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Slides from Southwest Fox 2006 Presentation


  • 1. Where Do You Want to GoToday? Mike Feltman

2. About me President F1 Technologies Working in Xbase Languages for the last19 years 3. Not a Hater Work in Microsoft products all day, everyday Use all MS operating systems Love VFP, Frontpage, SQL Server Many friends & contacts at Microsoft 4. Agenda VFPs Future Is Limited Extending Opportunities for VFP Pros & Cons of Various Other Languages The Job Market for Developers Other IT Jobs 5. VFPs Future Is Limited Microsoft is not making significantinvestment in development Microsoft is not making any investment inmarketing A product not marketed by its ownmanufacturer cannot succeed long term Job Opportunities are limited 6. Extending Opportunities for VFP Keep your current customers happy Vertical market software Get into web development Participate in VFPX Increase your exposure Sell business solutions, not technology Be willing to do maintenance work 7. A Language is a Language Most business needs can be met in anyprogramming language Religious wars are silly and a waste oftime Advocates have ulterior motives Many (maybe most) features often gounused 8. Where do YOU want to go today? .NET C# & VB (Microsoft.com) Java (Sun.COM) C/C++ (microsoft.com, borland.com) PHP (php.net) PERL (perl.org) JavaScript (http://www.mozilla.org/js/) Python (python.org) Ruby (ruby-lang.org) 9. .NET Pros Definitely where Microsoft wants you to go today Like buying IBM in the 80s Big Job Market Lots of Opportunity Cross Platform (Linux workalikes?, .NET compactframework) Highly capable, tons of features Lots of tools, frameworks, publications, etc. available Can Interop with VFP Desktop & Web 10. .NET Cons Steep Learning Curve Constantly Changing Little Regard for Backward Compatibility Steep Competition for Jobs Geared towards teams, not individuals Not as productive as VFP Immature 3rd Party Market Shrinking Job Market? 11. Java Pros Backed by Big Companies such as SUN, IBM &Oracle By Far the Largest Developer Job Market Growing Job Market Lots of Opportunity Cross Platform (Linux, Unix, Phones, PDAs) Lots of tools, frameworks, publications, etc.available Highly capable Mature 3rd Party Market Backward Compatibility Desktop & Web 12. Java Cons Steep Learning Curve Most development is not on Windows(Unix, Linux) Steep Competition for Jobs Geared towards teams, not individuals Not as productive as VFP Desktop apps are generally slow, Java isprimarily geared for the web. 13. C, C++ Pros Makes learning anything else easy No limits Lots of opportunity Cross Platform Cross Vendor Lots of add-ons, frameworks, toolkits, etc. Desktop & Web Not going away 14. C, C++ Cons Steep Learning Curve Low Productivity Not really for business apps Makes your brain hurt 15. PHP Pros Open Source Cross Platform Backed by large vendors such as IBM & Oracle Tons of tools, frameworks, publications, etc. Widely Supported Cross Platform Rapidly Growing Job Market Easy to Learn Backward Compatible Commercial Compiler available 16. PHP Cons Open Source Smaller Job Market Most development is not on Windows(Linux) Not as robust as .NET or Java Low Priced Competition for work Web Only (at present) 17. PERL Pros Open Source Large, Growing Job Market Cross Platform (Windows, UNIX, Mac,Linux) Tons of tools, frameworks, publications,etc. Easy to Learn? 18. PERL Cons Open Source Older Technology (around since 1987) Not as robust as .NET or Java 19. JavaScript Pros Hot! Rapidly expanding job market Cross Platform Lots of tools, frameworks, resources, tools, etc. Cross-Platform Standards based Needed for most web application development Will probably never go away Backward compatible Generally needed for any web project 20. JavaScript Cons Limited OOP Support Quirky Web Only Client-side only, runs in browser Not for enterprise applications No major vendors pushing it forwarddirectly, up to browser implementations 21. Python Pros Open Source Easy to learn Growing Job Market DABO (dabodev.com) Cross Platform Desktop & Internet Fair # of Tools, Frameworks, etc. 22. Python Cons Small Job Market Limited Opportunity Not widely used for business applications Fewer Tools, Frameworks, etc. than manyothers No major corporate backing 23. Ruby Pros Growing Job Market Exciting Possibilities VFP Like (& Beyond) Productivity Cross Platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) Ruby on Rails is rapidly emerging Easy to learn Totally free Open Source Internet & Desktop 24. Ruby Cons Open Source No large corporate backing (although its usedheavily by Google) Seems that most developers are on Macs Very new Job Market is very small No real IDE & Limited Tools (although thats partof the appeal) In its infancy for desktop apps 25. The Job Market Studied available positions for the last 6 monthsin various technologies Programming Languages: C#, VB, Java, PHP,Delphi, Coldfusion, Ruby, C++, Javascript,PERL, FoxPro, Python Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL,Sybase, DB2 Based on Dice.com, CareerBuilder.com andhotjobs.com 26. The Programmer Job MarketLanguageJobs Share Growth % Growth C# 10,109 9% (866)-9% VB7,223 7% (3,958) -55% Java 39,54637%4,927 12%PHP4,166 4%1,001 24% Delphi546 1% 499%AJAX 2,654 2%1,502 57% Cold Fusion 1,465 1% (299) -20%RUBY 666 1%203 30%C++ 16,60515% (2,787) -17% JavaScript 10,29510%9319%PERL11,65911%1,154 10%FoxPro 305 0%(16)-5%Python 1,965 2%1035% Total 107,204 100%1,9442%.NET 17,332 16%(4,824) -28% 27. Database Jobs DatabaseJobs Share Growth % GrowthSQL Server 23,127 34%(1,384)-6%Oracle 41,425 61% 3,2648% MySQL3,2535% 649 20% Sybase 3,8706%(333)-9%DB2 7,365 11% 706 10% Total 67,805100% 2,5294% 28. Other IT Jobs Project Manager Network Engineer Systems Architect CIO/CTO 29. What am I doing Working like crazy in VFP really no endin sight to my VFP work Doing JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, CSS workin conjunction with VFP Learning more and more SQL Server allthe time Keeping my eyes on PHP, Ruby & .NET 30. What You Should Do Make a business decision Where will you get the most ROI? How can you deliver the most value to yourclients? Start to learn other technologies now Read Get Tools, especially frameworks 31. Dont Be a Hater! Youll Go Hungry Employers & Customers like optimism Make Informed Business Decisions 32. Summary Its possible to be gainfully employed inVFP for a long time There are opportunities in a lot of othertechnologies .NET should be given very strongconsideration, but its not the only thingout there. Make decisions that are right for you 33. Thank you!Remember to fill out your sessionevaluation.Session slides, white paper, and codesamples will be updated.