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  • Onward Travel Informationi White Hart Lane Station Zone 3



    Destination Bus routes Bus stops

    Alexandra Palace R W3 +E+F+G+H

    Alexandra Park W3 +E+F+G+H

    BBruce Grove R 149, 259, 279, +L+M+N+P

    349, N279

    CCaledonian RoadO 259 +L+M+N+PCaledonian Road & Barnsbury o 259 +L+M+N+P

    Camden Road o N279 +L+M+N+P

    Camden TownO N279 +L+M+N+PDDalston Junction o 149 +L+M+N+P

    Dalston Kingsland o 149 +L+M+N+P

    EEdmonton Green R Bus Station, 149, 259, 279, +S+T+U+V+W

    Broadway and Police Station 349, N279

    Enfield Highway Red Lion 279, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    FFerme Park Road Weston Park W3 +E+F+G+H

    Finsbury ParkO R 259, N279 +L+M+N+PW3 +E+F+G+H

    Fore Street 149, 259, 279, +S+T+U+V+W

    349, N279

    HHaggerston o 149 +L+M+N+P

    Hertford Road 279, 349, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    Holloway Nags Head 259, N279 +L+M+N+P

    Destination Bus routes Bus stops

    Hoxton o 149 +L+M+N+P

    KKings Cross O R 259 +L+M+N+Pfor St. Pancras International R

    LLeicester SqaureO N279 +L+M+N+PLiverpool StreetO R 149 +L+M+N+PLondon Bridge O R B 149 +L+M+N+Pfor Guys Hospital, Southwark Cathedral andLondon Dungeon

    MManor HouseO 259, 279, N279 +L+M+N+PMiddle Lane W3 +E+F+G+H

    MonumentO 149 +L+M+N+PMornington CrescentO N279 +L+M+N+PNNorthumberland Park R W3 +A+B+C+Dand Scotswood Walk

    PPentonville Prison 259 +L+M+N+P

    Perth Road Paisley Road W3 +E+F+G+H

    Ponders End Bus Garage 279, 349, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    Ponders End High Street 279, 349, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    RRectory Road R 149 +L+M+N+P

    SSeven SistersO R 149, 259, 279, +L+M+N+P

    349, N279

    Destination Bus routes Bus stops

    Seven Sisters Road 259, 279, N279 +L+M+N+P

    Shoreditch Church 149 +L+M+N+P

    Shoreditch High Street o 149 +L+M+N+P

    South Tottenham o 149, 349 +L+M+N+P

    Stamford Hill Broadway 149 +L+M+N+P

    Stamford Hill Egerton Road 149, 349 +L+M+N+P

    Stoke Newington R 149 +L+M+N+P

    Stroud Green Stapleton W3 +E+F+G+H

    TTottenham Police Station, 149, 259, 279, +L+M+N+P

    Swan and Town Hall 349, N279

    Tottenham Court RoadO N279 +L+M+N+PTottenham High Road 149, 259, 279, +L+M+N+P

    349, N279

    Tottenham Lane Ferme Park Road W3 +E+F+G+H

    Trafalgar Square N279 +L+M+N+P

    for Charing Cross O RTurkey Street R 279, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    UUpper Edmonton Angel Corner 149, 259, 279, +S+T+U+V+W

    for Silver Street R 349, N279

    WWaltham Cross R Bus Station 279, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    Warren StreetO N279 +L+M+N+PWhite Hart Lane W3 +E+F+G+H

    Wood Green O and Crown Court W3 +E+F+G+H

    Destination finderDestination Bus routes Bus stops

    AAlbany Leisure Centre 279, N279 +S+T+U+V+W

    Route finderDay buses including 24-hour routes Bus route Towards Bus stops

    149 Edmonton Green S T U V WLondon Bridge L M N P

    259 Edmonton Green S T U V WKings Cross L M N P

    279 Manor House L M N PWaltham Cross S T U V W

    349 Ponders End S T U V WStamford Hill L M N P

    W3 Finsbury Park E F G HNorthumberland Park A B C D

    Night buses Bus route Towards Bus stops

    N279 Trafalgar Square L M N PWaltham Cross S T U V W

    Key149 Day buses in black

    N279 Night buses in blueO Connections with London Undergroundo Connections with London OvergroundR Connections with National RailB Connections with river boats


