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  • 1. Why Do WeNeed Entrepreneurs?Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics, Standard 14EntrepreneurshipCommon Core State Standards Initiative ELA, Standards for ReadingInformative Text, Writing, and Speaking & Listening
  • 2. Frayer Model - Innovation In groups of 3-4 complete the Frayer Model (5 Minutes) Have a class discussion about responses
  • 3. Innovation What innovation has most impacted your life? Explain Think - 1 Minute Pair - 2 Minutes Share - 2 Minutes
  • 4. Innovations
  • 5. Innovations
  • 6. Innovations
  • 7. Innovations
  • 8. Innovations
  • 9. Innovations
  • 10. Brooklyn Brownstone Make a prediction about the reason for this type of architecture in cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit in the late 1800s and give a specific example to support your prediction. (focus on the elevated 1st floor) Write down your prediction and evidence What are your predictions? (Dont give feedback)
  • 11. Commercializationof Innovation
  • 12. Revisit - Brooklyn Brownstone Affirm or Revise your What organizational prediction structure did this author use? How do you know? Use evidence from the commercial What problems were described in this Class Discussion commercial? Who is the What solutions were author/creator of this described in this piece of media? What commercial? type of media is it? What examples of ***check for common innovation did you see in core questions about this commercial? What is author, perspective, the economic impact of etc*** the innovations that you saw? HW - Assign Section From Superfreakonomics
  • 13. Age of Industry - RobberBarons or Entrepreneurs? Innovation during the Industrial Revolution Read the 1st section in Chapter 15 (page 142-143) Write down what you think the central ideas are in this first section
  • 14. Age of Industry - Robber Barons or Entrepreneurs? Innovation during the Industrial Revolution Watch the video clip Write down the central ideas of the video
  • 15. Age of Industry - RobberBarons or Entrepreneurs? What are the central ideas of these two sources? What are some similarities between the two sources? What are some differences between the two sources? Why might the author have included (or left out) information from these sources?
  • 16. Captain of Industry Based upon your knowledge, what was Henry Fords greatest innovation? Explain. Think 1 Minute Pair 1 Minute Write (independently) 2 Minutes Read in Economic Episodes in American History Chapter 15 Sections The Economies of Scale Henry Ford Why did Ford double the wages of his employees in 1914 Table 1 Now revisit your answer from above and use evidence from the sections you just read to support your answer or to support why you may have changed your answer.
  • 17. Captain of Industry Class Discussion Most important innovation Assembly Line Interchangeable parts Efficiency Wages Economic Impact What was Ford able to do based upon Table 1?
  • 18. Charts, Tables, and Graphs Use the data in Table 1 and Figure 1 to talk about the innovation in these two markets. What can be inferred?
  • 19. Charts, Tables, and Graphs View the data in Table 2 and Figure 2 What might the data tell us? How might it relate to the innovation that came about during the Age of Industry?
  • 20. Modern Innovation You are going to watch a short video clip about a current innovation
  • 21. Modern Innovation Group Discussion What problem(s) were discussed in the video? What solution(s) were presented? How did innovation help solve the problem(s)? What is the economic impact of this innovation?
  • 22. Becoming an Entrepreneur Groups of 2-4 students Think of a current problem and an innovation that could potentially solve the problem. (time given will vary based upon class constraints) The group will give an oral presentation (2-3 minutes) The problem The innovation The economic impact of the innovation
  • 23. The Role of Entrepreneurs andInnovation and their Economic Impact
  • 24. The Role of Entrepreneurs andInnovation and their Economic Impact Create an argument (oral or written) that answers the question Why do we need entrepreneurs? The students will be expected to use evidence from multiple sources in preparing their argument. The students have access to all of the sources previously used in this lesson as well as access to additional sources. Students should be encouraged to use at least three additional sources in constructing their arguments. The final argument should take the form of either a 3-5 minute oral presentation or a 2-3 page paper.