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A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 1 Choosing To Make A Difference Since 1982 “better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness”

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Overview of Wellspring's financials and program outcomes - July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.


  • A n n u A l R e p o R t 2 0 1 1

    Choosing To Make A Difference Since 1982

    b e t t e r t o l i g h t a c a n d l e , th a n t o c u r s e th e d a rk n e s s

  • In March of 1982 several community leaders saw a need and chose to make a difference. Wellspring was born from that choice.

    I was staying at the Salvation Army. I was homeless and depressed. Then I found out about Wellspringand since then theyve helped me with my mental health problems and helped me get housing. Im a lot happier now. Choosing Wellspring has changed my life!


    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Since then, Wellspring has served more than 6,000 people.

    When we started paying closer attention to what we were eating and how it was prepared, we decided to make some healthier choices. So we started buying more fruits, vegetables, and leaner meats and were trying to buy foods with less sugar and fats. It is tough to stick with these changes all the time, but we are committed to continuing the effort in the coming year.

    Crescent House Residents and Staff

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • Last year, Wellspring served 453 people through our Crisis Stabilization Services (CSUs) and provided supportive housing to another 140 people.


    After I graduated from Ardery House, I found out that there was a place available at the Concord Apartments and I thought that would be a good choice for me. Now I know it really was the right choice! I have finally found my true home. Here, they have helped me through every phase of my recovery. Theyre like my family and I feel loved and supported I am so glad I chose to move here!

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Of 453 clients served in our CSUs, 97% were treated without hospitalization.

    When I was chosen to be part of the Community Outreach team, I knew it would bring new challenges and new responsibilities. But as a Peer Support Specialist I am in the fortunate position of having addressed many of the issues our clients are grappling with. Its very rewarding to use what Ive learned to help others along their paths to recovery.

    Woody Certified Peer Specialist

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • Of 453 clients served in our CSUs, 90% experienced a 20% or greater reduction in depressive symptoms.


    Change is inevitable, yet we cant always predict how or when it will find us. When I was offered the opportunity to move into a different role at Wellspring as Clinical Supervisor of the David J. Block Center, I made the choice to leave behind the identity I had carried for 5 years as the agency-wide Art Therapist and step into new waters. It was a daunting but exciting prospect and one I felt necessary to pursue for my continued growth. Choosing to create change can be a much different experience than having change forced upon us. I try to remind the clients I work with to look for the areas of their lives where they have the power to make effective choices for themselves, big or small. With this comes risk, of course, but also the reward of discovering your strengths.

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • 100% of Wellsprings Journey House graduates experienced a decrease in psychiatric symptoms and moved into the housing of their choice.

    I was on the road to destruction I had been in 8 halfway houses and nothing was working for me. But when I first saw that name Journey House, I knew it would be the right place for me; I just knew that it was supposed to be a part of my journey. They taught me to be available and accountable, and to be willing to make the choices that I had to in order to recover. They loved me until I could love myself, and now I know I never need to look back theres so much to look forward to!


    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • 100% of Journey House graduates had more than 12 months of sobriety.


    With encouragement from Seven Counties Services, I chose to connect with Wellspring. They helped me to see how taking my meds could help me stay stable, and to embrace the positive impact they could have on my life. Now I have a job and I can function normally in my everyday life. Ive also chosen to stay active in AA and now serve as a sponsor for four others in their recovery. What a difference and what a great choice Wellspring was for me!

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • With new innovations in medications and increased availability of supportive services, Wellspring witnesses the power of recovery every day as adults with mental

    illness rebuild their lives and participate in meaningful ways in our community.


    Wellspring has helped me in stabilizing my medication, which makes such a difference. And theyve helped me develop the skills that I need in order to remain stable plus reminding me that recovery from my illness, schizophrenia, really is possible. And now that Im living in the new apartments, I am happier than ever that I chose to be a part of Wellspring.

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • At Wellspring, we believe that recovery from psychiatric illness does not mean a cure; rather, it means developing a satisfying, hopeful, and

    contributing life despite the presence of mental illness.

    Willy Certified Peer Specialist

    Ive learned the skills it takes to live with stability in spite of having a mental illness. Im really pleased to now be helping some of our communitys most vulnerable members have a chance at recovery. Helping them see possibilities and make choices that can work for them helps me, too. I can look back at what I chose to do and how that helped me at the time, and see how all the choices together got me to where I am today.

