what is this the recipe for?. fat for 7 bars of soap

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  • What is this the recipe for?

  • Fat for 7 bars of soap

  • Enough lime to whitewash a chicken coop

  • 45 litres of water

  • Enough phosphorous to make 2200 matches

  • Carbon for 9000 pencils

  • Enough sulphur for a stink bomb

  • Enough iron to make a nail

  • What do you think these ingredients might make when mixed together?

  • You!!!!

  • But is this all you are?

    Is there something missing?

    Are humans really just a collection of physical elements?

  • AweL/O: What is it that gives humans a sense of Awe.

  • ?

  • Do you know what a soul is?

    In pairs discuss what you think a Soul is.

    You have 3 minutes!

  • Draw a Picture of a person in your book and draw an arrow showing where you think the soul is.

  • How does the video make you feel?Can you describe what the clip is about?

  • How you feel about the clip could be described as a feeling of awe.

  • Awe is something which can come from religious experience.

    As seen in the Prince of Egypt clip of Moses and the burning bush, Moses was having a religious experience and was in Awe of this experience.

  • Mysticism

    What is Mysticism?

    the belief that there is hidden meaning in life or that each human being can unite with God

  • So, mysticism is about uniting or interacting with God.

    How do different religions do this?

    Buddhists have mediation and Yoga which is their mystical dimension

  • Do you need Mysticism within a religion?

    Discuss in pairs

    In what other ways may someone get a sense of awe from a religious practice?

  • Does a believer need to have a sense of awe in order to be part of a religion?

    Can a religion be a religion if it does not have a spiritual dimension?

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