welcome to the july tricks of the trade webinar!

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  • Welcome to the July Tricks of the Trade webinar!
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  • From brochures to booklets, From charts to checklists, From flyers to forms, There is a lot of documentation on our website about CU*BASE and the programs and features it offers. Thats why each month, we send you a Tricks of the Trade email and hold this companion webinar, to highlight key documents that will make your job easier! What is Tricks of the Trade?
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  • Check out all our Tricks of the Trade webinar presentations and newsletters: http://cuanswers.com/tricks_of_trade.php http://cuanswers.com/tricks_of_trade.php
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  • Focus of This Months Webinar: 2013 Leadership Conference Today well show review some key pieces of documentation from the 2013 Leadership Conference
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  • Insert an arrow next to your favorite summertime activity Ice Breaker Grilling Taking a trip Gardening Hanging out at the beach Relaxing by a fire Rising bikes
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  • Please follow along in this webinar while I show you how to find this booklet. 2013 Leadership Conference Page
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  • Leadership Power Point Presentation
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  • Fun Fact How many credit unions were announced at Leadership as being part of the CU*Asterisk network? Insert an arrow in the box with the correct answer. 219 165 389 Leadership Conference Power Point
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  • 219 There are currently 219 CU*BASE credit unions including 165 CU*Answers clients 25 CU*Northwest clients 25 CU*South clients Source: Slide 82 of the Leadership 2013 Power Point Fun Fact Answer Leadership Conference Power Point
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  • Great job! Youve won popcorn and tickets to the movie! Fun Fact Prize Leadership Conference Power Point
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  • Making Ownership Real
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  • How can you or your credit union earn $1,000 and make ownership real? Insert an arrow in the bubble with the right answer. B Submit your entry by May 1 st, 2014. A Read the submission guidelines on the cooperative score website C Both A and B. Pop Quiz Making Ownership Real
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  • Pop Quiz Answer C Read the entry rules on http://score.cuanswers.com/ownership/ http://score.cuanswers.com/ownership/ and submit your entry by May 1 st, 2014 Making Ownership Real
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  • Bravo! Youve won a lot of candy! Pop Quiz Prize Making Ownership Real
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  • Innovator Investment Grant Program
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  • Please follow along in this webinar while I show you how to find this booklet. FEP-ING Video Preview
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  • Which is coming first? FEP or ING? Improved New GOLD (GOLD Interface) File Expansion Project (member balances) Insert an arrow in the square with the right answer. Pop Quiz FEP-ING Video Preview
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  • ING (Improved New GOLD) Pop Quiz Answer FEP-ING Video Preview
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  • Pop Quiz Prize FEP-ING Video Preview Excellent! Youve won a new beach ball
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  • Other Leadership Materials
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  • Takeaways On the whiteboard: Write down your most valuable takeaway from todays webinar. Webinar Wrap-Up
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  • Thank you for attending the July Tricks of the Trade webinar! For questions regarding todays topics. Please refer to the documentation referenced in todays webinar: O Leadership 2013 website: http://cuanswers.com/lc2013/http://cuanswers.com/lc2013/ O Cooperative Score website: http://score.cuanswers.com/ownership/ http://score.cuanswers.com/ownership/ O FEP-ING Kitchen page: http://www.cuanswers.com/kitchen/feping.php http://www.cuanswers.com/kitchen/feping.php See you at next months Tricks of the Trade webinar!