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  • Why Should You Adopt Organic Products for Babies?

  • What are the benefits of using organic babyproductsDo you know conventional baby products are manufactured with chemicals and synthetic materials that failto ensure the safety and health of yourbaby health?

    Most of the newborn skin problems (like nappy rash, skin rash, skin infection) largely get triggered with theuse of baby products that are made from chemicals and synthetic materials.Its just about time for us to consider and adopt chemical free, organic products for our babies. Following are some of the benefits of using organic baby products:

  • Organic Baby Skin Care products: Organic Baby Skin Care products:

    Babies are more susceptible to skin ailments like allergies and bacterial/fungalinfections due to theirsensitive skin (compare to adults).Problems like skin rash, nappy rash, and skin infection ca n be avoided to a large extent with theuseof genuine organic baby products, made from herbal ingredients and / or essential oils.

    Organic skincare brands likeRustic Art, Ancient living and othersofferhandmade organic & herbal baby soapwhich is 100% chemical free and are made from healthy natural ingredients such as organic Corn, Coconut, Castor, Neem, Olive oil, Organic Aloe Gel and others. Such handmade and natural soap is a real delight for soft and sensitive skins of the baby

  • Organic Baby Skin Care BrandsSimilarly the use oforganic baby skin gel made from the essential oilforms protective film over the skin to protect it from getting wet with urine. Hence protects the baby from nappy rashes and other forms of skin infections.Herbal & Organic Baby Dipper Rash Gel

  • Organic Cotton fabrics for babiesOrganic Cotton fabrics for babies:

    Organic cotton is free from chemical agents and pesticide residues (which is otherwise present in normal cotton products). Organic cotton fibers are smooth and soft that ensure not only comfort for the baby but also reduces the chances of skin rashes and itchiness.Organic Baby Laundry wash:

    When clothes are washed with conventional detergents, made from bleach, chemicals and enzymes they make the cloth very rough & dry that hurts the soft and tender skin of the new born. Its advisable to use 100% chemical free organic baby laundry wash that is made from natural ingredients like extracts of neem, lemon, borax, neutralized soda ash and slurry ingredients. So the babys cloth does not get any chemical residue and remains soft, hygienic and healthy for the soft and sensitive skin.

  • VegaLyfe.com-India's best online store for natural, herbal and organic baby products VegaLyfe Organic, Vegan, Herbal Store

    VegaLyfe which is Indias leading online store to offers range of vegan,herbal, vegetarian, complete natural and organic products, offers a range herbal, natural and healthyorganic baby productslikeorganic baby soap (handmade), herbal andorganic baby oilmade from essential oils,organic and chemical free baby washing powderand many more.