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  1. 1. Whats New in RightScaleMarch 17, 2011
    Watch the video of this webinar
  2. 2. Your Panel Today
    • Darryl Eaton, Director, Product Development, RightScale
    • 3. Eugene Gimelberg, Sr. Software Engineer, RightScale
    • 4. Claudio Gentile, Sales Engineer, RightScale
    Q&A Line:
    • Chris Williams, Account Manager, RightScale
    Please use the questions window to ask questions any time!
  3. 5. Agenda
    • Dashboard Release
    • 6. Demo: Widgets
    • 7. Demo: Infrastructure Audits
    • 8. Demo: Heat Map & Stacked Graph Monitoring
    • 9. ServerTemplate Release
    • 10. Linux ServerTemplates
    • 11. Windows ServerTemplates
    • 12. Q&A
    Please use the questions window to ask questions any time!
  4. 13. Dashboard Release - Feb 24th 2011
    Navigation Updates with Larger Menus
    Infrastructure Audits Security Groups and SSH Keys
    Customizable Widgets:
    Cloud Support:
    Amazon Web Services New Supported Features
    HTTPS for Elastic Load Balancers
    Custom Origin for CloudFront
    Cloud.com New Supported Features
    CloudStack 2.2
  5. 14. ServerTemplate Release Mar 22nd 2011
    New Free Developer AIO Templates for PHP & Rails
    Rails upgraded to Nginx/Passenger
    New example templates showcasing Wordpress and Mephisto
    New PowerShell-Only Windows ServerTemplates
    Base ServerTemplate with Monitoring for beginning development
    Windows 2003 and 2008 RightImages in Beta on Rackspace
    Database Manager for MS SQL Server 2005 or 2008 (Alpha)
    Our first Compatibility Release is now Generally Available
    CentOS 5.4, Ubuntu 10.04; Full Web Stack (MySQL, HAProxy, App Tier)
    Database Manager for MySQL 5.1 Now Available on CentOS
  6. 15. Q&A
    • Have a project, ready to get started?
    Contact us: sales@rightscale.com or (866) 720-0208
    • Looking for current release notes?
    • 16. http://support.rightscale.com/Release_Notes
    • 17. Need to learn more?
    Cloud Webinars: www.RightScale.com/webinars
    Cloud White Papers: www.RightScale.com/whitepapers
  7. 18. Thank You!