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Are Liberal Arts degrees essentially useless?


  • 1. Hi, Im Jeff. My goal today: Convince you that the Liberal Arts equips you with a unique set of skills ideally suited to todays worldShare the story of how I got where I am And a bit of what Ive learned along the wayAnd why it is that Ive reached this conclusion

2. nd 2year (2006&7) 3. Media in Society* Ancient Philosophy* Early Modern Philosophy Intro to Theory of Knowledge* Intro to Philosophy of Mind* Intro to Medieval Philosophy Philosophy of Science* Conceptual Development of Mathematics Writing 101* *applies directly to my job today 4. meanwhile 5. Some of my favourite classes: Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction & Fantasy* Intro to Early Modern Philosophy The Crucible of the Modern Age Creative Non-Fiction* Killer Culture 6. Business strategy think tank Syndicated research 10-15 internal resources + many external contractors Our job: Find cool ideas and sell them to big companies. 7. What I made Wrote, co-wrote, or ghostwrotePresentedPrediction marketsChecking-in to the futureGamers as customers and employeesProcess miningMining everyones businessLife imitating artOverview of social mediaContinuous strategy for a networked worldThe new who and the myth of customer empowermentMaking strategy realCase studiesWhats measured countsOkCupidMarketing 2.0Valve Software 8. T4G in 30 seconds We design, develop, and implement technology solutions that help our customers run their businesses better.AnalyticsDigital MarketingManaged ServicesOmnichannelCustom Development 9. Here comes the dialectic. 10. Most people just copy others This also copies thinking Thoughts include hidden assumptions Old thoughts are from old times And contain old assumptions Change invalidates assumptions 11. This means you have a bunch of assumptions about the world that are both invisible and incorrect.This problem is endemic. 12. ExamplesMusic industry Video rentals Fire alarms Scarcity of education The cost of starting a business How failure works 13. How do we solve this? 1. Go back to the fundamentals 2. Solicit critical feedback 3. Pick absurd goals 1&2: Elon Musk, 3: Google 14. Who better to do this than those in the Liberal Arts? 1. Critical analysis 2. Communication 3. Creativity 4. Problem-solving 5. Thinking 15. What to do: 1. Give every document a goal. 2. Be incurably curious. 3. Always look for a better way.


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