    Transport for LondonInformation correct from 16 October 2010

    Crown copyright and database rights 2012 Ordnance Survey 100035971/015 Copyright Transport for London 2012

    AA2 Academia WayA3 All Hallows RoadA2 Allington AvenueC2 Almond RoadB1 Alpha RoadB2 Altair CloseA1 Amersham AvenueB3 Argyle PassageB3 Argyle RoadC3 Ashford MewsC3 Asplins Road

    BC3 Baronet GroveC3 Baronet RoadA2 Beaufoy RoadA3 Bedwell RoadB2 Bennetts CloseC1 Berkshire GardensB3 Bill Nicholson WayB3 Birkbeck RoadC2 Blaydon WalkA1 Bradford CloseA1 Branksome AvenueB2 Brantwood RoadB3 Brereton RoadB1 Bridport RoadB3 Bromley RoadB3 Bruce Castle RoadB2 Brunswick SquareC1 Buckstone RoadA1 Bull Lane

    CB3 Campbell RoadA2 Castleford CloseB3 Cedar RoadA3 Cemetery RoadC3 Chalgrove RoadB2 Chapel PlaceB3 Chapel StonesA3 Church LaneA2 Church PathB3 Church RoadC1 Claremont StreetC1 Clarendon RoadB1 Clive Avenue

    A2 College Park RoadA2 College RoadB1 Colyton WayA1 Commercial RoadC2 Commonwealth RoadB2 Coniston RoadB2 Cooperage CloseC2 Copper CloseB1 Cowper RoadA2 Creighton Road

    DC3 Denmark StreetA2 Durban Road

    EC3 Eastwood Close

    FC2 Farningham RoadB1 Fore StreetC3 Foyle Road

    GC3 Garwood CloseB3 Gascoigne CloseA1 Giffard RoadC2 Gillham TerrraceB1 Gilpin CrescentB1 Gloucester RoadC2 Grange RoadB2 Grasmere RoadA3 Gretton RoadB1 Grove Street

    HB3 Hampden LaneB3 Hampden RoadA1 Hardinge RoadB3 Harpers YardC1 Hawes RoadB1 Hawthorne RoadB2 Headcorn RoadA2 Hebden TerraceC1 Hester RoadB2 High Road

    IB1 Ingleton Road

    JB3 James PlaceB1 Joyce Avenue

    KB3 Kings RoadB3 King Street

    LB3 Lancaster CloseB1 Lancaster RoadB1 Lanehedge CloseB1 Langhedge LaneC3 Lansdowne RoadC1 Leyburn GroveC1 Leyburn RoadB2 Love Lane

    MC3 Manor RoadC3 Maple PlaceC1 Middleham GardensB1 Middleham RoadC1 Middlesborough RoadB2 Moselle PlaceB2 Moselle Street

    NA3 New RoadC2 Northumberland GroveB2 Northumberland ParkB3 Nursery CourtA3 Nursery StreetB1 Nutfield Close

    OC2 Offord CloseB3 Orchard Place

    PB3 Park LaneC3 Park Lane CloseA1 Parkstone AvenueB2 Paxton RoadB3 Pembury RoadB2 Penshurst RoadB2 Pretoria RoadB1 Pretoria Road NorthA2 Princes StreetA3 Prospect PlaceC3 Pymmes Close

    QA2 Queen Street

    RC1 Raynham AvenueC1 Raynham TerraceB2 Roebuck CloseC3 Rolvenden PlaceC3 Romney CloseB3 Ruskin Road