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Our MissionTo promote the recovery of persons with mental

    illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.

    History and GrowthFounded in 1982, Wellspring works to improve the

    lives of individuals with mental illness in our community. From Ardery House, our flagship site where Wellspring first began providing Transitional Housing, Wellspring moved on to developing permanent Supportive Housing and Independent Housing. In 1995, Wellspring opened Kentuckys first Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), the Frank M. Gaines Center. A second CSU, the David J. Block Center, opened in 2007. In addition to our Jefferson County programs, Wellspring operates one site in Shelby County. Wellspring has been recognized as Kentuckys pioneer in providing such services; indeed, Wellspring is the only such provider in this seven-county region.

    PhilosophyAt Wellspring, we believe that recovery from

    psychiatric illness does not mean a cure; rather, it means developing a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life despite the presence of mental illness. Recovery is a unique process for each person. To most effectively promote recovery from mental illness, the community must respond with an array of options to meet individual clients needs and preferences.

    StaffingAll programs are overseen by Wellsprings Director of

    Programs, Patrick Rhodes, MSSW, LCSW. Wellspring operates with a staff of over 100 professionals and para-professionals, and annually serves over 600 clients from Jefferson, Shelby, and surrounding counties. Wellsprings staff is continuously trained in the best practices in the field of mental illness.

    Service FeesCosts for Wellsprings programs and housing rentals

    vary according to site. However, all charges are based on a sliding fee scale.

    Services and HousingWellspring offers a variety of programs that provide

    a best-practices approach for our clients recovery. These include crisis stabilization services at two locations, two transitional housing programs, three highly supported permanent housing programs, and over 100 units of deeply subsidized rental housing, including supported apartments, independent apartments, and single-family homes.

    Crisis Stabilization ServicesThe goal of Crisis Stabilization Unit programming is

    to help clients in an acute psychiatric episode achieve stabilization and avoid hospitalization. Wellsprings 2 CSU sites, the Frank M. Gaines Center and the David J. Block Center, provide a total of 16 crisis stabilization beds. This program serves clients who are experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness, such as severe depression, mania, or symptoms of psychosis. This is the only Wellspring program that does not require a severe and persistent mental illness diagnosis to be eligible for services. While at a CSU, clients receive intensive treatment, close monitoring with high levels of staff support, and medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.

    Multi-disciplinary Staff includes: Full-time Psychiatrist 7 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors Expressive Therapists 24-hour staff double coverage Peer Support staff

    Living Solutions for Mental Health RecoveryHousing...hope...recovery: Wellsprings Guide to Services

    They stuck with me, and I stuck with them and thats what pulled me through.

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Outcomes for FY 2011Crisis Stabilization Units Transitional Housing

    ( 5 0 2 ) 6 3 7 - 4 3 6 1

    Frank M. Gaines Center CSU(502) 584-2870(502) 589-5369 fax

    The Gaines Center Crisis Stabilization Unit, which opened in 1995, was Ken-tuckys first residential, community-based crisis unit. Until Wellspring opened the David J. Block Center, it remained as this regions only such program. In 2005, the Gaines Center CSU received the Mental Health As-sociation of Kentuckys prestigious Philip P. Ardery Award, honoring ten years of urgent, ongoing psychiatric care and treatment in a community setting. The Gaines Center CSU houses eight men and women, in a home-like setting at the edge of downtown Louisville. Admissions are accepted seven days a week.

    Ardery House(502) 637-4361 x19(502) 637-4490 fax

    Ardery House opened in 1982. As our first site, it was named in honor of Philip P. Ardery, Wellsprings founding board chair. This program helps indi-viduals who are leaving the hospital and/or experiencing homelessness achieve independent living. All par-ticipants have a diagnosis of mental illness; nearly half also have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

    Ardery House provides room and board, life-skills coaching, social op-portunities, case management, and individual and group therapy for 13 men and women.

