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  • Hi!
  • What camera should I buy?
  • #MainBhiPhotographer
  • So, well, how DO I choose a camera?
  • Remember to Breathe.
  • What kind of photos do you make? Portraits Landscapes Weddings Fashion Advertising Indoor Pets Sports Outdoor Macro Architecture Abstract Micro Scientific Creative Astro Documentary Weird
  • Umm all of it?
  • Right Tool For The Right Job
  • Is it for me? Casual photos of friends, family, surroundings Share right away Instagram! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Whatsapp Do not care about technical perfection Few photos a day, if shooting hundreds daily youll drain the battery.
  • Pros and Cons One device to Image quality rule them all Dynamic range Always with you Noise Social Usually not more than Apps to edit and one dedicated button enhance photos User interface is not Easy to synchronize optimized photos online (via apps) Very limited accessories or with Dropbox. Shutter lag
  • Is it for me? Have big pockets For carrying a camera, of course! Want better images Dont need too many accessories, but want a dedicated camera Do not afford a full-blown dSLR system Want a easier learning curve for starting out with photography Want a no-nonsense camera that shoots decent images.
  • Pros and Cons Point and shoot! Manual control mostly feels like an afterthought Or fiddle around Decent image quality, but Pick your mix dynamic range is still Sizes limited. Zoom ranges More pixels on small Usually more features sensor => more noise. than dSLRs Shutter lag Macro mode for free! Slow focussing File formats are commonly Few accessories recognized by software
  • Is it for me? Professionals Serious Amateurs Control Freaks / Technical Perfection OCD Low light performance Have big pockets Loaded with cash, maybe?
  • Pros and Cons Exceptional image quality Bulkiest of the cameras Full Auto / Partial Auto / LOTS of buttons and dials, Full Manual controls steep learning curve. Accessories, boatloads of Automatic panorama? Smile them detection? Auto HDR? Face detection? Hard luck Can be controlled by You usually end up carrying external hardware / a lot more than just the computer / phone app camera a separate Go nuts with all the backpack or more. buttons and dials! Iceberg! Shoot RAW.
  • What dSLR should I buy? Entry Level / Cropped Sensor Just starting out Generic photography High End / Cropped Sensor Wildlife Wedding / Events High End / Full Frame Architecture Portraits
  • ISO, Shutter, Sync/ Rolling shutter, AF Motor Higher ISO gives better performance in low light High shutter speeds allows working with extreme lighting usually strobes that can look brighter than sun, up close. Shutter Sync speeds limit freezing motion with a flash. Use old lenses on new dSLR for cheap
  • What Lens do I Buy? Wider aperture = shallow DOF Wider aperture = better performance in low light VR / IS = reduction in photos spoiled by shaky hands / taken from moving vehicle. Barrel distortion Chromatic aberration Focus speed (primes are faster, zooms slower) Lens creep, weight
  • Harshad Sharma @hiwayhttp://flickr.com/harshadsharma http://bit.ly/hs-whatcamera