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  • Who are we?Horseheads Thrashers Aquatics (HHTA)USA SwimmingNiagara District (NI)Southern Tier Swim League (STSL)Feeder program for Horseheads Swimming

  • Coaching Staff

    Coach Miles- Head Coach, Senior GroupCoach Zembek- works directly for Coach MilesCoach Q- Junior GroupCoach Porter- Junior GroupCoach Gilbert- Both GroupsCoach Dunning- Junior Group

  • HHTA PhilosophyTechnique, Technique, TechniqueRace StrategyStrength and EnduranceSwim all the races, complete swimmerDrills, Exercises, Sets directly correlate to swimming movements (Senior). All drills correlate to basics (Junior).

  • www.HorseheadsThrashers.orgAnnouncementsSuit Order LinkDates, Times, EventsRecordsMisc.Also on FB

  • Groups & Practice TimesGroups will be divided into Senior and Junior. Coaches discretion.Senior Group- Monday through Friday, 3:30 to 5:30 (While school is in session)Junior Group- Mon, Tues, Thur, Friday, 5:30 to 6:30 (8&Unders, beginners) and 5:30 to 7:00 (next group up)Once school is out, new times. WEBSITE!

  • MeetsLeague Meets are NO cost*. Dates, Times, and events will be on the websiteChamps* is MANDATORY. Must have 2 League meetsWe will host 2 meetsNon-Leauge Meets- many have qualifying timesMeet feesUNAC- highly recommended that you attend at least 1 day

  • MEET SIGNUPSLet Coach Miles know YES/NOFor Saturday Meets, deadline is Wed prior. Courtesy to host team.If you say yes, you HAVE to go. Relays.

  • Suits and StuffSuits can be ordered online through our website. Due date for team discount and free shipping is May 16thCaps can be purchased in the office. (MEETS*)Temporary Tattoos $1 (Team rule at meets*)Thrasher merchandise can be purchased at Unique Solutions. 739-8122T-Shirts?

  • IMX CHALLENGEStrongly encourage kids to participate in all the events required.Get rewards from the District and ranked Nationally, in the District, and on the teamHHTA gets ranked amongst other teams in DistrictRecognition at Team Banquet

  • Parent ResponsibilitiesCheck the WebsiteBecome an OfficialTimers at MeetsHelp organize social functionsLet Coaches coachStay off deck during practice AND meetsIf you need to speak to a coach, do so AFTER practice

  • MiscellaneousDrop off/Pick up kids and PARK in the Quad, by the weight room doorReport Cards- Bring them inHotel Rewards Club

  • FeesEveryone MUST be registered with USA Swimming. $57/year. Winter swimmers ok1 Hour Junior Swimmers- $180/340/4951 Hr Junior Swimmers- $200/380/555Senior Swimmers- $265/ 510/ 750HS Sports- $210/ 400/ 585ALL Checks made out to HORSEHEADS THRASHERS

  • Payment Schedule$57 immediately. Non-refundable.Full payment up front is finePayments by 1/3s. First Payment: May 16th Second Payment: June 13th Final Payment: July 11thMeet Fees are Due BEFORE the Meet


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