what is a caster? how to pick one out

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Explains what a caster is and how to pick the best one for your job.


  • 1.HOW TO PICK A CASTERBy Caster Specialists

2. WHAT IS A CASTER?No, not a spell caster.... 3. WHAT IS A CASTER?Casters are a wheel and fastener that attach to something, such as furniture,to make it mobile. 4. SO WHAT?Casters were invented by David A. Fisher in 1876 and theyare pretty important to our modern lives... At the oce In the medical industry In the home 5. CASTER SHOP SAVVYWhen shopping for the perfect caster consider: How the caster will attach Type and weight of the furniture Flooring Special features needed 6. HOW THE CASTER ATTACHESPost Caster (a.k.a. Stem Caster)Screw-On Caster (a.k.a. Plate Caster) 7. TYPE OF FURNITUREWhat type of furniture will the caster attach to?For example, chairs are a special case because your weight is notalways distributed evenly. If you roll or lean in the chair somecasters will need to support extra weight. 8. WEIGHT OF FURNITURECheck casters for their weight capacity. Multiply the capacityby the number of casters youll be attaching. The piece offurniture should weight less than that number. 9. FLOORINGThe type of ooring you have will determine which casters youcan use.Wood or smooth oors (ex. laminate) - Use soft casters suchas those made from polyurethane or rubber to protect theoor from damageCarpet - Use hard casters so the carpet doesnt snag everytime you move 10. SPECIAL FEATURES?Casters can come with many special features including:LocksShock absorbersAntibacterial material 11. Want to know more about casters?Check out our Caster Guide. Try our CasterWiz