welcome to our flipped classroom night. what is a flipped mastery classroom? ï‚ flipped...

Download Welcome to our Flipped Classroom Night. What is a Flipped Mastery Classroom? ï‚ Flipped classrooms replace traditional lecture time in classrooms and replaces

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Welcome to our Flipped Classroom Night

Welcome to ourFlipped Classroom Night

What is a Flipped Mastery Classroom?Flipped classrooms replace traditional lecture time in classrooms and replaces those lectures with videos that are viewed outside of class to help students gain an understanding of the concepts in the class.Mastery classrooms do not focus on a set list of assignments that all students must complete. These classrooms focus instead on students mastering the topics covered allowing for students to work at different paces.

What does the this mean for my child?Homework for your child will most likely be viewing and taking notes on videos.The assignments your child completes to master a topic may be different than other students in the class based on the learning needs of your child.The teacher will work with your child to tailor an individualized education plan to meet your childs specific learning needs.

Completion is no longer the goal3

How are you grading my child?Only select formative assignments will be submitted and graded for accuracy by the teacher.All assignments should be checked for accuracy by the student however prior to taking a quiz.Quizzes and tests are graded and make up 75% of your childs grade.Quizzes are used as spot checks to help the teacher assign reteach activities or extension activities.Quizzes and tests must be retaken after reteach activities are completed until a student obtains mastery.

How do I help my child?Check your childs notes for quality.Watch a teacher created video with your child.Monitor assignments and quizzes on Canvas

6Where do I go for information at home?Announcements in Canvas and RemindAsk your childThe Canvas grade screen will show you submitted assignments and quiz gradesYou can contact the teacher via Canvas by clicking on Inbox next too where your name displays in the top right corner of the Canvas page.

Setting Up a Parent Account in CanvasGo to https://pasco.instructure.com/login/canvasClick on the green Parent of a Canvas User flag on the login windowComplete the information in the Parent Signup boxChilds Username = student numberChilds Password = funky passwordIf you already have a parent account and need to add a new child, click the Settings button in the top right corner of the main page, go to Observing in the left side menu, and add additional children.


Checking your Childs ProgressTo check grades and assignments that have been submitted, click Grades in the dark blue navigation bar on the page.From the Courses Im Taking menu, click on the class you wish to view.You can click on the blue assignment names to see submission details including grades, teacher comments, and the digital copies of the assignment in some casesTo view different classes, select the drop down menu next to For the Course and select the appropriate class

Looking at Learning Modules Modules are used to organize the videos, assignments, and quizzes for a unit of study into one place for easy access.Click the Courses and Groups drop down next to the Pasco Canvas Logo on the top left side of the blue navigation barSelect the class you would like to view from the dropdown.For math classes, the home page will contain the modules for the quarter.In other classes you may need to select Modules from the grey, left-side navigation bar.

Canvas CommunicationTo contact the teacher through Canvas, click on the Inbox icon on the right side of the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.In the next screen, click on the compose icon.When the message box appearsUse the drop down next to Course to select the correct classWhen the To: line appear you may begin typing the teachers name and it will fill in a selection or you may click the directory icon at the end of the box.Compose your messageYou may attach files or record messagesClick the blue Send button

Thank you for coming!

Please take a moment to complete our Flipped Classroom Information Night Survey that can be found on the JLMS websites main page - http://jlms.pasco.k12.fl.us

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