Why Vehicle Wrap is a Great Addition to Your Small Business

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  • Why Vehicle Wrap is a Great Addition to Your Small Business

    It can be said that a first impression can be very important. With advertising and marketing, this is truer

    than would be any other industry. Vehicle wraps are a great way of making a first impression that will

    last with your clients. If youre looking for a unique and original way to bring in customers to your small

    business, than vehicle wrap can be the best investment for your small business!

    1. Cost Effective for Local Advertising

    Vehicle graphics are much longer lasting than any other type of advertisement such as newspaper ads

    or fliers. The reach and effectiveness of vehicle wrap has definite advantages but sometimes, many

    companies can be limited by budget local market. Vehicle Wraps reach more people for less money. In

    fact, vehicle wrap has one of the lowest rates of cost-per-impression in advertising, which makes them

    the perfect fit for small and mid sized businesses looking for an economical choice. In addition to that,

    vehicle wraps are a one time investment which makes it even more cost effective and makes it a great

    return on investment.

    2. Vehicle Wrap is Effective

    How many times have you been stuck in traffic and looked over to see a company vehicle with a great

    vehicle wrap on the body of the car. Wouldnt you read what was written on the car? Of course you

    would! Passing drivers are not as likely to pay attention to a plainly coloured car on the road, but are

    more likely to look more than once at a car that had well designed vehicle wrap. Research has indicated

    that vehicle wrap can increase the brand recognition of your business by almost 15x. This makes vehicle

    wrap a very effective marketing tool for your small business.

    3. Reach a Larger Audience

    Depending on how often youre on the road, and the amount of company vehicles owned by your

    business, your reach through vehicle wrap advertising is unparalleled. In fact the potential reach of your

    advertisement can be in the thousands per month. How? Simple, the average American spends almost

    65 minutes a day commuting to and from work. In fact almost all Americans have to commute to and

    from work through a vehicle whether it be a personal car or bus. This means vehicle wrap has

    unparalleled reach when it comes down to it, more than any other form of advertising. Whatever your

    demographic, just one vehicle wrap can get your business thousands of impressions daily.

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