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What is social media? Its benefits and disadvantages


  • 1. Stage 1ThePreliminaryRoundTeam Name:Name of first member: Ankit SharmaCollege Name: TAPMI, ManipalName of second member: Chiti ShreeCollege Name: TAPMI, Manipal

2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?? 3. SOCIAL MEDIA IS... Social interaction among people Sharing, creating and exchanging information and ideas in virtual communities Social media depends on mobile and web based technologies to create highlyinteractive platforms 4. SOCIAL MEDIA POPULARITY #1 online activity surpassing email and pornography Two thirds of the global internet visit social networks Social networks are growing 3x faster than internet rate Social media is most influential in consumer purchase decision Millions are creating content for social network web One way marketing is for your parents, Ad campaigns are out ,Conversations areout Social media is FREE 5. SOCIAL MEDIA EXPANSE 6. TYPES OF SOCIAL MEDIA?? Collaborative projects ( Wikipedia) Blogs and microblogs ( Twitter and Tumblr) Content communities ( YouTube and DailyMotion) Social Networking ( Facebook) Virtual Game-Worlds (World of Warcraft) Virtual Social Worlds ( Second Life) 7. PEOPLES COMMENT ABOUT SOCIALMEDIA Important part of my life that needs to be known topublic- Mahesh, TAPMI news current affairs and knowledge sharing-Ankit, TAPMI Building Relationships- Manpreet, TAPMI Exciting way to catch up with old friends- Gaurav,TAPMI A new place that excites everyone but soon will beold school!- Jagriti, TAPMI Fake and waste of time- Arpit, TAPMI 8. CONNECTING PEOPLEPeople dont share facts They share emotions. 9. MARKETING BUSINESSES45%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0%Professional Usage of Social MediaLinkedIn Wikis Skype Social Networking sitesProfessional Usage of Social Media 10. NEGATIVE IMPACTCyber Bullying Hollow RelationshipsDecreasing Productivity 11. NEGATIVE IMPACTPrivacy Breaches