    Journey House(502) 561-0003(502) 561-9086 fax

    Wellspring opened Journey House in 1998 to address the needs of Louisvilles homeless women with co-occurring mental illness and sub-stance abuse issues who were falling through the cracks of a service system ill-prepared to simultaneously treat these illnesses. Most of these women are also victims of violence, and have experienced multiple failures in treat-ment and independent living prior to entering. Journey House is the first residential program in Kentucky specifically designed to serve this population; it accommodates 8 women. Staff is extensively trained in both mental illness and substance abuse treatment. The program provides in-tensive support to the women as they struggle with the issues of recovery from both illnesses.

    453clients served

    26clients served

    22 homeless women served

    82%achieve treatment goals

    7 average length of stay,

    in months

    10 average length of stay,

    in months

    100% of graduates moved into housing of their choice

    97% treated without hospitalization

    72%experienced a 20% or greater reduction in

    psychiatric symptoms

    100% of graduates moved into housing of their choice

    100% of graduates experienced a

    decrease in psychiatric symptoms

    90%experienced a 20% or greater

    reduction in depressive symptoms

    9 average length of stay,

    in days

    100% of graduates experienced a

    decrease in psychiatric symptoms

    100% of graduates were sober

    with an average of 25 months of sobriety

    Providing quality services has garnered Wellspring

    an exemplary rating from the Kentucky

    Department of Mental Health.

    David J. Block Center CSU(502) 561-1051(502) 561-1089 fax

    The David J. Block Center provides eight crisis stabilization beds. When it opened in 2007, this site doubled Wellsprings previous capacity. The David J. Block Center, situated in downtown Louisville, serves both men and women. Admissions are ac-cepted seven days a week.

  • StaffIndependent HousingSupportive Housing

    w w w . w e l l s p r i n g k y . o r g

    Supportive Housing(502) 637-4361(502) 637-4490 fax

    Wellspring operates 3 supportive hous-ing programs that enable tenants with extensive psychiatric hospitalization histories to participate fully in the com-munity. In 2011, the 9-man Broadway House program, which opened in 1986, moved to new apartments south of Broadway. Concord Apartments, in the Hikes Point area, opened in 1987; it provides housing for 8 women in four two-bedroom apartments. Crescent House, a single-family home for 3 men, opened in 2003.

    Staff complement includes: Masters level clinical social workers Consulting psychiatrist Residential staff coverage (variable,

    according to clients needs) 24-hour on-call clinical staff

    Independent Housing(502) 637-4361 x1456(502) 637-4490 fax

    Wellspring provides over 100 units of deeply subsidized rental housing for adults with severe and persistent men-tal illnesses. Our tenants have very lim-ited incomes; many would be homeless or live in substandard housing without this resource. This housing is coupled with appropriate support services from Wellspring and Seven Counties Services, providing tenants a permanent home base for their journey of recovery. Open-ended leases and a variety of housing types and locations allow participants to choose the best fit for their needs. While most of Wellsprings housing is spread geographically throughout Jefferson County, the agency also has one four-unit residence located in Shelby County, in the Shelbyville area. Wellspring also provides scattered site, leased apart-ments, with supportive services, for 22 residents with mental illness who have been identified as chronically homeless.

    Frank M. Gaines Center CSUMichael Markham, MEd

    Clinical Supervisor [email protected]

    Ryan Schaefer, BS Program Coordinator [email protected]

    Megan Zoeller Art Therapist, ATR-BC [email protected]

    David J. Block Center CSUCarol A. Miles, LPCA, LPAT, MEd

    Clinical Supervisor [email protected]

    Darryl Harris, BSW Program Manager [email protected]

    Ardery HouseHeather Marcus, CSW

    Clinical Supervisor [email protected]

    Ericha B. Winters, BA Program Coordinator [email protected]

    Journey HouseCutia W. Brown, LCSW

    Clinical Supervisor [email protected]

    Kathy Kelton, BS Program Coordinator [email protected]

    Broadway, Concord, and Crescent House(502) 499-9460(502) 637-4490 faxCresant Smith, LCSW, CPRP

    Clinical Supervisor of Supportive Housing [email protected]

    Broadway House(502) 589-3432(502) 637-4490 faxKatie Scheurich, BA

    Program Coordinator [email protected]

    Concord Apartments(502) 499-2278 (502) 637-4490 faxVicky Nallia

    Program Coordinator [email protected]

    Crescent House(502) 897-6993(502) 637-4490 faxAnne Alexandra, MDiv

    Program Coordinator [email protected]

