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2. Background of Market Weather of Cebu Urbanization in the Area Pollution Social Status or Living Standards Income Education Health Culture or Lifestyle 3. QUALITY OF LIFE There is no air pollution in Cebu Climate : Generally fair; temperature range23-33 C or 73-91 F There is very much less traffic in Cebu. It doesnot take more than 40 minutes to get from 1 pointin Metro Cebu to another one of the safest and most secure places inthe Philippines. Almost zero incidence of political, religious & ethnic violence. 4. Education 1,000 private and public elementary schools 203 secondary schools 9 Universities and 39 Colleges College population of more than 200,000. Over 22,000 graduate from college yearly and approximately 2,000 of them have various engineeringdegrees. 5. Education There is an accredited International School (up to thesecondary level) in Cebu There are 4 Medical Colleges in Cebu Eighty percent (80%) of the population is literate 6. health 3 world-class Hospitals in Cebu 7. Incomefemalemale Salary SalaryPHP 144, 355 PHP 350, PHP 165, 901 PHP 467,478 345 8. Culture http://www.philippinecountry.com/cebu/cebuanos.html 9. Needs and Wants cleanses the hair and makes hair smooth andscalp shiny Remove dirt without smells goodstripping away too much of the natural sebumgood packaging protect the hair from the affordableheat/weather Repair damaged hair Lessen hair fall 10. Usage, awareness and image study Shampoos are cleaning formulations used for a wide range ofapplications, including personal care, pet use, and carpets.People use shampoos to remove unwanted oil, dirt, skinparticles, dandruff and other contaminant particles thatgradually build up in hair. Shampoos can also repair certainhair damages according to which type of shampoo you use.There are shampoos that can make hair look soft and shiny,while other types of shampoo can make your hair grow faster.Shampoos have several types which offers a wide range ofbenefits. 11. References: http://www.ngkhai.com/pointcebu/health/school http://www.payscale.com/research/PH/Location=Cebu-C http://www.philippinesforum.com/program/pdf/0 http://www.enotes.com/shampoo-reference/sham