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  • Wellspring Mailing AddressP.O. Box 1927Louisville, KY 40201-1927

    Wellspring Administrative Center225 W. Breckinridge StreetTelephone: (502) 637-4361Fax: (502) 637-4490


    Officers and Directors Jefferey M. Yussman, ChairPaul A. Coomes, Vice ChairGeorge W. Rapp, Jr., TreasurerCissy Mills, SecretaryRobert P. BordognaMeredith BrownTrinity CampisanoDawn Franklin CroftRif S. El-Mallakh, MDWilliam FrielPhillip J. KellerGregory A. MayesNancy NeillMargaret PenningtonJack TrawickElmore A. Ack Willets, III Honorary Lifetime MembersPhilip P. Ardery (1914 - 2012) Founding Board ChairNancy B. BellBarry Bingham, Sr. (1906 - 1988)Roberta FischerRev. Richard H. HumkeClifford C. Kuhn, M.D.Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. (1922 - 2013)Cornelia A. Serpell (1917 - 2011)Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr. Management Team Katharine R. Dobbins, LCSW Chief Executive Officer kathy.dobbins@wellspringky.org

    Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer bob.brodbeck@wellspringky.org

    T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs patrick.rhodes@wellspringky.org

    Nancy L. Doctor Development Director nancy.doctor@wellspringky.org

    Wellsprings Mission: To promote the recovery of persons with mental illness through leadership

    in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.

  • DanielleIts scary, feeling things spin out of control, concedes Danielle. But when a

    psychiatric crisis came over me, I knew I needed Wellspring to get me through it and they did! The Crisis Stabilization Program helped Danielle find her way back now shes stable and enjoying life in her own apartment and a

    stronger relationship with her son, Kyle.

    Crisis Stabilization ProgramHigh-quality, compassionate, and cost-effective services in comfortable, home-like settings.

    FY13 Outcomes

    404 adults served

    96% avoided hospitalization

    73% had a 20% or greater reduction in symptoms

    89% preferred CSU program to hospitalization

  • Cole I felt lost, disconnected, and pretty much hopeless, confides Cole.

    Lost is the word, adds his father, Michael. There were times I felt he was just gone, and my hope was nearly gone, too. It took a lot of support,

    and a lot of work and determination on Coles part, but life is better than I could have dreamed, beams Cole, now happily situated in

    Wellspring Supportive Housing and employed in a very satisfying job. All the thanks in the world to Wellspring! adds a very grateful Dad.

    Supportive HousingAttractive, geographically diverse housing with services that foster recovery.

    FY13 Outcomes88 clients served

    94% reduction in days of hospitalization* *In programs established before 2013

    97% occupancy rate****Transitional beds not included

  • AnitaIve done it all, shares Anita. From the CSU to Supportive Housing and now look at me here! Anita is all settled and cozy in affordable housing at the Wellspring Bridge Apartments, thanks to the subsidized rent that makes it possible. I love it here, she smiles. Its convenient,

    I feel safe, and we all look out for one another. Its home!

    Affordable HousingSafe, attractive housing that provides a platform for recovery and community membership.

    FY13 Outcomes

    98% Occupancy Rate

    69 adults and their children served

  • Highlights of the Year 2013 was a banner year! We are delighted to report that last year our accomplishments included the addition of two new scattered-site supportive housing programs and the development of two new affordable housing sites! These projects provide safe, affordable, and attractive housing to an additional 50 people. For all that we achieved, we give thanks to our donors, who make it all possible, and to the strong governance provided by our Board of Directors, the commitment of our talented staff, the dedication of our many, many volunteers, and to all those whose gifts of time, talent, and treasure allow us to help individuals recover from mental illness and live as independently and successfully as possible in the community.

    The Wellspring Tonini Apartments, dedicated in June, received two historic preservation awards. The complex offers 12 attractive, affordable apartments for adults with psychiatric illness, most of whom have experienced homelessness.

    The Guardianship Independence Pilot Project

    is moving people with mental illnesses out of personal care

    homes and into their own apartments. Our project is

    one of only six such programs across the state.

    LASH, a new collaborative grant, provides housing and intensive case management for homeless adults. Out of 48 total people supported by the grant, Wellspring serves 18 adults with mental illness using a housing first approach.

    We formed the Consumer Advisory Council to serve in an advisory capacity to the Management Team and the Program Committee of the Board of Directors.

