Whats a PLN? Why Would I Want One?

Download Whats a PLN? Why Would I Want One?

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Find the resources here, http://shellyterrell.com/survivaltips/pln/


  • What is a PLN? Shellyterrell.com/survival2ps/pln Why would I want one?
  • 3000
  • Bit.ly/impac6each  
  • Mission: Teacher
  • It  all   begins   with   seeds   If  your  ac2ons  in  the  classroom  inspire  children  to   achieve  more,  ques2on  more,  and  dream  more,  you   are  indeed  worthy  of  the  2tle  “ Teacher.”    –  Robert  John  Meehan  
  • Vacuuming  by  Kim  P,  Flickr  
  • Get  Connected  by  Divergent  Learner,  Flickr    
  • Which have you used?
  • PLEs- Personal Learning Environments
  • ©Wordle.net    
  • Bat Dad Youtube.com/watch?v=hJXuf-­‐EGyeY  
  • 997,000 -­‐Number  of  Teachers  on  LinkedIn  
  • But  there  are  nearly….   Billions Of  authors,  researchers,   organizaBons,  professionals,  thought   leaders,  subject  maEer  experts,  etc.   who  you  and  your  students  can  learn   from.  
  • It’s the people
  • Passionate Learning Networks Refueling the Way We Teach
  • Online Learning
  • Create a Profile
  • What to Include
  • Connect Communicate Collaborate Create
  • Cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html  
  • #Edchat
  • Lurk on a chat Bit.ly/Educhats  
  • Facebook.com/groups/30Goals/   Facebook Groups
  • Google Plus Communities Gplus.to/shellyterrell
  • live.classroom20.com
  • July 11th-13th ReformSymposium.com
  • What do I share?
  • Stories, Resources, Links, Lessons, Ideas…. Your Passion
  • What  is  the   best  tool?   How  do  you     want  to  learn?   How  much  2me     can  you  invest?  
  • How  do   I  find   the   Bme?  
  • Connect   with  your   mobile   device!  
  • Why Do We Connect?
  • ShellyTerrell.com   Bit.ly/ShellTerrell   T:  @ShellTerrell   Facebook.com/groups/30Goals   Shellyterrell.com/survival2ps/pln