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A recruitment agency enables an organisation to manage risks and cost. This minimises the organisations costs from poor or failed hires.


  • Why Choose A Recruitment Agency? Devlin Alliance - Melbourne Recruitment Agencies

  • One of the most challenging and important tasks in human resources is the recruitment and selection of the right employee, whos perfectly suited for a particular position. A recruitment agency enables an organisation to manage risks and cost. Investing in a recruitment firm will lessen the impact on the time, effort and money an organisation loses because the agency is experienced in finding the best talent for the role.

  • Advantages of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency Organisations can benefit significantly from hiring a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies have the time, resources and know-how necessary to find the right person for the job. Here are some advantages they can reap from seeking the assistance of an employment agency:

  • ExpertiseHas experienced experts capable of assessing each applicant to match requirements and credentialsAre skilled in giving manpower advice to organisations and in providing efficient solutions to their open positionsHas long-term and accumulated intuitive experience in profiling candidatesHas a wide and intimate knowledge of the market and the various industries, allowing them to provide realistic outcomes and identify other success factorsHas a series of developed techniques and tools to evaluate each applicant, from rsum review to practical and technical exams to personal interviewsHas a vast network from which they can look for better and more qualified potential candidates

  • Cost EfficiencyReduces direct and indirect costs of the hiring process Reduces the risks of poor selection of candidatesReduces lost hours that can be better used to focus on the organisations core activitiesReduces lost productivity because of rehiring and retraining

  • Focussed ServiceHas only one core function recruitment; recruitment is not an ad hoc task for them but their main responsibilityTheir goal is to have a successful recruit because thats how their success is measuredThroughout the day, their main focus is to identify, attract and assess applicants suited for an organisations job vacancy

  • The key to access all these benefits Trust a reliable recruitment agency that has been providing employers and job seekers the results they hope for. When it comes to the best recruitment practices in Melbourne, Devlin Alliance has proven their expertise and knowledge in the recruitment and selection of the right people every time. They specialise in Sales and Marketing Recruitment, Temp Employment, and Executive Recruitment, and take pride in ensuring that both employer and job seeker will receive quality and dedicated consultative service.