What is Social Media? And how best to use it. Agenda Introduction What is Social Media? Why use Social Media? Social Media Strategy and Integration Measurability

Download What is Social Media? And how best to use it. Agenda Introduction What is Social Media? Why use Social Media? Social Media Strategy and Integration Measurability

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What is Social Media?

What is Social Media?And how best to use itAgendaIntroductionWhat is Social Media?Why use Social Media?Social Media Strategy and IntegrationMeasurability and KPIsUseful links and documents

What is Social Media?Social Media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content

Source: Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010.HmmIn English, social media is:Social NetworkingVideo SharingPhoto sharingBlogging/ForumsSocial BookmarkingContent Aggregators

Social Media enables:CollaborationUsers sharing with others from your websiteRetweets and mentions on TwitterLikes on FacebookSharing links of social bookmarking

InteractionVia comments on blogs, forumsTwitter, Facebook etc.

Social NetworkingSocial Networks are platforms designed for users to interact with one another and allow people to create personal profiles in which they can communicate with fellow users. Social Networks allow users to chat and share content be it through text, photo or video. Focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for now.Google+ should be included in later phase.Video SharingVideo is a content medium that can be uploaded and shared online. Users can comment on posted videos and increase viewer numbers through links, word of mouth and by uploading the video to other online portals/sites.Focus on YouTube for now.http://www.youtube.com/user/daveatzerowaste

Photo SharingPhoto sharing sites are becoming increasingly popular and allow users to upload and share their photographs or images online. These photos can then be shared across the web. A good example of a photo sharing website would be Flickr.Probably not required for now as photos can be uploaded to website. Phase 2Any photos on website can be shared via social networking channelsBlogs and ForumsBlogs and forums are usually maintained by an individual, a business or an online community. Allows interaction through comments left by users and provides good archiving for articles.Important to respond to the comments.

Blogs and Forums (2)Main difference between Blogs and Forums:Typically a blogger has an area of expertiseForums are used for people to raise questions. Commonly called discussion boards, bulletin boards. Usually incorporated into website. Recommend at least a Blog is included in your website. http://www.ecoportal.org.uk/categoryuncategorized/

Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking sites allow users to share their thoughts on content across the web. They can comment of all types of content whether it is an overall website, a blog post, a news article or even a photo or video. By publicly bookmarking this content it becomes suggested to other relevant users who in turn read and can also bookmark the item spreading it across the internet. Social Bookmarking (2)Popular social bookmarking sites include: Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and del.icio.us.Good tool for collaboration internally by sharing bookmarks.Recommend this is part of strategy as easy to implement.http://delicious.com/zerowasteuk

Content AggregatorsRSS Feeds Paper.liContent Aggregators (2)Why RSS? Benefits and Reasons for using RSSRSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you toeasily stay informedby retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. Yousave timeby not needing to visit each site individually. Youensure your privacy, by not needing to join each site's email newsletter. Try Google Reader. Can be used to build social bookmarking for your group. RSS feeds from other websites can be included in your websitehttp://www.zerowastenorthampton.co.uk/rss-feedsContent Aggregators (3)Paper.liAggregation tool for twitter accountsCreates a daily twitter newspaper from your own tweets and selected users you follow.Very simple to setup and can be integrated with your websiteOnce set up you only need to review it once per monthhttp://paper.li/0WasteNorthants/1310216913Why use Social Media?Internet usage is an everyday activitySmart phones are becoming common placeTablets and netbooks are up and comingInternet usage by gender and social gradeAll ages15-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465+Males8294899485775280-100%Males AB941009898100937850-79%Males C1909998998984600-49%Males C275928390836938Males DE62847683525423Internet usage by gender and social gradeAll ages15-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465+Females7390918784663480-100%Females AB891001009797905750-79%Females C1839597959284390-49%Females C271948787834435Females DE48757961523016Internet Connection typeSmart Phone usageTablet UsageSocial Media StrategyBased on business case of organisationUnderstand your target audienceInvestigate where they are social on the web i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.Website is the core of the strategySocial Media is integrated with website

Social Media Strategy (2)Decide on a web browser and everyone uses itEnables better collaboration within groupGoogle Chrome works for meDont forget email as part of your strategy

Social Media Strategy (3)Phased approach is best. Examples:Website, Twitter or Website, FacebookWebsite, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlogWebsite, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTubeWebsite, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube and Social BookmarkingWebsite, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS, Paper.li and Social BookmarkingPossibly target this as a final solutionWebsite, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blog, YouTube, RSS, Paper.li and Social BookmarkingLearn as you go Dont try and do too much in one goEnjoy it!

Online Strategy creation process

Successful Strategies are measurableUse website and social media tools to measure the success of your strategyWebsiteGoogle AnalyticsSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO): This is key!TwitterTwittercounter.comSocialBroBest time to tweetCoTweetAllows multiple users and buffering of tweets to your Best time to tweet scheduleFacebookInsightsSuccessful Strategies are measurableIntegrate website and social networks so updates automatically appear in your other accountsTweetdeck and Google+ are good for this

Remember not to try too much at onceAn account needs to be maintained and then tools used to measure success.Phased approach may work bestIntegration from website to Groups accounts

Integration from website to Visitors accounts

Social Media BehaviourUnwritten laws?Treat the user community like you would your bossNo dirty jokesNo swearingDont tell them what you had for breakfastKeep the content relevant to your audienceTo follow or unfollow, like or unlikeIf you have a common interest then follow/likeDont over tweet in a given space of time. Use bufferingYou cant follow everybody as you cant read every tweetUse lists in twitter for your favourite users you follow Favourite a tweet from a user youd like to follow you as this shows up on their notificationsKPIsWebsiteNumber of visitsNew VisitorsReturning VisitorsBounce RateThis is key. !00% means people get to the site and leave without clicking to another page.Visits per sourceSEOGoogle your own site via a keyword search and see where you are on the listGoal is first page achievable?KPIs (2)TwitterMentions and RetweetsDont get hung up on number of followers. Reciprocation following means everyone has lots of followers but most people use mute.FacebookPeople talking about this and Total reachAgain total Likes isnt necessary what to measure success by.Google Analytics

Google Analytics (2)

Google Analytics (3)

SocialBro: Best time to tweet

Twitter Counter

Facebook Insights

Useful Docs/Links10 Fundamental Tips for Social Media Community ManagersGood Blog to followDownload thisHow to use Facebook for business25 website must haves ebookThank you for listeningAny Questions?


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