what social media is and what social media isn't

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A simple guide to what social media is and what social media isn't.


  • 1. What social Media Isand What social media Isnt

2. 3. What Social Media Is
4. Conversations
People having conversations online is Social Media
5. Communities
People having conversations connect with each other
across various platforms
6. Contribution
People in communities help others and add value
by sharing their knowledge
7. Collaboration
People in communities collaborate with each other to achieve common goals
8. What Social Media Isnt
9. For Everyone
Unless you are social, open and transparent, it isnt
10. Free
While the medium is free, the human effort isnt.
11. Easy
While setting up a blog or a facebook page is easy,
using it effectively to serve your purpose isnt
12. One-way
While most people continue to use it like
old media for one-way communication, it isnt
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