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An introduction to how branding has changed and why social enterprises and non-profits need strong brands.


  • 1.Why Social Enterprises Need Strong BrandsRizwan Tayabali http://www.socialeffect.org|http:// rizwantayabali.info|http://twitter.com/rizwantayabali London +44 7932 884788

2. What isbrand ? 3. 4. A brand is what youraudience feels ,thinks , andremembersabout your enterprise. 5. Brand used to be offline and online Now it isseamless , and primarily driven by how you are perceived via the web. 6. And now that organisations can create their ownprofiles , brands can effectively function as people i.e. In the interactiveweb 2.0world, your brand has apersonality . 7. So 8. Brand used to just be aboutimage . Nowits aboutimage and personality . 9. Before the web,niche brandscould only engageniche audiences . They relied on costly traditional PR and push marketing, which meant that their audiences were tiny and their budgets high. Nowniche brandscan engagemass audiencesat low cost. 10. Social organisations sit in a niche that typically does not sell product. They are competing forattention 11. 12. 13. And astrong brandcan help achieve this, which makes itcriticalfor social organisations to get their brandingright ! 14. For more info Visit my blog at http://www.socialeffect.org orConnect with me at http://twitter.com/rizwantayabali


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