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Introduction to User Centric Design


  • 1. User Centric DesignPresenter :Baidurjya SinhaNovember 10, 2009https://twitter.com/TatanSinhawww.uxtree.in

2. User Centric design ApproachUser-centered design tries to optimize the user interface around how people can, want, or need to work, rather than forcing the users to change how they work to accommodate the software designers / developers approach. 3. Why User Centric Design? The product is to be used by Users not us. The Users are expected to be master in their own worknot the product. 4. User behavior We Wish our users tobehave like this.. Reads the Manual before starting Extremely careful. Systematic. Does in detail 5. But they behave like this... Impatient. Avoid reading Texts. Directly navigate. Wants quick results. 6. Our Challenge ? To make our product in accordance the User behaviorwithin the existing Technology. 7. Our Approach? Developer Define success ?My Code should compile. Should look attractive Tester DesignerDefect free Product 8. Common Approach X Reports from Users. Reports evaluating current design by experts. User interface Testing by External Team. 9. Problem Area UX design problems are symptomatic oforganizational awareness. Need to cure the disease ,not the Symptom. 10. Some fun 11. Suggested Approach Usability in all forms for all. Usability in Design. Usability in Development. Usability in Testing. All should understand Users and Users Tasks. 12. Usability Process UsabilityEvaluation Is sue s s apGRefer ig nesR edUser ckbafe ed 13. Usability in Testing Process (QASS) Requirement for Usability in Testing. For issues that does not pass the normal Usability cycle. For validation of development with Design. Ensure no major Usability bug go into release. Part of normal testing process. Current State Has been introduced in DataFlow and Stratus. Already multiple bugs reported. Plan to introduce in few other projects. Guideline checklist formed. 14. How it can be done Understand User Tasks. Make a Guideline checklist. Create a Usability bug type in Bug tracking tool. Need to understand Bug categorization. 15. Task based Approach Understand User Tasks ActionsTasks 16. Q&AWhat can be done if there is an Usability Major defect during the last testing cycle.


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