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  • What is poetry?

    Lets brainstorm


  • Todays Learning Objective

    How do poets paint a picture in our mind?

  • Imagery in writing involves The Senses: Sight, hearing, touch, taste & smell

    Colors, shapes or images

    Figurative languageTo create a mental picture

  • Examples of ImageryThe red wheelbarrow

    The creeeeaking door

    The razor-sharp edge of broken glass

    The bit t er taste of ginger root

    The putrid smell of rotting garbage

  • Langston Hughes(1902 -1967)Photo by Nikolas Muray

  • Get ready to sketch!

  • The City

    In the morning the citySpreads its wingsMaking a songIn stone that sings.

    In the evening the cityGoes to bedHanging lightsAbout its head.

  • The Cityby Langston HughesIn the morning the citySpreads its wingsMaking a songIn stone that sings.

    In the evening the cityGoes to bedHanging lightsAbout its head.What did you see in your mind? What did you sketch?

  • Literary Devices(also known as figurative language)SimileMetaphorPersonification

  • Whats a simile?

  • SimileComparing 2 things using like or as

  • The rain was like a little mouseQuiet, small and gray.It pattered all around the houseAnd then it went away.

    From Rain Poem by Elizabeth Coatsworth

  • Write a simile about life.

    Life is like

  • Whats a metaphor?

  • MetaphorComparing 2 things using the verb to be

  • To be = I am/was We are/wereYou areThey areErin & Al areShe is/wasHe isIt isThe thing is

  • The world isa glass overflowingwith water.

    From Ode to Enchanted Lightby Pablo NerudaHold fast to dreamsFor if dreams dieLife is a barren fieldFrozen with snow

    From Dreamsby Langston Hughes

  • Metaphors are harder to useTry to describe the weather with a metaphor.

    How about a parent or sibling?

  • PersonificationGiving an inanimate object human or animal qualities

  • Pencils too pointed break their points and then laugh at you. Proud pencils get furious waiting to be sharpened. Pencils in pockets and boxes shove each other and nearly come to fighting.

    From Pencilsby Carl Sandburg

  • Practice PersonificationThink of something that is difficult to do

    Does that thing laugh at you?

    Does it seem like it has a life of its own?

  • Lets review!How do poets paint a picturein the readers mind?

    What literary devices do poets use to create imagery?

  • Simile



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