    Independent HousingEric Cecil, BA

    Community Support Specialist [email protected]

    Baxter Avenue Apartments 4 units in Phoenix Hill, 2004

    Murray Avenue Apartments 4 units in the Highlands, 2002

    Amity Apartments 12 units in west Louisville, 1989

    Clover Hill Apartments 8 units in Shively, 1993

    Patrick Henry Apartments 8 units in southern Jefferson County, 1992

    Shelbyville Apartments 4 units in Shelby County, 1999

    Single-family housing 3 single-family homes near downtown Louisville (19892002)

    Wellspring Apartments 12 units in Old Louisville, 1987

    Wellspring Bridge Apartments 8 units in downtown Louisville, 2008

    Youngland Apartments 5 units in Shively, 1995

    20residents served

    95adults and their children,

    including several families, served

    100% reduction in days of psychiatric

    hospitalization vs. the year before entering these programs

    98% occupancy rate

    100% of clients at Broadway, Concord and Crescent House involved in

    community-based activities

    Wellspring has also been cited as a model program in national

    reviews of residential service providers.

  • PO Box 1927 Louisville, KY 40201-1927 (502) 637-4361 www.wellspringky.org

    Crescent Court Ardery House Frank M. Gaines CSU

    Concord Apartments Journey House Single-family Housing

    David J. Block CSU Single-family Housing Baxter Avenue Apartments

    Murray Avenue Apartments Single-family Housing

    Youngland Apartments Shelbyville Apartments

  • A Message from Wellsprings Leaders

    There is a natural tendency as one approaches thirty to look back over your first twenty-nine years and ask soul-searching questions like: How have I changed?, What have I learned?, Where am I going?, Do I like what I have become? Wellspring turns thirty this year and it is time to reflect upon and celebrate our rich history, and to think about and plan for our future. We have done both.

    Wellspring opened its doors in March of 1982 because several strong community leaders saw a need and sought to make a difference. Phil Ardery, our founding Board Chair, was fond of reciting the proverb it is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness as a way to describe those early efforts. Founding Wellspring was both visionary and practical. There was a significant need in our community that wasnt being addressed, so our founders decided to create an agency dedicated to providing housing for persons with severe and persistent mental illness.

    Wellspring has served more than 6,000 people since that day in 1982 when the first resident moved into the first residence in Old Louisville. Now Wellspring has nineteen sites and several more in the pipeline. We now have a broad array of housing and supportive services. For the most part, we own the housing, but in recent years we have expanded our reach by providing supportive services to persons in leased apartments as well. Last year we served over 450 people through our crisis stabilization services and provided supportive housing to over 160 others. We employ over 120 people in full and part-time positions and have a budget of over $3 million.

    1. Cissy Mills Secretary2. Margaret Pennington3. Jefferey M. Yussman Chair4. Nancy Neill5. Trinity Campisano6. Alan K. MacDonald7. David W. Miles Treasurer8. Melissa Routt9. Dawn Franklin Croft10. Paul A. Coomes11. Robert P. Bordogna Vice Chair12. Meredith Brown13. Jackie Swigart, Ph.D.14. Greg Mayes15. Bill Friel16. Elmore Ack Willets, III

    Not pictured:Dr. Christina TerrellGeorge Rapp, Jr.

    1. 5.3.



    7. 8.




    13.14. 15.


    It is better to light

    a candle than

    to curse the


    housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • We have certainly grown over these past three decades! As we have grown, though, so has the need, and the original mission of the agency is as relevant today as it was in 1982.

    Our founders could never have imagined the growth that we have experienced, but they knew that there was a great need for community-based housing for our fellow citizens with mental illness. In the middle of the 20th century, our regional mental hospital housed more than 2,000 people. Thankfully that census has dramatically decreased. Today being diagnosed with a mental illness doesnt consign one to live out ones days in an institution, segregated from society. For the most part, persons with mental illness live in homes and apartments just like the rest of us, and hopefully they have the supports they need to live full and productive lives. However, when those supports are missing or absent, too many fall through the cracks and end up homeless or incarcerated. Wellspring is committed to doing its part to bolster the integration and success of those among us living with these treatable brain disorders.

