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Short presentation to explain the idea behind Pics.io, the first cloud-based Raw converter. Video promo here - http://youtu.be/o-kVeSHS6Mg


  • 1. Why do we need Pics.ioexplanation for non-photographers :)

2. This photo was taken by John during his trip to Georgia. Its nice,yeah? And thats what most of the people store on their hard drivesand share to Facebook, Flickr etc. 3. And thats what he was able to make from it just because shootin Raw instead of JPEG.Better? 4. Few more examples. And, yes, processing each of thosephotos took 20-50 seconds. 5. So why does a majority of peopledont use Raw today?Getting perfect shots is a pretty complicatedprocess. It also relies on some expensivesoftware. Registration, purchasing andinstallation of that software is an extracomplexity that stops most of the people.We decided to take the complexity away. 6. We make the whole process a lotsimplerWe let people turn their photos intomasterpieces without installing any software.All they need - a browser and an account atPics.io.We also solve the problem of backup allowingto store whole photo collection in userspersonal cloud. 7. Want to know more?http://pics.io/blogfacebook.com/toptechphototwitter.com/TopTechPhotoyoutube.com/user/toptechphotoQuestions?konstantin@toptechphoto.com