welcome to qehs gainsborough

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Welcome to QEHS Gainsborough For our Integrated EiSS CAD/CAM Project Launch.

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Welcome to QEHS Gainsborough. For our Integrated EiSS CAD/CAM Project Launch. Brumby Engineering College Scunthorpe. The King’s School Grantham. Queen Elizabeth’s High School Gainsborough. Baysgarth School Barton-Upon-Humber. Thames Valley Academy Gainsborough. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to QEHS GainsboroughFor our Integrated EiSS CAD/CAMProject Launch.

  • This introduction session is an overview about change in D&T using a new curriculum initiative.Its about developing sustainable D&T Curriculum Development projects

  • Have you seen this logo?New National initiativeYou are at the forefront

  • The marriage of three projects to form one new initiative..Its about our subject in the 21st Centuryabout giving ownership of learning to our students

  • Background Invitation to DATA to tender - Jan 2008AimTo provide Secondary D&T Support Building on success ofCAD/CAM in Schools programmeElectronics in Schools Strategy

  • ContextBuilding on strengths ofCAD/CAM in Schools programmeElectronics in Schools Strategy

  • Digital D&TConsortium partnersD&T AssociationSSAT Specialist Schools & Academies TrustIET Institution of Engineering TechnologyDelcam, PTC, Speed Step

  • Digital D&TMeet needs of changing curriculumNew Secondary CurriculumEngineering diplomaSTEM Continue modernisation of D&T curriculum by developingengaging, motivating activities and resources relevant to 21st centuryand bycombining CAD/CAM and systems and control technologies

  • Consortium partnersThe D&T Association

    SSAT Specialist Schools & Academies Trust

    IET Institution of Engineering Technology

    Delcam, PTC, Speed Step

  • Programme structureCurriculum Advisors

    David BarlexJohn MyersonRose Sinclair Torben Steeg

    Support Centres

    9 Government Regions2 Bid for CAD/CAM2 Bid for ECT

    Integrated TrainingY1: 75/25 split of dedicated / integrated training/supportY3: 25/75 split of dedicated / integrated training/supportPilot of integrated training (some regions bid for this - we were successful)

  • FundingDCSF Support centre infrastructure Support centre training Maintain accredited trainer network Curriculum frameworks Pilot new software Annual conference Websites Steering group Evaluation

  • FundingIET Change of name from IEE to IET Change of focus from electronics to Engineering Technology 2 day pilot courses 4 day CPD accreditation courses STEM agenda Integrated courses Outcomes rolled out across the region

  • Documentation driversEngineering 14 - 19 DiplomaLevel 1 pre-PIC electronics but use of CAD circuit modelling software includedCADCAM productionLevel 2 microcontrollers included with use of CAD circuit modelling software CADCAM production

  • OUR EAST MIDLANDS BID WAS SUCCESSFULWe have 3 Centres in the regionNottingham Trent UniversityEiSS CAD/CAM and Speedstep Andy Cooper & Sarah DaviesVale of Ancholme - BriggCAD/CAM Mike FinneyIdeas In2 Action - MetheringamEiSS Les Porter

  • 300 Seat license - No cost to school For student, school & home use Comparable to ProDESKTOP plus; Part modelling Assemblies Mechanisms* Mechanism dynamics* Design animation* Sheet metal* Surfacing * Production drawing Advanced rendering * Design optimisation behavioural modelling* But Ill leave our Colleague Mike Finney to engage in The Which Software Debate later in the afternoon.