    In many ways, this is a time for great optimism. Wellspring is firmly committed to a belief in recovery from mental illness. Science has yet to discover a cure for severe mental illness, but with new innovations in medications and increased availability of supportive services, we witness the power of recovery every day as persons with mental illness rebuild their lives and participate in meaningful ways in our communities.

    To address the continuing needs, our Board and key staff worked together this past year to develop a new strategic plan that identifies our challenges and growth opportunities, and which serves as a guide for sustaining the agency over the next three years.

    Wellsprings updated strategic plan focuses on all of the key dimensions of our operations from programming, housing development, resource development, strengthening our infrastructure and financial position, and caring for our assets, from staff to facilities. This plan is helping to guide us in our continuing work; we are well on our way to achieving many of our strategic goals, and striving to achieve the rest.

    The economy, however, is taking a real toll on those with the least, thus having a serious impact on many persons with mental illness who were just getting by even when the economy was strong. Consequently, the demand for our services and housing has grown over the past year. We are doing our best to keep pace with the need but we have an increasing number of people waiting for housing and supportive services.

    Wellspring has many dedicated and talented staff members, board members, and volunteers, yet we still cannot meet all the needs without your continuing help (for which we have been so grateful over these past thirty years). Without you, Wellspring would never have been able to help and house 6,000 people, nor could we envision a future where all people with mental illness are able to join with us as fully contributing members of society.

    With your committed help, we can continue to change lives, and in so doing have an increasingly positive impact on our little corner of the world because when our neighbors with mental illness recover, the entire community benefits! As such, we look forward to partnering with you over the next 30 years as we together work to improve the lives of those among us with severe and persistent mental illness!

    Executive DirectorBoard Chair

    Highlights from Wellsprings 3-Year Strategic PlanProgramming & Housing Gain accreditation

    through CARF (Commission on the Accreditation of Rehab Facilities)

    Grow supportive services, programs, housing by 15%20%

    Finance & Infrastructure Increase days of cash

    reserves Strengthen finances Become an

    increasingly competitive employer

    Open Wellsprings first centralized headquarters

    Resource Development Increase fundraising

    revenue Heighten Wellsprings

    visibility in the community

    Facilities Management Augment staffing to

    adequately maintain our housing

    Increase volunteer involvement to help beautify and maintain properties

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Statement of ActivityYear Ended June 30, 2011 (Audited)

    Revenue Rounded Federal, State, & Local Government Grants 67% $2,384,416 Residential Services 6% $229,622 Contributions 5% $175,083 Special Events 4% $127,087 Metro United Way 3% $119,133 Apartment Rentals 12% $441,073 Investments & Interest 2% $56,887

    Total Revenue 100% $3,533,301

    Expenses Client Services and Supportive Housing 80% $2,853,782 Management and General 14% $505,221 Other Fundraising 6% $204,346

    Total Expenses (Includes $157,000 depreciation) 100% $3,563,350

    Current Year Increase in Net Assets ($30,049)

    Statement of Financial PositionYear Ended June 30, 2011 (Audited)

    Assets RoundedCash and Cash Equivalents $833,410 Grants and Accounts Receivable $892,016 Endowments $331,751 Other Assets $31,968 Property and Equipment, Net $4,377,301

    Total Assets $6,466,446

    Liabilities and Net AssetsLiabilities

    Accounts Payable $103,247 Accrued Expenses $197,658 Other Current Liabilities $12,417 Mortgage Notes Payable $1,166,101

    Total Liabilities $1,479,423Net Assets

    Unrestricted $3,717,912 Temporarily restricted $941,411 Permanently restricted $327,700

    Total Net Assets $4,987,023

    Total Liabilites and Net Assets $6,466,446

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • Legacy Society(Wellspring honors donors who have informed us of future gifts.)Ms. Meredith Wilson BrownMs. Nancy L. DoctorMs. Cissy MillsMs. Ethel H. OBrien Designated FundMr. George Rapp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey Yussman

