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Are you a homeschool mom in Lexington, KY and want to supplement your curriculum with the most successful math program? Is your child struggling in school or falling behind in math? Do you have a gifted and talented child in Lexington, KY and wish to supplement or enrich their daily school work? Did you just receive test scores from your child's school in Fayette County, and want to raise math scores? Are you looking for the best math tutor or after-school math program in Lexington, KY? This presentation outlines all the different tutoring options in Lexington, KY and proposes which one is the best alternative.



2. OBJECTIVE The objective of this presentation is to help parents in Lexington, KY determine what math tutoring solution is best for their child. To achieve this objective, we will offer a summary and comparison of private tutors and tutoring services in Lexington, KY. 3. WYZANT Pros Easy-to-use website Able to filter by gender of tutor, distance from your home, price-perhour, ratings, etc.Cons Very expensive option for a math tutor, as the average rate among the top ten tutors was $41.50 per hour. Most private tutors are not professionally trained or educated in math instruction. Hard to determine if tutors have a method of monitoring progress or measuring success. Children may become reliant on one-on-one learning, hence not being able to excel academically in highschool and collegiate level math without assistance. 4. SYLVAN LEARNING During our search for the best math tutor in Lexington, KY, we discovered that there is not a Sylvan Learning Center within 100 miles of Lexington. We called Sylvan to inquire about its online learning program and left a message, but did not receive a return call.AUTHOR: ANNA SEACAT | GOOGLE.COM/+ANNASEACAT | LEARN MORE TODAY: HTTP://WHATISKUMON.BLOGSPOT.COM/ 5. TAKELESSONS.COM TakeLessons requires a searcher to enter personal information into its website before viewing the list of tutors advertising their services in Lexington, KY.AUTHOR: ANNA SEACAT | GOOGLE.COM/+ANNASEACAT | LEARN MORE TODAY: HTTP://WHATISKUMON.BLOGSPOT.COM/ 6. CRAIGSLIST It is certainly questionable whether a parent should trust Craigslist listings as a reliable source for researching the best math tutor in Lexington, KY.AUTHOR: ANNA SEACAT | GOOGLE.COM/+ANNASEACAT | LEARN MORE TODAY: HTTP://WHATISKUMON.BLOGSPOT.COM/ 7. CARE.COM | TUTORSELECT | PURPLEMATH.COM The above websites are not as user friendly as WyzAnts. None of the websites, including the widely advertised Care.com, offers filtering options where a searcher can sort by the gender of the tutor, the price per hour, ratings, etc.AUTHOR: ANNA SEACAT | GOOGLE.COM/+ANNASEACAT | LEARN MORE TODAY: HTTP://WHATISKUMON.BLOGSPOT.COM/ 8. KUMON Pros KUMON is not your typical tutoring service. Instead of helping your child struggle through her daily homework from school, KUMON determines why your child is struggling and reteaches her the fundamental skills that she is lacking.ConKUMON works the most effectively in households, where excellence in academics in paramount. In other words, daily KUMON exercises are considered more important than other extracurricular activities, because a KUMON family dreams of their children working confidently In the KUMON program, your child will master through high levels of math in high school and the basic, fundamental math or reading college. KUMON families are setting up their skills, which will, in turn, help them to children to be physicians, scientists, attorneys, complete their daily homework engineers, professors, etc. (not professional independently and with confidence. athletes). KUMON kids work above grade-level. This What we are trying to express is that KUMON simply means that theyve mastered the fundamental math and reading skills in their parents understand that there is a correlation grade and are successfully applying them in between academic excellence and high-earning the classroom. In this scenario, your child will careers. To that end, they are serious about giving be calm and confident in school, because their children the foundation to achieve at the nothing will feel over his head. He will highest level in school. The bottom line: As with understand everything and be able to do his class and home work without intervention from any sport (basketball, soccer, gymnastics, etc.), KUMON requires dedication and commitment. a teacher (or you). 9. THE TUTORING CLUB, LLC. ProsCons The Tutoring Club is a hybrid a combination of a private tutor and KUMON-like methodology. The Tutoring Club charges the same amount as a private tutor (between $35$40/hr), but the tutors at The Tutoring Club tutor three children at once. The Tutoring Club offers preparation for tests and help through daily homework. The Tutoring Club, like private tutoring services, creates an environment where your child will become reliant on someone sitting close by and helping them through challenges. In other words, if you pay for a tutor to help your child through each challenge, they will always be the student in the classroom that requires intervention from a teacher, while their peers will be able to solve problems independently. Unlike private tutors and similar to KUMON, The Tutoring Club has a systematic way of tracking progress and measuring success. The Tutoring Clubs programs have a specified start and finish date.AUTHOR: ANNA SEACAT | GOOGLE.COM/+ANNASEACAT | LEARN MORE TODAY: HTTP://WHATISKUMON.BLOGSPOT.COM/ 10. AND THE WINNER IS AUTHOR: ANNA SEACAT | GOOGLE.COM/+ANNASEACAT | LEARN MORE TODAY: HTTP://WHATISKUMON.BLOGSPOT.COM/Of course, the best solution for math tutoring in Lexington, KY will be dependent on the needs of the child and his or her parents expectations. However, KUMON is considered a superior alternative to math tutoring in Lexington, because it teaches children how to learn independently. This will make them confidently achieve higher grades than their peers in high school and college.