  • 35 seat classroom license 425 ** Perpetual license Complete CAD/CAM/CAE solution Includes technical support and web-based trainingFoundation Advantage (Schools Edition) +CAD Advanced assembly Cabling/piping design Finite Element Analysis Interactive Surface DesignCAM Production machining, Tool Design NC sheet metalCAEProENGINEER Mechanica and Advanced Mechanica

  • Dimension 3D printerOne in each region funded by DATANo it doesnt make coffee but it will make coffee cups..Ours is The Vale of Ancholme School in Brigg

  • Z-Corp 450

  • CAM facilities

    RapMan 3D printer7001 per regionTDA funded

  • Modern, motivating activities

  • laptop lighttop down design with Pro/ENGINEER


  • Planning from IET 6KIdentify our stakeholders: Maybe a common meeting or maybe by invitationDay intro and Task2 sessions show & tell1Day intro and Taskfollow up Task18 delegates from 6 schools18 delegates from 6 schoolsEast Midlands Digital D&TEngage with and involvement from IETs SLOPublished website material at:-www.digitaldandt.co.uk

  • So thats where our 6 Lincolnshire schools fits into the picture..Part of DATAs bid to DCSF was about making curriculum projects sustainable if staff members leave the school.Hence teams of 3 staff from different D&T backgrounds from each school (in which the technician is a key player).

  • The outcomesProject called Be Seen and Stay Safe !!!!!!!Back to each school work as a team and conceptually develop a potential project.Back on 27th May to work with decide how we can best support the CAD/CAM element.Trial the outcome with (maybe) one student.Take lots of photographs at every stage.Well provide each school with details of a WIKI to send work to us.Get together on 30th June to share our developmentWell develop a website of your outcomes.

  • Lets get our students engaged in exciting D&T that is relevant to the 21st C

  • Links and next stepsDD&T SCs are centres of D&T expertise within each region and therefore able to support and/or collaborate with:STEMPOINTSASSECsScience Learning CentresSSAT specialist schoolsASTs

  • OfSTED report

    Education for a technologically advanced nation - D&T in schools 2004-07 OfSTED June 2008

    Design and technology has to be an essential part of every pupils learning experience. The subject encourages creativity and contributes to the personal development of students of all ages. More needs to be done to ensure that all schools are equally well equipped with the facilities, equipment and specialist teachers required to keep pace with the advancements in our ever changing, hi-tech world.

  • OfSTED report

    Key findingsDesign and technology was popular and contributed well to learners personal development. Learners were motivated, especially when they had opportunities to develop and realise their ideas. They behaved well, understood the subjects relevance and learnt to use complex and expensive equipment effectively. Advanced technologies such as computer-aided designing and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), when used effectively, motivated learners and raised their productivity. However, the gap was growing between schools which used such technology well and those which did not; the latter lacked equipment and the necessary expertise. Many teachers did not keep sufficiently up to date because of a lack of in-service training. This restricted the development of teaching and learners technological capability.

  • OfSTED report

    RecommendationsDCSFconsider how, in the long term, science, technology, engineering and mathematics research and development might be used to create modern design and technology projects, with mathematical and scientific content, to enable schools to keep pace with technological advancesQCAensure that GCSE course specifications are effective in promoting creativity and technological rigour in courseworkprovide guidance on applying rigorous technological, mathematical and scientific knowledge in designing and making projectsTDAprovide training opportunities for primary and secondary teachers to update and maintain their subject and teaching skills Secondary schoolsprovide adequate resources for CAD/CAM and ensure that at least one teacher is trained to teach it throughout the age range

  • .todayWell start by all making he same project (electronics part) and program the PIC in it using New Wave Concepts Genie.Ill then suggest some ways forwardlook at producing surface mount PCBsLook at producing flexible PCBsMike will join us and discuss CAD/CAM

  • Its a dirty, messy subjectIts too hard to teach I can teach anything except SystemsIts only for bright boysIts too expensive, software etcThe projects are really boring!Teacher Perceptions

  • The direction I would like our students to go

  • Creativity: comes from the heart

  • Any questions.?

    But what about the majority of school children-At last years conference and at the teachers conference last week-xxxxx spoke about creativity-he showed that creativity could be taught and used as a process-this has to become part of the teaching-so should be part of the training we provide