    Chairmans Foundation(Gifts $1,000 & over)Dr. Sarah AclandMr. William O. Alden, IIIMr. & Mrs. Philip P. ArderyDr. Melissa T. BarrettMrs. Nancy BellMs. Meredith Wilson BrownMr. & Mrs. Paul A. CoomesThe Evan Brown FundMr. George FabeMs. Sandra A. FrazierMs. Diane Lander-SimonMr. & Mrs. Alan K MacDonaldMs. Jane Bell McKuneMr. & Mrs. Lawrence J MehlerMr. James G MetcalfeMr. & Mrs. Mack MathewsMr. & Mrs. Ralph MillsMs. Ethel H. OBrienOSheas Family of PubsMr. & Mrs. Joe A. OwenMr. Mitchell PalmerDr. & Mrs. Gary E. PenningtonMr. George W. Rapp, Jr.Mr. Stephen R. Reily & Ms. Emily BinghamMr. & Mrs. Ted & Melissa RouttMr. Michael D RuddMs. Gail SandersDrs. Richard & Jackie SwigartMr. & Mrs. Elmore A. Willets, IIIThe Womans Club of LouisvilleThe Honorable & Mrs. John A. YarmuthMr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman

    Leadership Circle(Gifts $500-$999)Bristol-Myers SquibbFirst Baptist Church of MiddletownMr. & Mrs. George S. Gibbs, IIIMr. Francis Cam HaganMr. & Mrs. Timothy HazlettJanssen Biotech, Inc.Humana, Inc.Dr. Hunt B. JonesMr. Robert E. Kulp, Jr.Ms. Nancy LamptonMrs. Eloise LogsdonMs. Katie McCarthyDr. & Mrs. Robert B. McFaddenDr. Alexander H. MooreMr. John & Dr. Laura S. Moore

    NovartisMr. Tom ONealDr. & Mrs. Richard D. RinkMr. & Mrs. Sheldon M. Rein

    Sponsors(Gifts $200-$499)Mr. William O. Alden, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Lee BertoliMr. & Mrs. Barrett BrownMr. & Mrs. Robert W. BrownMr. & Mrs. Bill FrielMs. Holly H. GathrightMr. & Mrs. John E. HillThe Rev. & Mrs. Richard H.

    HumkeMrs. Katherine E. JohnsonKrogerRev. Michael A. LagerMs. Diane M. LaughlinMr. Pierce LivelyMr. & Mrs. Leonard LylesMr. & Mrs. Stanley K.

    MacDonaldMs. Beverley MarmionMs. Krista A. MillsDr. & Mrs. Alton E. Neurath, Jr.Mr. James D. RobbinsMs. Ellen H. ShapiraMr. & Mrs. Franklin F. Starks, Jr.Ms. Joan H. ToddTwo Chicks & Co.University of Dayton

    Mr. & Ms. John WestmanDr. John C. Wright, IIMr. H. Leonard Yates, Jr.Anonymous Donor

    Sustainer(Gifts $100-$199)Ms. Mary Florence BarberMr. & Mrs. Lee E. BenovitzBoomBozz PizzaMs. Theresa A. BurksThe Honorable Deborah DeWeeseMr. & Mrs. Gregory FrederickMr. & Dr. Lee K. GarloveMr. & Mrs. Richard A. GoetzMr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. HardenMs. Beth JurekDr. & Mrs. Clifford C. KuhnMs. Sharon A. LambLouisville Psychiatric Foundation, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. R. Fairleigh LusskyState Representative Mary Lou & Mr. Bill

    MarzianMs. Maureen McDermottMr. John B. MeyersMr. & Mrs. Douglas L. MichaelMr. James D. MoyerMrs. Carolyn J. NeustadtDr. & Mrs. Thomas J. OTooleDr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. RichmondMr. & Mrs. John M. ShaverMr. & Mrs. Art Sponsler, Jr.Ms. Donna Steen

    Dr. & Mrs. William B. StodghillMr. John Trawick & Ms. Patricia ClareMr. & Mrs. Elizabeth Helm VoylesMrs. Louise R. WallMs. Judy WellsMs. Margaret Zurkuhlen

