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  • Dark Night Skies:Kitt Peak and the Tohono OOdham Nation

  • This space telescope is not working as well as we would like!

  • Spitzer Space Telescope in the Clean Room

  • Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope

  • Why do we need black surfaces?Is black a color?How do we make something become black?Examples of black surfacesDesigning surfaces--micro-architect?

    Overview of Talk

  • Is Black a Color?Yes, but .Black depends on light levelsWe can measure blackness

  • Kinds of Surfaces-vocabularyDiffuse (rough)Specular (smooth)They reflect light very differently!

  • Reflections are everywhere--even glass lenses reflect

  • Coatings are important for telescopes

  • Painted Surface Up Close

  • Tungsten Hexafluoride(Grown surface)

  • Etched Surface (nickel)

  • Cross sectional view of surface

  • Anodized Surface (Martin Black)

  • How things look depends on the wavelength

  • Graphs Speak to You!

  • New Surface for Absorbing

  • What is black?Non-reflective and absorptiveBlack is related to wavelengthSpecular black surfaces and diffuse black surfacesSurfaces roughness helps make a surface black

  • Come Visit Kitt Peak!

    Famliarize you with our EO projects so that we might benefit from each others programs.


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