    SC3 St Pauls RoadC1 Sandal RoadC1 Sayesbury LaneC1 Seaton StreetA2 Selby RoadA1 Shaftesbury RoadB1 Snells ParkC2 Somerford Grove (off

    Farningham Road)C3 Somerford Grove (off Park Lane)B1 Somerset RoadC1 Stockton RoadC3 Sutherland Road

    TC2 Tariff RoadC2 Taylor CloseA3 Tebworth RoadA2 Tenterden RoadB2 The LindalesA3 The RoundwayC1 Thornaby GardensC2 Thornley CloseA1 Tiverton RoadA2 Trafalgar AvenueC2 Trulock Road

    VC3 Vicarage Road

    WB2 Waggon LaneC1 Wakefield StreetA1 Watermill LaneC2 Waverley RoadC2 West RoadB3 Whitbread CloseB2 White Hart LaneB2 Whitehall StreetA1 Wigston CloseA1 Wilbury Way

    B2 William StreetC1 Woolmer GardensC1 Woolmer RoadB2 Worcester Avenue

    YC1 York RoadC1 Yorkshire Gardens

    Landmark finderA3 Bruce Castle MuseumB2 Calvary Church of God in ChristB2 Cedar House NurseryA3 Chapel (Tottenham Cemetery)B3 Cherubim & Seraphim

    Movement ChurchC3 Church of St Paul the ApostleB2 Coombes Croft LibraryB1 Edmonton Baptist ChapelB1 Edmonton County Court, TheB1 Edmonton TempleC2 Eric Allin Community CentreB1 Fore Street LibraryA2 Haringey Irish CentreA3 Haringey MortuaryA2 Haringey Sixth Form Centre and

    Sports CentreB1 Jobcentre PlusB2 Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs

    WitnessesA3 Lancasterian Primary School

    and The Wale SchoolC2 Lea Valley Primary SchoolA2 LearndirectC3 Mount Zion Church of GodA1 North Middlesex University

    HospitalB3 North Tottenham Customer

    Service CentreC2 Northumberland Park

    Community SchoolC3 Northumberland Park

    Neighbourhood Resource Centre

    C2 Northumberland Park Sports Centre

    A3 Parish Church of All Hallows, The

    C3 Park Lane Childrens CentreA2 PavilionC1 Raynham Primary SchoolA3 Risley Avenue Primary SchoolB2 SainsburysB3 St Francis de Sales RC ChurchB3 St Francis de Sales RC Junior &

    Infants SchoolB1 St John and St James C of E

    Primary SchoolC3 St Pauls and All Hallows Infant

    & Junior SchoolA2 Selby CentreA2 Somerset Gardens Family

    Health CentreA2 Sports HallB2 Sunrise Primary SchoolB3 Tottenham Baptist ChurchB3 Tottenham Community Sports

    CentreB3 Tottenham Hotspur

    Conferences and EventsA2 Trafalgar Christian CentreC2 Vale Resource BaseB2 White Hart Lane Tottenham

    Hotspur Football ClubB2 Whitehall & Tenterden

    Community Centre

    Street finder

    Oyster Ticket Stop, where you can top up your Oyster pay as you go credit and purchase Travelcards and Bus & Tram passes

    National Rail station

    National Rail exit

    Bus stop

    Car park

    Public toilet


    WHITE HART LANE DR TfL 24602.08.12

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    CI OTI WHL V7 0716

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    0343 222 1234For train times and fares. Calls from landlines are typically charged between 2p and 10p per minute and calls from mobiles typically cost between 10p and 40p per minute. Connections charges may apply.

    24 hour Travel InformationContact Centre

    03457 48 49 50Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers (01 or 02) and may be recorded

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    8 49 50Text station name to the above number for live departure and arrival times direct to your mobile. TrainTrackerTM texts cost 25p for each succesful response (plus usual text costs).

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