    Capital CampaignMr. William O. Alden, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Nolen C. AllenMr. & Mrs. Philip P. ArderyMr. & Mrs. Allan S. AthertonMr. & Mrs. William C. BallardThe William E. Barth FoundationMs. Edith S. BinghamMr. Bernard F. BlockThe David J. Block Foundation Mr. Andy Block Mr. Bernard F. Block Ms. Sarah Sheets Ms. Susan SutherlandMr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna In memory of Rob BordognaMrs. Elaine Bornstein Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.The Ellen T. Briggs Revocable TrustThe Evan Brown Memorial FundFrederick & Christine Brown Charitable FundThe James Graham Brown FoundationMs. Meredith Wilson BrownJ. McCauley Brown & Eileen Cooke BrownRobert & Rebecca BrownBrown-Forman CorporationThe C. E. & S. FoundationVan G. & Joyce V. CarlisleMs. Anne F. CaudillCenter for Special Needs Trust

    Administration, Inc.Mr. Nelson E. ClemmensMs. Lee CochranThe Cralle Foundation, Inc.Crow Horwath The Dabney Family Fund In honor of George RappMr. & Mrs. James P. DaileyState Rep. Bob M. DeWeeseDr. & Mrs. Charles DobbsMr. George FabeFamily Allergy & AsthmaMs. Valerie FazioFitzio, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. FischerMelissa & Sanford FleckMr. & Mrs. William FrielMs. Louise GardnerMr. Stephen C. Gault In honor of William Friel and

    Lawrence Mehler The Gheens Foundation, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. Lee GrozaMr. H. David HaleWood & Marie Hannah Foundation

    Ways to Give to WellspringDonors can support Wellsprings work and

    achieve their personal financial goals through an array of giving options: Annual Fund Campaign Endowments Gifts Of Appreciated Assets Life Insurance Policies Planned Giving Matching Gifts In-kind Gifts

    No matter what method works best for your personal situation, Wellsprings Executive Director or Development Director can assist you in making an appropriate and effective gift. Please call us at (502) 637-4361, ext. 1450 or 1453, for answers to your charitable giving questions Gifts of any size are appreciated every gift makes a difference!

    Our DonorsJuly 1, 2010 June 30, 2011

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Harshaw Trane FoundationMr. & Mrs. John HillThe Hilliard Lyons FoundationMr. & Mrs. Gregory A. HoeckThe Honorable Order of Kentucky ColonelsMr. & Mrs. Robert B. HornerThe Rev. & Mrs. Richard HumkeJacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third

    Bank, TrusteeMr. & Mrs. Charles JohnsonThe Honorable & Mrs. Brereton C. JonesMr. David A. Jones, Jr. & Ms. Mary Gwen

    WheelerMr. David A. Jones, Sr.Mr. Steven D. KerrickMr. Donald F. KohlerArthur J. Lerman Charitable Foundation Inc.The Robert I. Lerman Family FundRobert Winthrop Charitable Trust In honor of Philip P. ArderyMr. & Mrs. Leonard E. LylesMr. & Mrs. Alan MacDonaldState Rep. Mary Lou Marzian & Mr. Bill

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    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

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    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

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    Wellspring Volunteer Opportunities

    There are so many ways to get involved with Wellspring whether your passion and skills involve projects around the home and yard, cooking, grilling and throwing parties, or collecting for a cause, we have plenty of opportunities for you! With all of our houses, there are always minor repair and painting jobs

    awaiting, and plenty of gardening to do, too. A fresh coat of paint always freshens up a home, and weeds never take a holiday!

    For those who love to cook, delivering a meal, a dessert, a pizza, or a brunch to one of our programs would be a real treat our house cooks would love a break.

    Organizing a collection of items that are always in demand. Donated household cleaning supplies, personal care items, and paper goods can make a huge difference for both our programs and residents. Or, on a bigger scale, we often need help to furnish apartments for program graduates or homeless tenants moving into their own apartments.

    Be a Gift Card Genie our residents and houses would love gift cards in small denominations from stores like Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart, Sams Club, Target, and any of the pizza delivery places! Form a team. Pick a month. Pool everyones change youd be amazed at how many gift cards you could get!

    Provide a Party a birthday cake, a holiday celebration, a picnic sack full of hotdogs, chips, coleslaw, and brownies, a Movie Night bag with popcorn, candy, and caffeine-free soft drinks. You get the idea anything to make a day special.

    Adopt a house for the holidays! Well get residents Wish Lists and you get a group of friends to play Secret Santa and make their wishes come true.

    We always need gifts for our Celebration of Recovery and other special times throughout the year. Small treats like nice new personal care items, small electronics, computer games, hats/gloves/scarves/umbrellas, light-hearted DVDs and CDs, board games, arts & crafts supplies and kits, journals, drawing paper, drawing pencils & pens, etc.

