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  1. 1. What is Freelancing? By Melissa Van Hoorne
  2. 2. In 1820, Sir Walter Scott put the free in freelancer. He used the word to describe a mercenary not sworn to any lord's services. The lance is then available for free. Since then, the word freelancer has evolved into a few forms of a noun (i.e. freelancing and freelancer), an adjective (i.e. freelance writer), a verb (i.e. to freelance). The etymology of freelancing What Does a Freelancer Do? A freelancer, also known as an independent contractor can do a number of different jobs for any number of clients. They exist in any specialty area such as: teaching, nursing, engineering, accounting, law, programming, designing and photography. Benefits of Freelancing Freedom and flexibility in working spaces, schedule and clients. How much you earn is limited only by how hard you work. You have more control over your wages and clients. Pitfalls of Freelancing Wage and job competition in the industry, having to work long hours to make ends meet, meeting demands of multiple clients, juggling multiple deadlines
  3. 3. What My Team Says Heidi Lis Freelancing provides an abundance of opportunities for individuals from different walks of life to be able to serve others and share their capabilities without sacrificing their personal goals and aspirations. A type of self- employment in which an individual sells his/her set of skills to multiple employers. Also, a hustle. Freelancing is a beautiful system. I can spend my free time doing what I love, and then share it with people for a little profit. Being able to work from home, or school, or my other job that is completely menial is nothing short of incredible. Again, I get to professionally do what I love and share it with people. Freelancing is an art, freelancing is freedom. Caitlin Campbell Freelancing is a way to showcase your own creative thoughts you have gained with experience. Use your imagination to think outside of the box; let your skills and talents help you start a business all on your own. Embrace it and challenge yourself, this has worked for me, and let me tell you what an awesome adventure it has been. Anne Alberto Cristian Rivera Heidi Lis
  4. 4. About Melissa Melissa Van Hoorne is Editor and co-founder of This Freelancer Life with friend and co-worker Katie Joll. Melissa starting freelancing two years ago when fibromyalgia started impacting her day-to-day living. Rather than go on disability, she chose freelancing. Now she uses This Freelancer Life as a way to help spread the message of empowerment to freelancers from everywhere, in all walks of life. CJ Callen For me, the ability to work online out of my home was a God-send. My job of 25 years was an extremely physical one: I was dealing with the big boys, usually the only woman in the kitchen, which made me work all the harder...I had to prove myself in their eyes (funny how the cook at home is a woman, but in a restaurant, it's usually a man's world). Well... One day I went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. I reached out with my left hand, and I was struck by a pain that I can only describe as being struck by lightning. From that moment on, my life would never be the same. After all kinds of medical crap, it was determined that my spine was falling apart (laymen's terms). So, I had to quit my outside job. Luckily, I was afforded a good education, and writing was a passion of mine since the fourth grade. I was trying to find out what I could do to make a living. I was initially sucked in by all the usual sh@#, Write and make money...but give us money first. That is why I really care about this magazine...people like me, who had to feel around in the dark, make many mistakes, and earn less than their worth...TFL (thanks to us accomplished freelancers) will afford them our knowledge and they can avoid all the trappings that sucks beginning freelancers in. CJ Callen
  5. 5. Read the entire article and download the magazine apps at www.thisfreelancerlife.com