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  • 1.Why Jesus Christ? Why God?

2. IntroductionYou probably have heard of this man named Jesus, themessiah, and God in Sunday School, on theplayground and you are probably wondering why onearth do people believe in that stuff?Jesus is a man who changed history. He is forever ourhigh priest, savior.This presentation will hopefully answer yourquestions. 3. Before Creation God existed in spirit as 3 persons, Father, Jesus, andthe Holy Spirit. The Bible gives account of all 3. AllWorked together to form the God head. Like Marriage, They are 3 in one. God created allcreation like that They all created the earth and the universe They existed for eternity God written everyones name in the book of life They existed in Paradise, or Heaven 4. Heaven Heaven is a place where God and his followers abide. It is a place of peace. It is a place of rest It is a place of worship and rejoicing It is a wonderful place The Earth is a very small and imperfect replica ofHeaven Heaven will be all that we can dream. 5. Creation God created everything in 7 days, 6 days he worked, 7thday, he rested. Day 1 Matter, Heaven (Space) and Earth (Matter) and Light Day 2 Skies/Atmosphere Day 3 Dry Land and Water Appear below the sky. Groundbudded forth trees and grasses. Day 4 2 Lights, one to rule the day and another to rule thenight. Both put in the sky Day 5 Birds and Sea Creatures Day 6 Living Creatures on the Earth and Man Day 7 Rested Angels were created, including Satan during this time. 6. Creation Image Everything you see in the world, whether corrupt, evil or goodwas created in Gods framework. Although God never createdEvil. God created the logic system God created everything through mankind God let mankind be in charge of how things arenamed, especially places. Ex. Texans Evil is a perversion of Good. Evil still has a resemblance of Good. God is the Authority on everything. God created how the earth will function God created the governments God is the foundation is all wisdom, knowledge, etc. 7. Man Created to dominate the earth Mankind were Gods Children Gods special creation to commune with him and each other Unlike Animals, Mankind has a spirit, soul and body, because they werecreated to dominate and commune with God. Mankind had dominanceover them. Male and Female he created each man Woman was created out of the man, so man can have some companionship.Female was driven out of the male. Male and Female is the classification ofsexes now. But Mankind still has male and female characteristics in them. Mankind early on was given free will, the authority to choose life anddeath, the tree of life and tree of death God wanted mankind to have a choice, whether or not they can eat of thefruit of the tree. In the Garden, God could speak to man freely God did not create mankind for fear, pride, insecurity, worry. Studies havedone to show that their bodies were not meant for that. 8. Triune Nature of Man vs God 3 Parts to man Spirit, Soul, Body Father, Son, Holy Spirit Faith Hope Love God created all of us like him, to have faith, hope for the bestand love. These things cause us to act and have drives. Its whowe serve. People only allow what they honor. God put it in man to love (serve) people, and to lovehim, through faith in a blessed hope. All covenants have these 3 principles. 9. Human Government/Conscience God placed mankind to be under authority to represent good and evil, law andjustice. God is that authority, and God chose mankind to be under authority fororder on the earth. Romans 13 God created the world with his laws. Gravity. Everything God made was good. Every human knows a concept of a God, a concept of right versus wrong (not rightvs wrong in particular). God put it in mankind to have a conscience to steer them tofollow him.1 Corinthians 8 details a lot about this concept Every thing good came from God Evil came out of Good, as darkness came out of light. Darkness is the absence oflight, while Evil is the absence of Good. Darkness and Evil corrupts Good. So everything Evil and Corrupt came from Good. God put it in man to know how to serve him and serve others, but that becamecorrupted, due to sin. I will discuss that later in this series. All men have a conscience, what is acceptable and what is not. 10. Examples of What God put it into man Love his neighbor Love God Respect Authority Government Need for his love Need for a guide, follower Holiness/Righteousness Work and Responsibillity Need for God and for People Need for an identity Faithfulness, Faith ETCGod wanted all of this to be done in him. Not in them. For they knewthat without God, they cannot do anything. 11. Shortly After Creation Satan was kicked out of heaven for trying to overtakeGod and be like him. He wanted to rule the world. Satan felt pride and tried to overtake God, to beRuler, to know good and evil. Satan fell to the Earth. Satan was jealous and tried to mess with Gods plan. 12. Where did Satan Go? He went to earth and he deceived mankind intothinking they do not need God and can be like God. He was pushed out of heaven. He later went to hell, but had access to Earth. 