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Tim Loo's presentation to UX Brighton May 2014 event on UX Strategy.


<ul><li> TimLoo StrategyDirector,Foolproof What is UX Strategy? UX Brighton, May 2014 </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri my frame of reference </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri So why do we need a UX strategy? </li> <li> BRAND STRATEGY BUSINESS STRATEGY What you want to be What &amp; how you actually are USER EXPERIENCE How well does your organisation connect? </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri poor alignment lack of direction </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri There are many emerging avours of UX strategy. This is ours. </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri DESIGN OF EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE CULTURE BRAND STRATEGY BUSINESS STRATEGY UX STRATEGY </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri BRAND STRATEGY BUSINESS STRATEGY How will we know were on the right track? Whats our priori6sed plan? Where do we want to get to? Where are we today? </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri UX strategy A long-term vision, roadmap and KPIs which align every customer touch-point with your brand position &amp; business strategy </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Whats the environment and ecosystem of our target customers? Whats the current customer story, priorities and pain-points? What are our pain-points in aligning our priorities &amp; activities? Whats our are vision for the holistic experience? What are our guiding principles for target experience? What are our future customer stories and outcomes? What are the gaps between the vision and reality? How will we prioritise to create focus and value? Whats our roadmap for change and innovation? What are key performance indicators and targets for transforming the user experience? How will we incentivise the right behaviours? Whats our business vision and target position in the market? How do we create competitive advantage through our activities? Whats our brand promise and our brand values &amp; assets? Who are our target customers &amp; how do we want them to feel about us? 2013 Foolproof Limited BRAND STRATEGY BUSINESS STRATEGY 4. METRICS, TARGETS &amp; INCENTIVES 3. ROADMAP &amp; BENEFITS CASE 2. UX VISION &amp; PRINCIPLES 1. CURRENT STATE EXPERIENCE Foolproof UX Strategy Framework </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri The UXer as strategist </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Helpful Skill 1 Were good at understanding what its like to be a customer </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Helpful Skill 2 We can bring to life what great experience looks like for an organisation </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Helpful Skill 3 Were good at collaborative working &amp; facilitating agreement &amp; trade-os </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Strategy planning is a team sport </li> <li> Photo Credit: http://www.ickr.com/photos/76029035@N02/6829415429 Photo Credit: http://www.ickr.com/photos/37891053@N03/3909773517 BUSINESS GUY UX DUDE </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Do you want to captain the team? </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Thank you. Lets talk. </li> <li> @timothyloo @uxbri Start a conversation Tim Loo tim.loo@foolproof.co.uk +44 7714415677 @timothyloo </li> </ul>