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Welcome to Team 7A. Mr. Reed Mr. Noyes Mrs. Weatherspoon Ms. Damm Mrs. Watts. S mart E nergetic V ery Social E nthusiastic N ot dependent T ough H ungry G regarious R esourceful A nnoying D aring E ntertaining R eally self-conscious. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to Team 7AMr. ReedMr. NoyesMrs. WeatherspoonMs. DammMrs. Watts

  • SmartEnergeticVery SocialEnthusiasticNot dependentToughHungry

    GregariousResourcefulAnnoyingDaringEntertainingReally self-conscious

  • 7th Grade Student Expectations BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE THE CHOICE IS YOURS!Always Choose To Be:

    RespectfulAn Active ListenerAn Enthusiastic ParticipantAware and Sensitive to the Diverse Needs of OthersResponsible in Group and Individual Interactions

  • Time To TeachIs a proactive not a reactive approach to discipline and classroom management (prompt attention to the little stuff can prevent the big stuff)

  • Time to TeachStudents are taught positive student behavior.Teach-tos direct positive influence in the classroom.

  • Time to Teach Essential ComponentsGiving unconditional positive regard to our studentsTeaching to expectationsEstablishing a positive classroom climateMentally asking the classroom integrity questions Giving one and only one start-up requestREFOCUSING non-punitively(* Information taken from the Time to Teach book The Center for Teacher Effectiveness)

  • AttendanceWhen students miss school, we miss them!Regular attendance impacts student achievement.We appreciate it when appointments and vacations are scheduled outside of school times.Students are expected to complete all assignments missed during an absence.Homework assignments may be requested ahead of time and/or during student absences.

  • Homework PolicyHomework will be assigned daily and consistently.Homework is expected to be neat, legible, on time and complete.Budget approximately 60 minutes per night.

  • Student Agenda/CalendarDaily Use in ClassMonday OverviewEncourages Time ManagementLog of homework, tests, quizzes, short and long term projectsEncourages parental involvement/awarenessTo reinforce agenda or check homework assignments:Visit http://sw.kyrene.org/Page/11322

  • Home Strategies for SuccessEncourage daily study/homework time.Communicate with teacher if any concerns arise.Check your childs agenda and/or the Team 7A Website.

  • Started Monday, August 208:00 8:56 a.m.Before school tutoring will be available on Monday - ThursdayStudents may sign-up on their own or be recommended by teachersStudents to provide their own means of transportation to schoolMust be at front gate at 8:00 a.m. sharp

  • Homework Lunchtime ClubWorking on establishing a classroom and teacher during each grade level lunch period where a student could be assigned if they did not complete their homework.

  • A=Outstanding Progress, represents mastery of the Kyrene District curriculum targets at a minimum of 90%.B=Significant Progress, represents mastery of the Kyrene District curriculum targets at a minimum of 80%.C=Satisfactory Progress, represents mastery of the Kyrene District curriculum targets at a minimum of 70%.D=Limited Progress, represents limited mastery of the Kyrene District curriculum targets at a minimum of 60%.Grading Categories

  • Grading Categories (continued)F=Failing, represents a failure to master the Kyrene District curriculum targets at a minimum of 50%.I=Incomplete, represents a lack of evidence of mastery of target outcomes to evaluate student performance for grading period.P=Passing, represents special cases where a student has been absent from instruction due to extraordinary circumstances.NG=No Grade, represents special cases where a student has been absent from instruction due to extraordinary circumstances.

  • Grade ReportsFirst Quarter ends: October 5, 2012Second Quarter ends: December 21, 2012Third Quarter ends: March 8, 2013Fourth Quarter ends: May 22, 2013Fall Parent Conferences will be in late Oct./early Nov.Between the fourth and sixth week of each quarter, parents will be notified if their student is in danger of failing.Students are encouraged to keep track of their progress in each class.

  • Online Grade AccessAccess from Kyrene School District Webpage under the Parents tabWill allow for one stop shopping for gradesUpdated instantly as teachers enter a grade

  • Academic Lab Overview35 minute period four days a weekEach core content area teacher is assigned a group of students to work withGeneral use is to provide additional support and assistance to students in any area of needGrades are NOT assigned

  • Academic LabMonday, Tuesday, and Thursday everyone in the school will focus on mathData driven decision to focus on math (greatest potential for school wide improvement; most room for growth in this area)SmartMath - online resource

  • Structured Uses of TimeRTI (Response to Intervention)Additional support in content or exploratory classesMake up testsMake up missed work or assignmentsMake up labsMore specific remediation in a specific skill areaExtra time in exploratory or music offerings

  • Structured Uses of TimeTutoringCurriculum DeliveryCoverage of curricular areas that have no means of delivery in the middle school day (i.e. health, etc.)Character Education, Team Building, 2nd Step, Peer Counseling & other Associated ProgramsHandbook/Agenda/Study SkillsMentoringAssembliesLibrary access/use (e.g. research).