13. Hell A place of eternal torment Fire does not die Pure Darkness Eternal Burning for Eternity Sorrow Sin Nature X 10000 14. In the Garden Mankind was to be married, 2 in one Woman for the Man Man had responsibility for the woman Mankind is to till it and dominate the earth The Garden is supposed to grow to the whole earth.Dominate the Earth. God communed with man as their father. Adam wasthe son of God. 15. In the Garden Mankind was created to worship God and serve God, and others Mankind had an immortal nature Mankind could speak to God freely Mankind could not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good andevil, but could eat of the tree of life. They had a choice of life anddeath. God said they will surely die if they ate of the tree ofknowledge of good and evil. The whole point of all the covenants God made to man are on thatpremise Mankind believed in God, and trusted God, and mankind Grew inGod God communed with Man so Mankind can learn and grow in him. Mankind has an immortal nature so it was easy for them. 16. In the Garden However, Satan tricked mankind via a serpent into thinking they can know itall, they can have it all, they can be like God, knowing what is good and what isevil, knowing what is right for their lives. Satan said they will not die, and be likeGod, but they did spiritually, physically and mentally. Satan used the sametemptation he did to God. He wanted to mess with Gods Plans. They became like God, knowing what is good and evil for themselves so they canrival God with different laws on how to do things. They became a God to themselves. Mankind deliberately chose the fruit, for it looked good in their sight. Satan is notentirely to blame, except for aiding it. Sin was born, the big I was born. A sin nature was born. People started to havefaith and love themselves more than God and people. It single-handedly destroyedthe planet. Mankind began to hate God and hate others, and cannot fulfill what God hadintended. But due to sin, fear, unbelief, and pride caused them to be away from God, puttingon a mortal nature. They thought they knew everything, when they didnt. God had to kick them out, so they would not eat of the tree of life and becomeimmortal and like God, thinking they knew it all for themselves. God had to deadeneverything so they will not try to overtake God. 17. In the Garden Adam and Eve blamed each other, and the serpentwas blamed too. Mankind did not take accountability for what theyhave done. They committed an offense, they sinned. And deathcame to their spirit, soul and body. Mankind became mortal, and as a consequence forsin, they endured punishment in hell. 18. Sin/Evil Mans law Mans reasoning Mans righteousness Pride Fear Not doing what God expects Anything not of Faith in God Faith in himself/herself Sin causes us to miss the mark, not do what God requires 19. Results of Sin Accord to Gen 3 Serpent will eat dust on the earth Ground is cursed, men will have to work extra hard to till it and geta crop. Thorns will abound more and more. Multiplied Pain in Childbirth Death to Spirit, Soul and Body of Man Death to the Planet (slowly). Satan Gained the World and Sin reigned. Mankind now sides withSatan. Mankind gave his authority and power to Satan fordeliberately choosing to eat the fruit. However, mankind still had authority to dominate, but the world isunder satans control. Mankind still had a conscience, but it was tainted due to sin. Godleft mankind with that so there can be order on the earth. Separation from the Garden and from God. 20. Results of Sin Everything became corrupted Isolation from God Separation from God Fear , unbelief Insecurity/Worry Guilt/Shame Lonliness Exile Anger Frustration Pride Mankind could not do the law of God, due to their sin nature, so they tried to formulate laws themselvesand religions so they can relate to a higher power or themselves. Mankind could not believe in God and fully do what it takes PERVERSION of their nature. They becameA. CorruptB. EvilC. Dead in their spirit, soul and bodyAlthough many people were righteous, they were not redeemed from their sin nature. 21. Results of Sin Mankind trusted in themselves for everything, rejecting God Mankind lost their faith in God, and their perfect nature. Mankind began to have pride and fear for their lives Mankind became powerless to know God, commune with God, do whatGod wants them to do. So they did things their own way. Mankind forgot to talk to God, they didnt know him or things kept themfrom God. Mankinds eyes were opened and they saw things their own way instead ofGod Mankind began to feel shame for what they have done, along with sorrowand mental anguish due to isolation from God. Peace was gone. God was no longer with mankind, since God saw that mankind was going torival God. Mankind began to rival God as the source for everything. Being a law