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Bob is technical architect, Alice is buyer, Ted is software developer. Three of them have good reasons to select Dimension Data as a strategic cloud service provider. Learn more about CloudControl (the global orchestration) and the Managed Cloud Platform (the pods). Engage with the European cloud team and create the capability that you are looking for!


  • 1. Where will you run your IT today? Bernard Paques, Cloud Solution Architect for Europe

2. Where will you run your IT today?Head quarter (private resources) and primary market (public resources) Industrial deployment of connected productsHome Business partners and software developersYour digital brand at world-class eventsEmerging digital markets2 3. Where will Bob run IT today? Behind the firewallHis achievements: Built corporate network to connect all company sites Deployed Vblocks at various DC 60% virtualisation rateInfinite resources New challenges: How to deploy pools of resources outside the enterprise? How to integrate cloud infrastructure into company products?His expertise:Where are the gaps? CCIE switching EMC Proven Professional VMware expertise Fortinet FCNSP Misalignment of internal and external resources Integration of selected technology vendors IT security3 4. Where will Alice run IT today? Buy and operateHer achievements: International RFPs Bought Cisco, EMC and NetApp hardware Bought Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and VMware licences for softwareHer expertise: Business cases Cisco Capital ITIL certified Services contractsAcquire and consume New challenges: How to become internal cloud service provider? How to buy from multiple cloud service providers? How to regulate cloud adoption in the company?Where are the gaps? Unclear cloud strategy from company executives Diversity of cloud offerings on the market No reward for flexibility gains 4 5. Where will Ted run IT today? Mobile applicationsInformation systems New challenges:His achievements: Popular apps released to App Store and to Play Store Leveraging various API provided by cloud providers His expertise: Objective-C Java Javascript, HTML & CSS Linux-based servicesHow to leverage existing internal servers? How to manage configurations across several cloud providers? How to comply with PCI-DSS and other requirements?Where are the gaps? Variable levels of performance and security Hardware integration requires time 5 6. Where will they run IT today?Cloud One portal and API to orchestrate all your cloud services at Dimension Data, world-wideUse portal for server setupIntegrate API in corporate web portalUse API, for DevOps10 global data centers to deploy your international infrastructure, connected to your existing environmentEnables D.C. consolidationFrom CAPEX to OPEXApps global deploymentAddition of dedicated or shared pools of resources, connected to the rest, almost anywhere on EarthFlexible pod deliveryReduced Time-toMarketThe API rules them allIndustrial-class service design and technical architecture; global contract, local delivery and support (14 languages)Specificities via managed hostingGlobal billingScalable management 6 7. Our customers build global platforms of service7 8. CloudControl is our differentiating orchestration layer Streamlined experience: portal or API self-service for public and private resources IT-as-a-Service: your library of virtual templates, built by cloning existing servers Dynamic sizing: 1-16 CPU, 1-128GB RAM, up to 2.5TB local disk Infrastructure automation: including networks, security and load-balancersConsumption control: activity and usage reporting, role-based user controls 8 9. Your virtual private data centers, in the cloud Compute-as-a-Service Web / VLAN AApp / VLAN BDB / VLAN CPublic (NATed) IP Space Public Traffic filtered at Firewall Load BalancingPrivate IP Space Traffic filtered at VLAN B Firewall Multi-cast turned on for application clusteringPrivate IP Space Specific server to server traffic is filtered at VLAN C FirewallVPN GatewayPrivate routing across networksPublic usersAdministrators 9 10. Leveraging respected technology providersInternetCompute-as-a-Service Border Router VPN ConcentratorCore SwitchingCloud NetworksWeb UI and Cloud APIConfigurable: VLANs, Firewall, Load Balancing, Multicast, NATReporting and Configuration DatabasePersistent Storage Cloud ServersImages and dataConfigurable CPU, RAM and Storage10 11. Cloud roadmap highlights in Europe aligning Compute-as-a-Service to enterprise requirementsCapability2013Q1 20142014Amsterdam Public CaaSTiered storage to CaaSLondon Public CaaSCloud BackupFederated to other CaaSNew OS imagesCloud Services for MicrosoftWAN optimization CloudControl orchestrationAnti-affinity ruleManaged Cloud Platform (MCP)Jersey Telecom Provider CaaS Sydney & Tokyo Public CaaSMPLS integrationCustomer VPN integrationMelbourne Public CaaS 11 12. Towards Unified Communications in the cloudDimension Data has a very strong pedigree in Cisco Unified Communications 3 million Cisco endpoints sold in the last 12 years250,000 Cisco endpoints under management across 6 continentsCiscos largest Visual Communications partner in the worldLeader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services 2011 2013 (3rd consecutive year)Watch out for product announcements over coming months! Dimension Data is committed to collaborating closely with Cisco to bring great Cloud UC products to market!We are now a HCS Partner, with HCS FastStart coming later this quarterOur product vision is to build products that put the client at the centre of everything we doWe are building a portfolio of Cloud UC products for Cisco that are flexible, extensible and customisable, to meet the varied needs of our valued enterprise clients 12 13. Let us know where you would like to run your IT Andy LancasterEric Hausmanandy.lancaster@dimensiondata.com +44 7825 022614eric.hausman@dimensiondata.com +352 621 491 807Andre KiehneStphane Munsterandre.kiehne@dimensiondata.com +49 174 3299145stephane.munster@dimensiondata.com +32 475 82 70 94Vincent SteenhuisRafael Amorosvincent.steenhuis@dimensiondata.com +31 6 52 51 68 75rafael.amoros@dimensiondata.com +34 699 092 382Nicolas RenaudMarco Fasanonicolas.renaud@dimensiondata.com +33 6 74 44 78 79marco.fasano@dimensiondata.com +41 79 632 37 21Enrico BruneroZbyszek Lugschenrico.brunero@dimensiondata.com +39 348 8843163zbyszek.lugsch@dimensiondata.com +420 602 743 748 13 14. Where will you run your IT today? bernard.paques@dimensiondata.com +352 691 496 401 @bernard357