why should i buy a league of legends account

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Why Should I Buy A League Of Legends Account?

Why Should I Buy A League Of Legends Account?

Recently my pal Joe convinced me to join the League. And from all the fun that he was having, it didnt really seem much of a big deal. In fact I was dying to join in until he asked me to buy a LOL account of my own, I almost walked off.

However with a few words from him, I bought an awesome level 30 account of my own and now am here. Now I know the reasons why I needed a LOL account and here are a few sharp ones.

First having a LOL account has saved a lot of my time. Usually it takes so much time leveling up Unranked Elo account to level 30 considering the number of gaming hitches that could arise, and here I am cruising at that top level stress free. Apart from that buying a LOL account from a top subscriber only takes some few minutes and it is done and that saves time also.

Next buying a LOL account has also given me a number of awesome champs to use in my game. Today I can play with skilled players since I have the best runes. I can also unlock ne champs if they come my way since this account is tailored with enough IP to give me just that.

My friends dont waste your time gunning for IP, simply buy LOL account and get them ASAP!

Buying a LOL account has also given me a life time warranty for my gaming account. See the trick is simple. Once I purchased my LOL account from my expert subscriber they gave me a top deal if my account was to be hacked or banned due to sharing or trading, they would get me a new one! Yes, as simple as that (I believe since their accounts have never been banned/ hacked).

Apart from that buying a LOL account has also given me the playing drive. Today Ive got an ample time practicing how to play in my own account, playing at my own time, choosing my top runes as I feel, its the complete customization that I needed for an account. Believe it or not the game just got sweeter and I am playing it like I want and when I want.

Finally buying a LOL account has left me with a number of playing options to choose from. No more getting grounded to one level.

I can choose either sides of the game and still enjoy every moment of the thrill, well I play unranked so no much rules for me. All it takes is just one simple thing, knowing the game, mastering my controls, and whooping their heads!

Conclusion My advice to you is this, if you every decide to join the unranked league of legends dont stop buy LOL account and join other top class games that you can find today! LOL account makes the work easy and will pit you against the very best in the game.