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  1. 1. Why Ireland Could Be a Hot Destination in the Frozen Euro Zone?1.Surprisingly, Irelands Economy Is Growing!Where Greece economy will contract by 6 per cent of GDP this year andthe euro zone by 0.4 per cent, the IMF forecasts the Irish economy willgrow by 0.4 per cent and is credited with making a umpy recovery----International Monetary FundAs a non-core Euro zone country, Irelands status has always been amatter of debate. But an interesting fact is that despite all theconfusions that surround it, Irelands economy is showing signs ofrecovery.Its performance in recent times looks more convincing than most partsof the troubled economy. The country is seeing a remarkableimprovement in its manufacturing activity, whereas others stillpresent a grim picture. Its exports are visibly going up. Even ifthese parameters are not enough to depict an overall improvement, thepossibilities of an export driven recovery looks reasonably high andthere are enough grounds for optimism.Read more :Ireland on the way to recoveryLess cash, more impactThe sun rises in the west
  2. 2. 2. Dublin Is Growing into a Business Hub...Positioned in between the United States and Europes mainland,Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is an important business location forvarious reasons. The city was ranked recently by Forbes magazine asone of the six best global cities that are hotbeds for start-ups andinnovation.With its low corporate tax and labor cost, it is said to becomparatively cheaper than London. Another important factor thatattracts attention to Dublin, is its favorable geographical location.Banking on its surging opportunities, many big businesses haveestablished there headquarters here. The Silicon Docks area housesbusiness giants like Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.Dublin has also been recognized as the top western city in the GlobalServices Top 100 Outsourcing Cities List.3. Good At High-end Technical SkillsKnown for their hospitality and kind nature, Irish people also havesome niche technical capabilities. The IMD World CompetitivenessYearbook 2012 has ranked Ireland first for the availability ofskilled labor. The country has a rich pool of niche, specialisttalent especially in areas where cost is not the only consideration.Testing, application development, life sciences are key areas.Both Galway and Leixlip are Centres of Excellence within HP andIrish based engineers are increasingly developing new leading edgecapabilities servicing the needs of clients in the USA, China, India,Europe and Asia.----Martin Murphy, Managing Director HP Ireland,which added around 150 R&D jobs in Ireland recently, said in acompany press release
  3. 3. 4. Ahead In the Global Cloud RaceWith some leading cloud computing providers like Salesforce andAmazon setting up operations in the country, its increasingly beingtouted as an emerging leader in cloud.The Irish prime Minister, Enda Kenny, was quoted saying, e are wellon the way to establishing Ireland as one of the cloud computingcapitals of the world. Seven of the world top ten Cloud Data Centeroperators are already in Ireland, including Amazon, Google andMicrosoft.What supports the trend is the countrys technological expertize andstrong infrastructure capabilities. Cloud is currently a bigopportunity that Irish businesses can capitalize on, but this wouldrequire some rapid developments so that they are able to do it beforeany other country does it. Salil Dani, Everest, adds, ole ofIreland will emerge not just in cloud but in other high-endtechnology areas as well.5. BPO Story Is EvolvingIndia and Philippines debate in the global BPO scene is heard anddiscussed often. Moving away from that for a while, emergingcountries like Ireland too have got some unique ingredients for asuccessful BPO story.The country has excellent multilingual skills that are difficult tofind in most parts of the world. This gives it an edge in the contactcenter outsourcing space. Along with that the country is also showinggrowth potential in F&A and back office work.Its geographical and cultural proximity and time zone similarity withrest of Europe are some key factors that are strengthening itsposition as a nearshore destination.Indian service providers too have forayed into the scene to make useof the opportunity. Companies like TCS and HCL present a good exampleof companies that have set up their delivery centers in the country.
  4. 4. IBM too has opened a Global Services Integration Hub in Dublin, sometime back.Many companies are servicing almost 40 languages from their SharedServices centers in Ireland.Google is a good example which isactually servicing 60 languages from its center in Dublin.----Minakshi Batra, India Director, IDA Ireland


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