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Here is my presentation that I gave at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference in Miami on 20th March 2013


  • 1. whatever happened toETECHLOGS?An Electronic Techlog Case Study Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT ConferenceMiami 20th March 2013

2. Hello. ImPAUL SAUNDERS @conduce paul.saunders@conduce.net not from 3. remember2003? 4. remember2003? 5. 2003Panasonic launch CF18 Toughbook FAA AC 120-76A Published 6. 2004DS&S commence development of an electronic techlog solution 7. 2005 MyTravel commence trial of the electronic techlog solution 8. 2006 UK CAA approves paperless techlog 9. 2007 MyTravel & Thomas Cook merger 10. 2008 11. 2009 DS&S becomes wholly owned by Rolls Royce and rebrands as Osys 12. 2010Roll out of electronic techlog to entire Thomas Cook UK fleet 13. 2011? Osys announce withdrawal from ETL/EFB market 14. 2012 Conduce to the rescue (18th June go-live) 15. 2013 Next generation integration 20000 th sector received 16. 2014?more on that later. 17. what the hell is up withETECHLOGS? 18. ETECHLOG IS NOTA FLIGHT OPS TOOL 19. we hate ETL 20. ETECHLOG IS ANENGINEERING TOOL 21. we love ETL 22. so do we 23. LOWER ADMIN COSTSTIMELY DATA ACCURATE DATA NO DATA DUPLICATIONTHE AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE 24. COMMS CAN BEA REAL BITCH 25. PROCEDURES ARE MOREIMPORTANT THAN SOFTWARE 26. WHATS NEXT? 27. more integrationclient side rewritetablet versionsmore user contextseparation from the EFB companion apps 28. THANK YOUImage credits: all images used are the property of Thomas Cook or Conduce Software 29. www.conduce.net | +44 333 888 4066 | paul.saunders@conduce.net