What Social Media Is and What Social Media Isn't

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A simple guide to what social media is and what social media isn't.


<ul><li> 1. What social Media Isand What social media Isnt<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 3. What Social Media Is<br /> 4. Conversations<br />People having conversations online is Social Media<br /> 5. Communities <br /> People having conversations connect with each other <br /> across various platforms<br /> 6. Contribution<br />People in communities help others and add value <br />by sharing their knowledge<br /> 7. Collaboration<br />People in communities collaborate with each other to achieve common goals<br /> 8. What Social Media Isnt<br /> 9. For Everyone<br />Unless you are social, open and transparent, it isnt<br /> 10. Free<br />While the medium is free, the human effort isnt.<br /> 11. Easy<br /> While setting up a blog or a facebook page is easy, <br /> using it effectively to serve your purpose isnt<br /> 12. One-way<br /> While most people continue to use it like <br /> old media for one-way communication, it isnt<br /> 13. Thanks !!!<br />Mayank Dhingrahttp://mayank.name<br />dhingra.mayank@gmail.com<br /> Connect with me:<br /></p>