    Jefferey YussmanBoard Chair

    Katharine DobbinsChief Executive Officer

  • Rounded

    Federal, State, & Local Gov. Grants 66% $2,577,484Apartment Rentals 13% $493,310Residential Services 7% $256,154Contributions & Special Events 11% $426,368Metro United Way 3% $103,543Investments & Interest 1% $30,484

    Total Revenue $3,887,343


    Client Services & Supportive Housing 79% $3,055,013Management & General 14% $564,832Fundraising 7% $253,544

    Total Expenses $3,873,389(Includes $163,000 depreciation)

    79+14+7+D66+13+6+11+3+1+DStatement of Activity

    Year Ended June 30, 2013 (Audited)

    Revenue Expenses

    Statement of Financial Position Year Ended June 30, 2013 (Audited)

    Assets Rounded Cash and Cash Equivalents $855,929 Grants and Accounts Receivable $562,478 Endowments $346,504 Other Assets $109,378 Property and Equipment, Net $4,463,085Total Assets $6,337,374

    Liabilities and Net Assets

    Liabilities Accounts Payable $116,348 Accrued Expenses $159,511 Other Current Liabilities $50,637 Mortgage Notes Payable $1,266,680Total Liabilities $1,593,176Net Assets Unrestricted $4,070,861 Temporarily Restricted $331,158 Permanently Restricted $342,179Total Net Assets $4,744,198

    Total Liabilities and Net Assets $6,337,374

  • Our DonorsJuly 1, 2011 - June 30, 2013

    Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm & Frankie Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Mehler Middleton Reutlinger Mr. & Mrs. David W. Miles* Ms. Eleanor Miller Ms. Krista A. Mills* Dr. Alexander H. Moore Dr. Laura Moore Mr. John Moore Hon. James Moyer & Ms. Tay Wilkins* Mutual of America Ms. Nancy L. Neill* Mr. & Mrs. Mark OBrien* Mr. Paul D. Olberz Our Lady of Peace Mr. Joseph A. Paradis III, The Paradis FoundationPassport Health Plan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Payne* PNC Bank Mr. & Mrs. Mike Potter* Presbyterian Women, Second Presbyterian ChurchMr. & Mrs. Ray Pryor Jr.* Mr. & Mrs. Neil Ramsey* Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon M. Rein Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Rink Mr. David B. Russell, CFM Dr. Erika Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sage Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sales* Mrs. Kate Rudd Sarfin Seven Counties Services, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James C. Shircliff* Mr. Mitch Shirrell Mr. & Mrs. Dan Siebert Siebert & Johnson, PLLC Mr. & Mrs. Jay Skibinski* Snowy Owl Foundation Spalding University Dr. & Mrs. James L. Sublett Sysco Louisville, Inc. The Brook Hospitals Tilford Dobbins Alexander, PLLC Ms. Joan H. Todd Mr. & Mrs. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr.* Toyota 100 Cars for Good Transformations, LLC Mr. Tom Tucker & Ms. Anne Stanley Hoffman*Waddell & Reed WellCare, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wessel* Yum! Brands, Inc. Zoeller Company

    LEADERSHIP CIRCLE(Gift Total $500 to $999)Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ardery Mr. Carl J. Arnold Mrs. Ursula Barber Ms. Fran Berg Mr. Geoff Bialas & Ms. Susan Berberich*Mr. William Bishop & Ms. Julia ArderyMr. Geoff Boggs Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bonsutto* Mrs. Elaine Bornstein Bristol-Myers Squibb Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Brown Ms. Eleanore Brown* Ms. Lucille Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Castanon* Mr. William Chady Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Chessler* Mrs. M. Patrice Condon

    LEGACY SOCIETY(We honor donors who have informed us of future gifts.)Ms. Meredith Wilson BrownMs. Nancy L. DoctorMs. Cissy MillsThe Ethel H. OBrien Designated FundMr. George Rapp, Jr.Ms. Melissa RouttMr. & Mrs. Jefferey & ZoeAnn Yussman

    CORNERSTONE CLUB(Gift Total $10,000 and over)Mr. & Mrs. William O. Alden, Jr. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Ms. Meredith Wilson Brown* C. E. & S. Foundation, Inc. Ms. Lee Cochran The George Fabe Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Harshaw Trane FoundationMr. & Mrs. John E. Hill* The Humana Foundation Kosair Charities The Robert I. Lerman Family FundMr. & Mrs. Alan K. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. McKellar Jr., Jesse Barker McKellar FoundationMr. & Mrs. Ralph & Cissy Mills* Mr. John Neace Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co. Todd Asset Management Mr. & Mrs. Elmore A. Willets, III* Ms. Diane Wilson

    INVESTOR COUNCIL(Gift Total $5,000 to $9,999)Mr. & Mrs. Philip & Anne Ardery Mr. Neville Blakemore, Jr. & Ms. Gray Henry*Mr. & Mrs. William Block* Mr. Bernard F. Block, the David J. Block FoundationMr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna* Mr. Ross Davison* Mr. & Mrs. Gil Delgado* Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Harshaw* Humana Military Healthcare Services Mr. & Mrs. David A. Jones, Sr. Ms. Diane M. Laughlin & Mr.