%. 23. POLICY FOR MISSEDEXAMS, QUIZZES & HOMEWORK Students should make The exam must beevery attempt to becompleted the day thepresent on all test days.student returns.Students will incur a 10% Any exam missed due to absences beyond 2 days willdeduction from the total result in a 0.score of the exam eachtime you miss an exam Homework must be turned in on the day a student returnson the scheduled day.with a 10% deduction on the No pop quizzes can bescore. Homework turned in later than the day of return willmade up. receive a 0. No work can be fax or e- mailed. 24. COMPETENCIES Showing proficiency in allcompetencies is mandatory forevery module. Failure to attend a competency day,or complete any competency, willresult in failure of the course. 25. CheatingCheating is anexpellable offense.There are severaldifferent ways someonecan cheat, but all willlead to the same result.The first time that youare caughtcheating, the result willbe an F. The secondtime, you will bedismissed from theprogram. So dont doit. 26. Plagiarism Plagiarism, as defined in the 1995 Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary, is the "use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as ones own original work." 27. Please understand that if you arediscourteous to your instructor and/orother students, you will be asked toleave the classroom. You will lose yourcredit for the day & professionalismpoints for the week. It will then be up to the programdirector and/or director of educationwhen you will be allowed to return toclass. 28. INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE(PROFANITY, NAME CALLING & UNPROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE) The use ofinappropriatelanguage is notpermitted on schoolgrounds. Languageis to be professionalin all areas of thecampus, includingthe break rooms &parking lots. 29. Youmust beCPRpresent for CPRclass even if youhave a priorcertification. Failure to attend alldays of CPR willresult in failure ofthe entire whitemodule.


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