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In digital photography DSLR camera is a most important as it gives a professional view to your photographs with ISO standards.


  • 1. What is a DSLR Camera in Digital Photography? Now the time has come to upgrade your portable digital camera and invest in a new DSLR. That's where all the questions come in - What is a good DSLR, what are the differences between the entry level price point and the higher end price point. Also what is it about a DSLR what you need or want? There are plenty of factors that will help you to determine whether a DSLR is what you need, but at least consumers now have plenty of choices when it comes to digital photography equipment, which they didn't have in the past.There are plenty of pros and cons between the DSLR and the portable fixed lens digital camera, usually referred to as the digicam, and how it relates to the tradeoff between convenience and quality. There use to be a massive difference between the two cameras but these days you don't really have much difference. Most DSLR cameras are going to be bulkier; however they do offer better flexibility and better quality. The DSLR camera gets its heritage from SLR film cameras. SLR means single lens reflex, which means there is one lens for the camera use to view the picture using the viewfinder and also for

2. taking the picture. If you plan to use a DSLR camera then the view finder is optical. One advantage is when you look through the viewfinder what you see is exactly what you will get. The way this works is the camera has a mirror and reflects the light to the viewfinder and then exposes the digital sensor. All DSLR camera will normally have allot bigger image sensor then the normal camera you buy every day. This is why the quality is so much better. Most photographers bring along a number of lenses that they feel they may need to use. A wide angle lens is good for landscapes, while a telephoto lens will help you get those good quality portrait pictures Normally if you ever meet a professional photographer then you will normally notice if they have been doing it for a while they will have far too many lens with them that they normally will never use. Everyday there are more and more lens coming out and if youre really wants you could try purchase them all but you would be there forever. Just keep in mind that you are investing in a camera system not just a camera so your cost is almost always going to be higher than with a digicam. The DSLR camera provides you with a great deal of flexibility in your picture taking because you have greater control over shutter speed, aperture, and exposure, as well as the choice in lenses. This flexibility lets you as the photographer has a great deal of options. You'll need to decide what's best for you - do you want to stick with your fixed lens digicam or switch to a DSLR system depending on the type of photography you want to take.