  • Character CountsSix PillarsTrustworthinessRespectResponsibilityFairnessCaringCitizenship

  • Scrapbook ProjectYour child will be doing a scrapbook reflecting about themselves. Don't panic! This will be a great experience for all of us!!! We will lead your child and it will be really easy.You can help by showing your student an interest and enthusiasm for this project. Use this opportunity to visit the craft store with your child. At home, encourage him/her to share stories and ask questions about their life.Each Tuesday there will be a topic for the students to write about. Any topic can be changed to meet individual needs. To add to the scrapbook concept students can bring in pictures, stickers, colored paper, cut pictures from magazines, make drawings or print things from the web, to accompany their written words. Students can choose how elaborate they make their book. They are encouraged to bring in any scrapbooking supplies they feel will add to their book. These extras are at the discretion of your family's budget, of course; they are not required.

  • Scrapbook Project NeedsThings You Will Need

    Composition book GluePictures, colored pencils, scissors, construction paper, magazines to cut apart or patterned paper would be very helpful and are optional.

  • Parent CommunicationIf you have questions or concerns about your students progress, the preferred method of contact is email.

    Ms. DammMs. WeatherspoonMr. NoyesMr. ReedMrs. Wattsldamm@kyrene.org jweath@kyrene.orgcnoyes@kyrene.orgstreed@kyrene.orgcwatts@kyrene.org541-5924541-5923541-5927541-5928541-5930

  • Team 7A Wish ListWe are always in short supply of the following items and would greatly appreciate donations anytime throughout the school year:

    Copy PaperWide ruled notebook paperKleenex TissueMarkers/colored pencils3-ring bindersGraph PaperWhite board markersStudent scissorsRulersElectric Pencil SharpenersBright Sticks

  • FieldtripsThe Team 7A teachers feel that fieldtrips are an essential piece of the educational puzzle. They provide opportunities that most times just cannot be replicated in the classroom.

    Although we understand times are tough for all financially, there will be times that we may ask for donations to provide these opportunities.

  • Rattler Before School AcademyRegister at www.kyrene.org/econnect Customer Service: 480-541-1500Providing quality programs that positively impact our community!Rattler Before School Academy is a collaboration between Akimel A-al Middle School and Community Education and Outreach Services. All classes are taught by Akimel A-al teachers.

    Use Barcode listed to register either online or over the phone.

    Register Now!First day of classes will be September 4th

    GradeClass TitleDaysTeacherRmPriceBarcode6-8thDigital JournalismM,T,W,THKathryn RileyD-7$130203286-8thHands-on MathM,W,FChristy CombsA-17$105203266-8thTeam Sports & FitnessM - FChristine SlaterGym$160203276-8thWalking ClubM,W,FJacquin WeatherspoonB-3$105203307-8thStep TeamT,THJacquin Weatherspoon7A$7520329

  • Tax Credit DonationsTax credit donations of up to $200 may be made to our school by an individual.Contributions of any kind for team 7A are greatly appreciated!Any donations will be used to offset our expenses for team field trips.Thank you for your support!

  • Akimel A-al PTSOCheck us out!General PTSO meetings on first Tuesday of every month at 11:00am. Visit us at www.akimelptso.org and sign up on Volunteer pageLike us on Facebook & receive updates. www.facebook.com/akimelptsoEmail us at akimelaalptso@gmail.comFill out blue Volunteer Interest Form & turn it in to the front office or Academic Lab teacher. Forms available in front office.

  • Akimel A-al PTSOWays to get involvedFrys & Safeway E-script (check website for directions) Collect Boxtops for Education Buy school supplies from A-mart Look for more upcoming promotions at our website, Facebook, or via informational e-mails Volunteer at our promotions or special events Multicultural Night, Patriotic Day, 8th Grade Dance, Hospitality Staff Appreciation Events, Campus Pride, and various fundraisers throughout the year

  • For Your AttendanceAnd Attention