    And then there are committees! If youd like to serve on the Wellspring Derby Preview Party committee, our Annual Golfing Event committee, or another board committee as an adhoc member, wed love to talk with you about our specific needs and see where your interests and talents would best be utilized.

    If you are interested in helping Wellspring help adults in our community who have a severe and persistent mental illness, please contact us wed be glad to help you with any of the projects that most interest you! Let us know of your interest via our website: www.wellspringky.org or call 637-4361.

    To err is human, to forgive,


    Alexander Pope

    Every effort was made to correctly acknowledge the thoughtful individuals, groups, foundations, and corporations who supported Wellsprings work through gifts given between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. If a name has been omitted or misspelled, we would appreciate hearing of any needed corrections. Please contact the Development Office at (502) 753-1453 or (502) 753-1457.

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011 housing ... hope ... recovery: living solutions for mental health recovery

  • Annual Report TeamProduction Coordinator

    Nancy L. DoctorContent Development

    Melissa KratzerDesign

    Scott GilbertsonPhotography

    Rick Rhodes, Rick Rhodes Photography and Imaging, LLC

    Printing Mr. Nicholas X. Simon and the team at Publishers Printing Co.

    Additional thanks to the many Wellspring Board members, staff members and clients who contributed time and talent to this project.

    About the ArtArt Therapy is part of Wellsprings supportive services programming. Expressive Therapist Megan Zoeller provides instruction and encouragement to the program participants. The artwork featured throughout this report was created by Wellsprings program participants.

    Megan Zoeller, ATR.-BC I believe art, and other creative mediums, provide an alternative means of expression when words fail us. I feel art as a healing therapy offers our clients a safe place in which they can express themselves and their emotions in a concrete format. It is wonderful as an expressive therapist to witness and encourage Wellspring clients through the creative process towards improved physical, mental, and emotional health.

    CreditsCover Art created by Scott GilbertsonInside Back Cover Art created by KellyBack Cover Art created by Geraine

    Wellspring Founded in 1982Wellspring promotes recovery from mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.

    Wellspring annually serves over 600 clients who have a variety of psychiatric illnesses. We operate 2 Crisis Stabilization Units, 2 Transitional Housing programs, 3 Supportive Housing programs, and over 100 units of deeply subsidized rental housing.

    Our Service Values Assure: Recovery-oriented programming, with the focus on client-centered, individualized care, and utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to support our clients along their individual paths to recovery.

    Our Housing Values Include:Facilitating our clients community integration and enhancing our neighborhoods by providing high-quality housing and individualized supportive services.

    Our Community Values Require: Accountability through excellence in financial management, program practices and outcomes, and business and employment practices; all overseen by a volunteer board of directors comprised of community leaders, mental health professionals and concerned family members.

    Our Collaborative Agreements Include: Seven Counties Services, New Directions Housing Corporation, the Family Health Centers Phoenix Health Center, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, the Kentucky Mental Health Coalition, Bridgehaven, and NAMI-Louisville; we are also proud to be a participating member of the Metro United Way, and a Seven Counties Services affiliate agency.

    Officers and Directors 2011/2012Jefferey M. Yussman ChairRobert P. Bordogna Vice ChairDavid W. Miles TreasurerCissy Mills SecretaryMeredith BrownChristina L. Terrell, M. D.Trinity CampisanoPaul A. CoomesDawn Franklin CroftWilliam FrielAlan K. MacDonaldGregory E. MayesNancy NeillMargaret PenningtonGeorge Rapp, Jr.Melissa RouttJackie Swigart, Ph.D.Elmore Ack Willets, III

    Honorary Lifetime MembersPhilip P. Ardery, Founding ChairNancy B. BellRoberta FischerRev. Richard H. HumkeClifford C. Kuhn, M.D.Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr.Bosworth M. Todd, Jr.John I. Trawick

    Management TeamKatharine R. Dobbins, LCSW

    Executive Director [email protected]

    Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer [email protected]

    Nancy L. Doctor Director of Development [email protected]

    T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs patrick [email protected]

    Wellspring Annual Report 2011

  • Wellspring Annual Report 2011

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