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<ul><li><p>Why Enroll Your Kids in After School Programs </p><p>Students spend three quarters of their time outside the school. Some spend these hours doing sports, creating music or other </p><p>fun educational activities. Unfortunately, not all kids are this </p><p>active after school as some of them waste time doing nothing </p><p>productive. It is essential for parents to recognize the value of </p><p>learning after their kids go home from school. Understanding the </p><p>benefits of these programs will also allow them to look for the </p><p>best facilitators to educate their children. </p><p>Kids are Prone to Alcohol, Drugs and Risky Behaviors After </p><p>School </p><p>The hours after classes end are the peak time for risky behaviors </p><p>and juvenile crimes. This includes the use of alcohol and drugs. </p><p>Children who are not enrolled in after school programmes are 49 </p><p>percent more likely to get involved in drugs and 37 percent more </p><p>likely to become a teenage parent. Kids are also at risk of being </p><p>victimized for violence after class. </p><p>These progras proote deelopet i a studets acadeic ad social skills. Kids ho lack paretal supervision are best enrolled in these programs to make sure they are safe and learning. </p><p>Kids Enrolled in After School Programs Get Along Better with People </p><p>Psychologist Deborah Lowe Vendell conducted a study where young people in after school programs </p><p>develop strong and positive relationships with peers. It comes in addition to encouraging leadership and </p><p>decision making. The more these children learn, the less reliant they will be with other people. These programs also boost their self confidence in achieving activities that they find challenging. As kids are having fun with educational activities, their concentration and memory improves as well. </p><p>Programs Must Complement than Duplicate School Activities </p><p>After school activities grew rapidly over the last 15 years, including those that lack quality. Kids </p><p>activities should be strictly monitored by competent staff. Parents must know that the strongest </p><p>programs complement school activities than duplicate them. They should work hand in hand with schools, community agencies and schools to create a better learning environment for the students after </p><p>school. </p><p>-- </p><p>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit www.afterschool.ae </p><p>Why Enroll Your Kids in After School Programs</p></li></ul>