why should someone buy your wine?

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  • There are more than 3,500 brands of Australian wine on the market.

  • Why should someone buy yours?

  • In a competitivemarket you need to invest in your brand as much as you do in the quality of your product.

    Your brand is not your logo or wine label.

    Your brand is the perception that people

    have about your products and services.

    Your brand is what convinces someone to

    buy your wine over that of your competitors.

  • Your packaging is your silent salesman.

    It is often the first touchpoint that people

    interact with. It has to work hard to stand

    out on the shelf, send the right messages

    to the right people, convey the appropriate

    price point, and ultimately, influence the

    way your brand is perceived.

  • People judge a wine by its label.

    Wine is a high-risk purchase for the

    average consumer. Your wine label

    helps them to determine whether

    they are likely to:

    Enjoy the wine ;

    Receive value for money ;

    Avoid social embarrassment, and;

    Reinforce their own self-image.

  • Getting your packaging right involves more than simply designing some pretty pictures.

    At Studio Lost & Found we specialise in

    packaging design for the wine industry.

    We can help you to send the right signals

    to the right people in order to sell more

    wine from the shelf.

  • The Chalice


    Chalice Bridge Estate were seeking to launch a new icon range of wines that would represent the Holy Grail of their product portfolio. The concept needed to fit with the Chalice Bridge brand story and convey a $60 price point.


    We developed a new range called The Chalice, which features a number of premium luxury cues, including high quality French glass, Lux+ capsules, tactile uncoated paper stock, elegant typography, silver foiling, and sequential bottle numbering.

  • The Quest


    Chalice Bridge Estate asked us to review their current packaging due to stagnating sales.

    We conducted market research that uncovered a number of problems, including confusing visual themes, a lack of clarity about the brand story, and packaging that was not communicating price points effectively.


    We developed a replacement range called The Quest, which was inspired by the legendary tales of the Knights Templar and their quest for the Holy Grail.

    This range leads into the new limited release product tier we developed called The Chalice, which represents the Holy Grail of the Chalice Bridge wine portfolio.

  • Miles From Nowhere


    Franklin Tate came to us looking to refresh his iconic Miles From Nowhere brand, after receiving feedback from the trade that his existing packaging was looking dated.


    We worked on evolving the brand identity and product packaging in order to increase the perceived quality and price point of the product, and to increase the perception that this was an authentic product with a sense of place, whilst still retaining some of the equity that had already been built in the marketplace.

  • The A Collection


    Aravina Estate had been receiving negative feedback on their existing product packaging from their trade partners.

    We conducted a comprehensive market research program with the trade and consumers. There was one quote in particular that summed up overall perceptions of the existing brand: Everything about this winery is first class, except the packaging.


    We worked closely with Aravina Estate to develop a new brand strategy, and re-design their product packaging from the ground-up.

    As part of this process we developed a new entry-level range called The A Collection, which pays homage to the unique luxury car gallery on display at cellar door. Each variety is based on a particular car in the collection.

  • How To Speak Like An Italian


    Torrent Wines had been growing grapes in the Swan Valley for three generations, but were looking to establish a new retail brand alongside their plans to build a cellar door and restaurant. The DAngelo family needed a brand that would be authentic to them but also stand out from the crowd.


    We established a brand strategy and product portfolio that celebrates their Italian heritage, and their philosophy that the three most important things in life are: family, food, and wine.

    We developed an entry-level range called How To Speak Like An Italian, bringing a sense-of-humour to the stereotype that Italians like to speak with their hands.

  • Kind words from happy clients.

    I highly recommend Studio Lost & Found.

    You will not be disappointed with their

    enthusiasm for your business, and their

    ability to take your brand to the next level!

    Keenan Edinger Marketing Manager, Chalice Bridge Estate

    Studio Lost & Found are an exemplar to the

    design industry. They are leading the way

    with refreshing, market-focused design,

    and I have been fortunate enough to work

    with them on the Aravina Estate brand.

    Blair Hill Sales & Marketing Manager, Aravina Estate

  • Need helpto make your brand stand out on the shelf ?

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