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What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is the next step in growing your business. By outsourcing busy work, admin tasks or personal to-do lists, you can get more done...and much more affordably than you might think. It sounds nice (think Tim Ferriss' "Four Hour Workweek"), but what if you have NO IDEA where to start outsourcing? This presentation explains the 3 types of virtual assistants. To learn more about what tasks to outsource, mistakes to avoid and how to get a VA hired and trained for you, check out http://www.OutsourcingDoneForYou.com.


  • 1. 3Types ofVirtualAssistantsYou can Hirefor yourBusiness

2. There are generally 3 types of virtualassistants you can hire for your business.Task-basedvirtualassistantsWhat are thedifferences? 3. Project-based VirtualAssistantsProject-based virtual assistants are hired for the short-term forone-time projects. For example, you might hire a web designer toupdate your website, a developer to build an app or a writer tocreate articles for your blog. The person is hired as a freelancecontractor.You can hire someone for as little as $5 or as much as $10,000+for a project---it all depends on the size, scope and timeline forthe project. 4. Project-based VirtualAssistantsSome of the best places for finding this type of virtual assistantare through global freelance sites like oDesk, Elance,Freelancer.com and others. These sites allow you to create anaccount and post a job for free.Then you receive bids from contractors across the globe and youcan select the one you like best. You can review the contractors'portfolios and reviews to decide which one is a good match foryour job.Your payments are managed securely through the freelance site. 5. Task-based Virtual AssistantsTask-based virtual assistants are similar to the project-basedassistants except they specialize in short, one-off tasks.These are usually smaller admin or personal tasks like research,booking appointments, making travel arrangements or findingonline gifts.Task-based virtual assistance is often sold as a monthly package,where you pay for a certain number of tasks per month. There's agroup of assistants available to complete your task rather thanone contractor you work with on a larger project. 6. Task-based Virtual AssistantsMonthly packages average around $25-$40/month withcompanies like Fancy Hands, My Tasker and Efficise.You can also find virtual assistant companies on freelance siteslike oDesk or Elance, but it can be hard to quote your job since itisn't a one-time project or on-going employment. 7. Virtual EmployeesFinally, we have virtual employees which are often the mostaffordable and effective solution for optimizing your business. Avirtual employee works for you part-time or full-time as an on-goingposition, and you build a relationship with them like youwould any physical employee.They learn about your business and become a dedicated resourcefor your business.You can negotiate working hours, timing and salary to fit yourbudget and needs. Your virtual employee can help you withalmost all the same tasks an in-house employee would. Hourlyrates vary depending on geographic location, experience andareas of expertise. 8. Virtual EmployeesYou can negotiate working hours, timing and salary to fit yourbudget and needs. Your virtual employee can help you withalmost all the same tasks an in-house employee would.Hourly rates vary depending on geographic location, experienceand areas of expertise. 9. In my own business, I've worked with all three. My preference is virtualemployees, because this allows both parties to grow together and become ateam.As the relationship builds and you become comfortable with one another, yourbusiness can evolve in a completely new direction.For more tips about outsourcing to a virtual assistant or to get help finding,hiring and training your VA, visit http://www.OutsourcingDoneForYou.com.


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