what is life… after americorps? americorps alums – 2009/2010

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  • What is Life After AmeriCorps? AmeriCorps Alums 2009/2010
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  • Agenda Introductions Employment Resources Who are AmeriCorps Alums? Local Chapters National Opportunities Questions?
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  • Employment Resources
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  • Career Path Whether you are just starting your AmeriCorps term, are midterm or end of term, you should be asking yourself questions like these: What are the next steps in my career path? What resources are available to me that I am not yet taking advantage of? How can I reflect this experience on my resume?
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  • Focused Job Search Focusing your job search does not mean limiting yourself, but applying for positions that you are truly interested in.
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  • Translating Your Experience into Job Speak Identify competencies and skills used in your service Give examples of when you learned or successfully applied the skill Connect the dots for a potential employer by telling them how you can use that skill to meet the job requirements for the job you want
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  • Marketing Your Service Experience on Your Resume Focus on the skills used, not job title Volunteer or AmeriCorps Member Consider using a functional resume format Customize your resume to the job you are seeking and list relevant accomplishments Prioritize your skills and accomplishments to show what is most important and what you are best at first
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  • Interviewing NUMBER ONE RULE: Find out what your employer wantsand tell them how YOU can help them get it! How can you do this???
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  • Be a PRO! Be Prepared Dress the part and practice beforehand Research company, position, location and salary before the interview Plan to follow-up before the interview Be Relevant Ask questions and customize your answers Be Optimistic and Confident Turn negatives into positives Show how you bring value in every answer
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  • What is AmeriCorps? Have your elevator speech ready Know WHY What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in five years? What can you offer me that another person can't?
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  • Job Description: The NCCC Alums Technology and Development Coordinator will work to ensure proper online communication development and implementation with regard to the AmeriCorps Alums/NCCC Alumni contract. He/she will also be charged with creating a sound infrastructure for NCCC alumni special projects/events. This position is located in the Washington, DC headquarters of AmeriCorps Alums. He/she will be supervised by the AmeriCorps Alums External Relations Manager and work closely with the AmeriCorps NCCC Alumni and Partnership Coordinator. Duties include: Technology/Social Media News and online publication Special Projects/Events Qualifications and Core Skills: Advanced knowledge of AmeriCorps NCCC (Alum preferred, but not required) Excellent organizational skills and precise attention to detail Proven skill in writing for online publication Proficiency in all MS Office systems and Adobe Photoshop Knowledge of online technology specifically publishing, social media, CRM systems/databases (HTML knowledge a plus) Advanced knowledge and training in design aesthetics Event and project management expertise Strong work ethic, ready to learn and work hard Self-starter who is comfortable working alone and with a small team
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  • Networking 80 85% of jobs are never publicly advertised Networking is building relationships over time with a broad range of people. Talk to family, friends, AmeriCorps peers, community collaborators, project leaders, colleagues in your industry, former bosses, teachers, etc. Stay in contact Never stop building your network Start now! Most importantly, create your own system, and be consistent
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  • Online Job Resources Jobs.change.org Idealist.com Americorpsalums.org Usajobs.gov LinkedIn.com
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  • Check out ourwebsite!
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  • Resources : www.americorpsalums.org AmeriCorps Hotline 1-888.507.5962 https://my.americorps.gov Whats Next? encorps.nationalserviceresources.org/whatsnext THERE IS LIFE AFTER AMERICORPS!
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  • www.americorpsalums.org