What DevOps Is — and Why You Should Care

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<ol><li> 1. Sauce Labs, Inc. What is DevOps &amp; What Does it Mean for QA? Presented by Chris Riley ( @HoardingInfo ), DevOps AnalystJuly 14, 2015 </li><li> 2. Sauce Labs, Inc. Sauce Labs, Inc. Presenter Chris Riley technologist, research analyst, OReilly author and subject matter expert on DevOps. @hoardinginfo </li><li> 3. Sauce Labs, Inc. Outline Introduction Definitions Nope not really new New Challenges The Intersection of DevOps &amp; QA A QA Strategy for DevOps Future of _______ </li><li> 4. Sauce Labs, Inc. The Two Faces The Movement: People, Process, Tools The Function: Infrastructure automation and oversight </li><li> 5. Sauce Labs, Inc. Data? </li><li> 6. Sauce Labs, Inc. Why the movement? </li><li> 7. Sauce Labs, Inc. A moving Target Confusion! DevOps Function DevOps Movement DevOps DevOps DevOps DevOps Developer QA IT Ops DevOps Vendor Executive Observer / SI </li><li> 8. Sauce Labs, Inc. Enterprise SMB Startup Developer Eh.. But LOB? Cool Done! QA No Time Need the $$ What QA Executive Nah. I want to keep my job Do that thing Ill script it IT Ops Done it for years, leave me alone My budget, My thing Whats IT? Vendor They are doing it They are doing it Did it Observer/SI $ You got this - </li><li> 9. Sauce Labs, Inc. False Comparison </li><li> 10. Sauce Labs, Inc. So Basically No One Knows Trough of disillusionment </li><li> 11. Sauce Labs, Inc. What we do know: People then Process then Tools The processes are concrete Plan Dev Integrate QA System Test Release Monitor Measure Culture != Debug Ninja | Rockstar | Slide in the Lobby It is evolving </li><li> 12. Sauce Labs, Inc. But Really It Is Very Easy Faster releases at a higher quality </li><li> 13. Sauce Labs, Inc. Faster releases at a higher quality </li><li> 14. Sauce Labs, Inc. </li><li> 15. Sauce Labs, Inc. Uh oh - Problem Current and Looming Challenges of DevOps We went too fast, crashed - sustainability We release a whole bunch, but no clue what is going on The more bugs, the more bugs, the more bugs, the more Chef is so three years ago change Oh yeah the person who did that, they left Heartbleed v2.0 </li><li> 16. Sauce Labs, Inc. Why Should QA Care? </li><li> 17. Sauce Labs, Inc. Who Cares? Get a budget Play with new and cool tools Be Prepared for Change Greater Opportunity </li><li> 18. Sauce Labs, Inc. Happen to it, dont let it happen to you What can QA do? Deliver wins Deliver data Find your spot Continuous Documentation Make your developers champions Suggest improvements to the pipeline Realize and leverage your unique position Automate something, then automate something else </li><li> 19. Sauce Labs, Inc. Real-world Acorns WellsFargo Constant Contact </li><li> 20. Sauce Labs, Inc. The Future of ______ Where is it going? A mobile focus Containers not code Developers are more accountable User driven test case development QA -&gt; QE: Test Strategy, Quality Evangelist </li><li> 21. Sauce Labs, Inc. QA Resources Test Automation KPIs - http://sauceio.com/index.php/2015/06/test-automation- kpis/ It Worked on My Machine - http://sauceio.com/index.php/2015/07/it-worked- on-my-machine-communication-trap/ Sign up for a free trial of Sauce https://saucelabs.com/signup/trial </li></ol>